“We need to stop fighting and work together! Look, it's time we faced it. Master Wu was right. We've gone soft. Not just individually, but as a team.”
Lloyd to the Ninja in "Ninja vs Lava"

The eleventh season of LEGO Ninjago, subtitled Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, is preceded by Season 10 and succeeded by the Prime Empire Original Shorts and Season 12. The season is split into two chapters, the Fire Chapter and the Ice Chapter. There is no specific focus character,[1] but Kai is the mascot character. Aspheera is the main antagonist of the Fire Chapter, and Vex is the main antagonist of the Ice Chapter. The Pyro Vipers and Blizzard Samurai are the villainous factions of the Fire and Ice Chapters respectively. The main characters take turns reading the title card.

A teaser for this season was released on May 26, 2019. The official Fire Chapter trailer was released on June 14, 2019, on the LEGO Life app, and June 16, 2019, on the official LEGO YouTube channel. The official Ice Chapter trailer was released on September 3, 2019, on the LEGO Life App, and September 5, 2019, on the official LEGO Youtube channel.

Episodes 1-8 released On Demand and on the US Cartoon Network app/website on June 21, 2019. Episodes 9-15 released On Demand and on the US Cartoon Network app/website on July 19, 2019. Episodes 16-30 released On Demand on November 1, 2019, and on the CN app/website on November 25, 2019. The season started airing on June 22, 2019, in the USA.[2] This season drops the subtitle of Masters of Spinjitzu and reduces the run-time to 11 minutes which continues onto the other later seasons.

Official Description

Basking in the glory of their recent victory, the ninja embark on a new adventure to explore a mysterious pyramid – just for a little light rest and recovery, of course. But has success lulled our heroes into a false sense of security? When the ninja accidentally set an ancient threat loose, nothing could ever have prepared them for the mayhem that follows.

Trailer 1 - The Fire Chapter: The Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu have been kept a secret for a thousand years. With good reason. The evil Serpentine sorceress, Aspheera, was banished along with the Scrolls – but now she is back, hungry for revenge, and ready to get her fangs on the Scrolls once more and reclaim her powers. The ninja’s powers, friendships, beliefs and loyalties will be put to the test like never before.

Trailer 2 - The Ice Chapter: Zane’s been captured by the evil Ice Emperor. The Ninja have mounted a desperate rescue mission – but if they want to see their friend again, they’ll have to battle hordes of Blizzard Samurai as they make their way through the Never-Realm, from where no Ninja has ever returned. Join the adventures of Nya, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, and Master Wu in 15 exciting new episodes. Bundle up, and let’s go!



Similar to Season 8, this season marks some appearance changes for the ninja, due to the animation studio changing from WILFilm ApS to WildBrain:

  • Each Ninja's hair has more color lines and variation in it.
  • Jay's hair has returned to a more reddish-brown color akin to earlier seasons, rather than the darker brown color used in seasons 8 through 10.
  • The lines above Cole's eyes have disappeared.
  • Zane's face design is slightly different.


Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 99
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 1
"Wasted True Potential" June 22, 2019 (USA)
2 100
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 2
"Questing for Quests" June 22, 2019 (USA)
3 101
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 3
"A Rocky Start" June 29, 2019 (USA)
4 102
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 4
"The Belly of the Beast" June 29, 2019 (USA)
5 103
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 5
"Boobytraps and How to Survive Them" July 6, 2019 (USA)
6 104
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 6
"The News Never Sleeps" July 6, 2019 (USA)
7 105
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 7
"Ninja vs Lava" July 13, 2019 (USA)
8 106
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 8
"Snaketastrophy" July 13, 2019 (USA)
9 107
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 9
"Powerless" July 20, 2019 (USA)
10 108
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 10
"Ancient History" July 20, 2019 (USA)
11 109
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 11
"Never Trust a Human" July 27, 2019 (USA)
12 110
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 12
"Under Siege" July 27, 2019 (USA)
13 111
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 13
"The Explorers Club" August 3, 2019 (USA)
14 112
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 14
"Vengeance is Mine!" August 3, 2019 (USA)
15 113
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 15
"A Cold Goodbye" August 10, 2019 (USA)
16 114
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 16
"The Never-Realm" December 14, 2019 (USA)
17 115
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 17
"Fire Maker" December 14, 2019 (USA)
18 116
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 18
"An Unlikely Ally" December 21, 2019 (USA)
19 117
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 19
"The Absolute Worst" December 21, 2019 (USA)
20 118
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 20
"The Message" December 28, 2019 (USA)
21 119
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 21
"The Traveler's Tree" December 28, 2019 (USA)
22 120
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 22
"Krag's Lament" January 4, 2020 (USA)
23 121
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 23
"Secret of the Wolf" January 4, 2020 (USA)
24 122
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 24
"The Last of the Formlings" January 11, 2020 (US)
25 123
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 25
"My Enemy, My Friend" January 11, 2020 (USA)
26 124
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 26
"The Kaiju Protocol" January 18, 2020 (USA)
27 125
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 27
"Corruption" January 18, 2020 (USA)
28 126
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 28
"A Fragile Hope" January 25, 2020 (USA)
29 127
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 29
"Once and for All" January 25, 2020 (USA)
30 128
Ninjago Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu Episode 30
"Awakenings" February 1, 2020 (USA)




  • This is the first season to have 11-minute long episodes and be 30 episodes long.
    • Despite its shorter individual run-time, this season is the longest season of Ninjago so far. This season features the largest amount of episodes in the series, and the highest amount of content, as in total it is 330 minutes.
    • It is also the first season to contain more than 13 episodes.
    • It is not the first time that an episode lasts 11 minutes, the first time was with the split Pilot Episodes, although this is the first time full episodes that are not split are with that duration.
  • The season is divided into two fifteen-episode chapters; the Fire Chapter and the Ice Chapter.
  • This is the first season not to be animated by WILFilm ApS.
    • This is also the first season to be animated by WildBrain (formerly called DHX Media).
  • This is the third season in a row to not have a focus character.
  • LEGO has changed the name of the teaser trailer for this season three times, first called LEGO Ninjago - Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu Teaser Trailer, then LEGO Ninjago - The All-New Series (2019) teaser and finally LEGO Ninjago - New Season (2019).
  • Members of The Fold revealed in their official podcast that they made a new song for the opening of this season.[3]
  • Starting with the episode "Questing for Quests," there is an intro recapping the events of the previous episode with the new remix of The Weekend Whip, called the Wicked Whip, in the background.
