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“I want you to promise me, Cole, that you will always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust. Always.”

The thirteenth season of Ninjago, subtitled Master of the Mountain, is preceded by Season 12 and succeeded by The Island and Season 14. Cole is the focus ninja and mascot character, Vangelis serves as the main antagonist, and the Re-Awakened serve as the villainous faction.

The first teaser was released on June 17, 2020, on YouTube while the official trailer was released on June 22, 2020.

The first English release for the first episode was July 6, 2020, in Australia. The rest of the episodes for this season were released On-Demand in New Zealand on July 11, 2020. This season was also released On-Demand in the U.K. on August 1, 2020. Episodes 1-6 were made available On Demand and on the Cartoon Network US App/Website on September 11, 2020.[1] The season premiered in the US on September 13, 2020.[2] On November 9, 2020 SIC K confirmed that Season 13: Master of the Mountain was going to be released on November 9, 2020 in Portugal.[3]

The season, along with Seasons 10, 11, and 12 became available on Netflix in the US starting November 1, 2020, and in Canada starting June 8th, 2021.

Official description

Teaser: Get a sneak peek at the all-new season of the NINJAGO TV series! The ninja travel to the fabled Kingdom of Shintaro - a mesmerizing, gleaming place where they soon uncover an obscure underworld: the Dungeons of Shintaro. A world that is under the whip of the merciless Skull Sorcerer… Watch out for the new trailer and find more LEGO® NINJAGO adventures on or LEGO Life. Ask your parents before you download the app.[4]

Trailer: This season on NINJAGO: Master of the Mountain: The ninja are invited to the beautiful Shintaro Kingdom to celebrate the young Princess Vania’s birthday. At first glance, the Ivory City looks like a pristine place, but the ninja soon uncover a dark, obscure, long-forgotten underworld: The Dungeons of Shintaro. Once inside, they must fight their way to freedom through a maze of tunnels paved with dangers and strange creatures ruled by the merciless Skull Sorcerer. The ninja must choose their path wisely…[5]

In the Skull Dungeons: ‘The Queen’: Deep inside the Skull Dungeons, Nya, Jay and Lloyd come to a crossroads. The Queen of the Munce challenges Nya to combat as part of her sinister plan. And this queen fights dirty…[6]

In the Skull Dungeons: ‘The Lava Monster’: Cole, the Lowly, Princess Vania and Wu are feeling the heat on their path through the Skull Dungeons! Just when they think there may be a way out of Rock Bottom, a monster battle awaits.[7]

In the Skull Dungeons: ‘Trial By Mino’: Separated from the other ninja, deep in the Skull Dungeons, Kai and Zane are caught between a giant rock creature and a hard place… Can they win a battle against a Mino?[8]



Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 145 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 1.png "Shintaro" July 6, 2020 (Australia)
2 146 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 2.png "Into the Dark" July 6, 2020 (Australia)
3 147 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 3.png "The Worst Rescue Ever" July 7, 2020 (Australia)
4 148 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 4.png "The Two Blades" July 8, 2020 (Australia)
5 149 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 5.png "Queen of the Munce" July 9, 2020 (Australia)
6 150 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 6.png "Trial By Mino" July 10, 2020 (Australia)
7 151 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 7.png "The Skull Sorcerer" July 13, 2020 (Australia)
8 152 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 8.png "The Real Fall" July 14, 2020 (Australia)
9 153 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 9.png "Dungeon Party!" July 15, 2020 (Australia)
10 154 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 10.png "Dungeon Crawl!" July 16, 2020 (Australia)
11 155 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 11.png "Grief-Bringer" July 17, 2020 (Australia)
12 156 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 12.png "Masters Never Quit" July 20, 2020 (Australia)
13 157 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 13.png "The Darkest Hour" July 21, 2020 (Australia)
14 158 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 14.png "The Ascent" July 22, 2020 (Australia)
15 159 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 15.png "The Upply Strike Back!" July 23, 2020 (Australia)
16 160 Ninjago Master of the Mountain Episode 16.png "The Son of Lilly" July 24, 2020 (Australia)


The sets background was based on the Dungeons of Shintaro. Cole was the mascot character and the Blades of Deliverance are the collectible items. Most of the sets were based on new creatures from this season or part of the Dungeons of Shintaro.

