“This is the weapon . . . this is the scroll the treacherous deceiver used against me!”

The Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu also known as the Forbidden Scrolls, are two scrolls of paper that contain the dark powers of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Young Wu and Garmadon used the scrolls to defeat Aspheera.

A millennium later, Aspheera returned and found the first scroll only for the Ninja to find the second one. A climactic battle erupted until Zane used the scroll to freeze Aspheera and the Pyro Vipers, However Aspheera used her scroll to banish Zane to the Never-Realm alongside the second scroll. Afterwards, P.I.X.A.L. used Aspheera's staff to send the NInja to the Never-Realm to save Zane.


Book of Spinjitzu

The story told here is different from the series.

When Wu and Garmadon were young, they were searching their father's library trying to find a cookbook to replace their regular meal of noodles. Garmadon found a book called The Art of Broth, and when he picked it up a scroll fell out. Garmadon picked the scroll up and said that it felt hot. He tried to read it, though Wu did not want to. Their father came in and took it from Garmadon. He told them never to touch the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, and ordered them to leave. 

The next day, Garmadon went back to the library to find the scroll. Garmadon stated that he did it because it was "calling" him. Wu did not tell their father, though he followed his brother. Garmadon became frustrated when it was not there, to Wu's relief. Wu wanted to know what secrets it held, though not as much as Garmadon. Eventually, they found and read it, and the young Wu wrote its secrets into his journal. Many years later, a wiser Wu realized that the scroll's secrets should never have been revealed, and placed a seal over them in his journal so that it could not be seen.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

In the ancient past, when Wu and Garmadon were children, the First Spinjitzu Master wrote the two scrolls that contained the power of Forbidden Spinjitzu. The Master forbade the brothers from using them, but they wielded the scrolls in order to defeat the Pyro Viper, Aspheera, and her followers. The First Spinjitzu Master was angry that they disobeyed, and hid them. Ages later, the scrolls would be discovered by archaeologists.  


  • The Ninjagan text written on the scroll translates to "The Forbidden Art."
  • There are two Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu.
  • It changes color when it corresponds with a different Element.
    • When it's held by Lloyd, the color of the Scroll turns green, but when it's held by Aspheera, the color changes to red.
  • As mentioned in "Ancient History," the power of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu can be used to send someone to another Realm, as shown in "Vengeance is Mine!" and "A Cold Goodbye."
  • The Scroll can channel any power, not just Elemental Powers.[1]
    • This was seen in "A Cold Goodbye" when P.I.X.A.L. possess the scroll.
  • The Forbidden Scrolls appears to corrupt people, as shown in "Vengeance is Mine!" when Lloyd yelled at Nya and when Zane hesitated to give the Scroll to Wu.
    • The corruption has a greater effect one those who are "pure."[2]
  • The surrounding power behind any of the ninja looks similar to the Super Saiyan transformation surrounding in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.
  • There are several scrolls on the First Spinjitzu Master's desk, one of which is the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. It is unknown what the rest of them are.



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