    • This is also the first season not to have the traditional "Previously on Ninjago" section at the beginning of the episodes.
    • The intro says the episode name but does not say the episode number.
    • This is the first season since Season 7 to feature songs by The Fold in the opening.
  • A new vehicle called the Land Bounty appears in this season. Destiny's Bounty is also used.
  • When the entire Ice Chapter was made available on TV On Demand on November 1, 2019, it was not made available on Cartoon Network's app and website, for unknown reasons.
    • It was later made available on the CN app and website on November 25, 2019.
  • The Ninja travel to the Never-Realm. The Ninjas' goal is to rescue Zane. This is in the second part of the season: the Ice Chapter.
  • Each episode has a different character announcing the episode's title at the end of the opening.
  • Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu was released in the summer/fall of 2019, making it the third time two seasons aired in the same year.
  • Although writers Bragi Schut and Chris Wyatt have referred to it as "Season 11,"[4][5] it is treated as a part of a new series by several sources. This may be due to the Masters of Spinjitzu subtitle being dropped, and LEGO occasionally branding it as a "new series" in promotional material.
    • The second title of the official teaser trailer was "LEGO Ninjago - The All-New Series (2019)," but was changed shortly after. The LEGO Kids website's page for the season states "Watch the first official teaser for the new LEGO Ninjago TV series."
    • On the Cartoon Network USA app/website, the season is separated from the others, as if it is the first season of a new series.
    • This is also the case for the Google Knowledge panel, which claims Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu ended with March of the Oni, and a new Knowledge panel has been created for Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu.
    • Google Play also lists this as the beginning of a new series. The synopsis states: "Picking up shortly after the events of "March of the Oni," the series begins a new chapter in the world of Ninjago, as well as a new format. Neither a reboot nor a spin-off, the next adventure explores new and creative possibilities for storytelling in shorter segments, a noticeable change from the longer episodes and serialized format of the previous series. Not to fear, fans of the franchise: the show's creators promise there will be many deep cuts, recurring characters, references to past events, and reveals of previously undisclosed lore from ancient Ninjago history."[6]
    • According to producer Tommy Andreasen, Ninjago onwards is "kind of a new series," due to having different writers, a different tone, and being produced by a new studio.[7] He also stated that it is a new chapter, and whether it is the same series or not, does not matter.[8]
    • In some countries, it is titled "LEGO Ninjago Reboot." Though this directly contradicts the official synopsis that insists that the series onwards is not a reboot.
  • Tommy Andreasen revealed in a tweet that 2D animation, styled as anime, would be incorporated in the second half of Season 11.
  • Kai and Nya are the only Ninja to haven't shown their Forbidden Spinjitzu powers. However, in "Vengeance is Mine!," Kai was unable to use the ability since his powers were stolen by Aspheera during that point in time.
    • However, an animation glitch in "Vengeance is Mine!" briefly showed Kai with Forbidden Spinjitzu powers.
  • Amount of times a different character read a title card:
  • This is the first season since Rebooted to have a hiatus between episodes while airing in the United States.
  • Season 11 has the second-largest cast in the series, the first being Hunted.
  • When a fan asked Tommy Andreasen if the format of stories being split into chapters named after the other main characters' elements or powers could happen in future seasons, he said that anything is possible, but "[they] play [their] cards close to the chest," meaning they would not be divulging their plans.[9]
  • This is the first season since her debut in Season 2 where Misako does not make an appearance.
  • In Hungary, the Ice Chapter premiered on YouTube in a 24/7 Livestream on December 19.
  • Zane's role in the season was featured in a poll when someone asked Tommy Andreasen if Zane still had his prophetic visions.[10][11]
  • This is the second season to have aired over two years in the US. The first being Season 1.
  • The first eight episodes of this season were released in audiobook form in February of 2020. They use dialogue from the original episodes with narration from William N. Andrews filling in the blanks.

