“The first grueling leg starts on the streets of Ninjago City and empties out into the treacherous Sea of Sand.”
— An Announcer, Ninjaball Run

The Sea of Sand is a location in Ninjago. It is an expansive desert located near the Glacier Barrens, Birchwood Forest, and Ninjago City.


In "Pirates Vs. Ninja," it was revealed that the Sea of Sand was once part of the Endless Sea. The Destiny's Bounty ran aground here, remaining almost completely intact even as the water around it disappeared and the land became a desert, pushed upwards due to tectonic shifts, allowing the Falcon to lead Zane to the ship as a new home for the Ninja.

The Serpentine used the Sea of Sand as their headquarters, although it is unknown whether the area was a desert by then or if the Serpentine's presence predated even its time as an ocean. After the Serpentine were defeated, the Anacondrai tribe was sealed away in the Sea of Sand, the city of Ouroboros was buried beneath the earth, and The Great Devourer was put into its slumber beneath the city.

The Sea of Sand is used for two legs of the annual Ninjaball Run competition. Racers enter the desert after leaving Ninjago City and drive along a road through the Sea of Sand on their return from the Glacier Barrens.

Day of the Departed

On the Day of the Departed, the Ninja raced through the Sea of Sand on the Titanium Ninja Tumbler, Rock Roader, and Ultra Stealth Raider to get to the Ninjago Museum of History before the gift shop closed.

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