Focus Characters

  • This season has no definite focus character. Every Ninja (except Jay) receives some kind of sub-plot.[12]
  • Zane is a prominent character in both chapters despite being the least recurring member of the team in the season.
    • He was focused on in Episodes 99, 102, 111, 112, and 128.
      • In Episode 99 his visions are revealed and his role is introduced.
      • In Episode 102 he is a vital part of retrieving the engine piece for the Land Bounty.
      • In Episode 111 he is focused on during his heist to get the second scroll.
      • In Episode 112 he is focused on due to him defeating the Pyro Vipers and his banishment at the hands of Aspheera.
      • He one of the four focuses for Episode 128 as the Ice Emperor and his path to redemption.
    • He also had some focuses as the Ice Emperor in Episodes 114, 121, 126, and 127.
  • Kai is also another prominent character in both chapters.
    • He was focused on in Episodes 103, 107, 110, 112, 115, 123, and 128.
      • He was focused in episode 103 when Aspheera takes an interest in Kai, calling him a fire elemental and steals his fire powers, leaving him unconscious after his powers are taken.
      • His anger and suffering for losing his powers was the focus and main storyline for Episode 107.
      • His anger and relationship towards Master Wu and how he forgives Wu in the end is the main focus in Episode 110.
      • He was focused in episode 112 when he got a chance to possess the scroll, he tried to pick it up and use it, the scroll had no effect since his elemental powers was stolen.
      • His powers return in Episode 115 and the storyline revolves around his relationship with Sorla is focused on, blaming himself for not being able to help the village, his abilities to produce fire, his regret for losing them, and recovers his elemental powers but in a weak state and lit up the Hearth Fire that was put out by Grimfax and is entitled as "Fire Maker" by the Ice Fishers.
      • He was the focus in the first half of Episode 123 during his fight with Boreal and his regret for not being strong enough to stop the dragon is part of his motivation as Kai felt guilty for not being able to save the village being frozen leads to Kai and the other Ninja to go after Lloyd on the Land Bounty is the main storyline for the first half of the episode.
      • He has also shared focus for Episode 128 alongside, Lloyd, Nya, and Zane, when he fully regains his powers and kills Boreal with it.
  • Lloyd is focused on the Ice Chapter.
    • He was focused on Episodes 116, 118, 123, 127, and one of the four focuses for Episode 128.
      • In Episode 116 his journey to find Zane begins and he encounters Akita.
      • In Episode 118 the main plot is his attempt to find the mech and stopped the Ice Bird.
      • In Episode 123 he is focused on in the second half of the story with him finding out the identity of the Ice Emperor.
      • In Episode 127 his resistance with Kataru and Grimfax is developed and he confronts Zane.
      • In Episode 128 alongside the other three focus Ninja, he is focused on in his battle against Zane and his farewell with Akita.
  • Cole has the most separate episode appearances in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu however his core relevance is narrowed down to only a few episodes.
    • Cole is focused on in Episode 119 and Episode 120.
      • His relationship with Krag is one of the many storylines that are developed from Episodes 119 to 128.
  • Nya is not a prominent character in the Fire Chapter but has a core story in the Ice Chapter.
    • Although she didn't have episodes completely based on her, her ability to control Ice as well as Water and her relationship with Sorla was developed.
      • She had focus moments in Episodes 116, 119, and 128. However, she was the focus of none.
      • She also a major role in Episode 108, as she almost distracted the Pyro Vipers long enough for Lloyd to get the Forbidden Scroll.
  • Master Wu is a main character in the Fire Chapter but isn't present for the majority of the Ice Chapter.
    • He is focused on Episode 109 and 113 and he was a shared focus of Episode 110.
      • His backstory with Aspheera was focused on in Episode 109.
      • His relationship with Kai was focused on in Episode 110.
      • His anger towards losing Zane and his reluctance to let the Ninja go to the Never-Realm is focused on in Episode 113.
  • Jay is a secondary character in this season and his role was very minor in this season and is focused on the least out of the Ninja this season, he is more prominent in the Fire Chapter than the Ice Chapter, providing more comedy in the Ice Chapter rather than action.
    • He had a few focus moments in Episodes 103 and 105.
  • P.I.X.A.L. is a secondary character in the Fire Chapter and isn't present for the majority of the Ice Chapter.
    • She is focused on in Episode 124, although she had focus moments in episode 112, and 113.
      • In Episode 112 Her reaction from the loss of Zane and her minor battle with Aspheera are briefly focused on.
      • In Episode 113 her outburst from the loss of Zane and her aiding the Ninja travel to the Never-Realm are focused on briefly.
      • In Episode 124 her battle with the Preeminent and her quest for forgiveness from Wu are the main plot points.


Fire Chapter

  • Aspheera served as the main antagonist of the Fire Chapter.
  • Char, Aspheera's servant, and right-hand man served as the secondary antagonist of the Fire Chapter.
  • Other important antagonists are Fire Fang and the Elemental Cobras (Giant serpents that we're conjured by Aspheera to attack Ninjago City).
  • The Pyro Vipers serve as the villainous faction of the Fire Chapter.

Ice Chapter

  • Vex served as the main antagonist of the Ice Chapter.
  • Zane, as the Ice Emperor, served as the secondary antagonist of the Ice Chapter. He reformed after recovering his memories and destroying his scepter.
  • Other important antagonists include Grimfax, the Ice Behemoth, and Boreal (Zane's dragon), though Grimfax redeemed himself in "A Fragile Hope."
  • The Blizzard Samurai serve as the villainous faction of the Ice Chapter.




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