This was the first set wave to feature Spinjitzu Burst spinners.





  • Bragi Schut said that he has a "particular soft spot" for writing this season.[9]
  • Some sources, such as the Cartoon Network Asia website[10] and LEGO's YouTube channel,[11] claim that Master of the Mountain and Prime Empire are the same season, that being Season 2 of the WildBrain-animated Ninjago series. However, the seasons are two separate "chapters" and are simply combined this way on platforms due to cable networks buying both seasons as one instead of making two separate purchases.[12]
  • The Shintaro Dungeon Whip took 21 days to get released after first being heard in "Into the Dark."
  • The ninja and Wu are referred to as heroes on the set boxes (ex: Hero Wu), indicating the name of this season's suits.
  • Four of the sets from this season can be built together to create a board game.
    Four Games.png
  • The ninja have armor similar to medieval knights over their Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu suits, aside from Lloyd who has a completely new gi underneath the armor.
  • This is the first season where no wheeled vehicles appear in sets.
    • This is the second season where no flying vehicles appear in sets, the first is Sons of Garmadon.
  • Lloyd mentions the Teapot of Tyrahn in the season premiere. However, the events of Skybound were undone, and only Jay and Nya (and eventually Zane after Ninjago: Decoded) should remember the events of Skybound.
  • This season features the return of 2D animation last seen in "The Last of the Formlings."
  • As of this season, all of the ninjas' parents have now been revealed.
  • Similairites to other franchises:
  • This is the first season whose sets introduce two new types of spinners.
  • This is the last season to air before Kirby Morrow's death on November 18, 2020.
  • Some elements of this season and characters are similar to LEGO Castle theme:
    • The main villain is a wizard who has something to do with skulls.
    • The main villain owns a dragon.
    • The wizard's castle or cave has a large skull on the front and a cage on the side.
    • The main villain faction consists of reawakened skeletons (including black ones).
    • Both include green trolls.
    • Both include mines.
    • The sword or swords play a role in the story.
  • This season takes place over less than a month, seeing as in The Island, only one month had past between Season 12 and "Uncharted."
  • It is the second straight season to have sixteen episodes with the previous season beginning the trend.
  • This season marks:
  • The new rendition of The Weekend Whip, titled "The Shintaro Dungeon Whip," was released on July 26, 2020.[15]
  • Since this season, the title card of the first episode of the season always appears above or below the Monastery of Spinjitzu.
  • Amount of times a different character reads a title card:
    • Cole: 6
    • Gulch: 2
    • Wu: 2
    • Zane: 1
    • Jay: 1
    • Korgran: 1
    • Nya: 1
    • Murtessa: 1
    • Fungus: 1
    • Vania: 1
      • This makes Cole announcing the most amount of title cards while multiple characters are tied for the least with one.
      • Kai and Lloyd are the only ninja to not announce a title card.
      • Gulch and Murtessa said one of the title cards together.
  • The blooper reel for this season was the first Ninjago blooper reel since 2017 and the first TV show blooper reel since 2014.
  • Misako's silver streak in her hair appears longer and lighter in this season. In addition, a green tie was added to her french braid.
  • The Postman has a slightly different face print in this season.
  • The season was added onto Netflix in the US and the UK on November 1, 2020, a week after the season finished airing on Cartoon Network.
  • At one point, there were ideas to explore the reason for Lilly's illness.[16]

Focus characters


  • Cole serves as the focus ninja and mascot of this season. His friendship with Vania can be seen throughout it. Furthermore, his promise to his mother is very vital because it gives him encouragement to persist in tough situations.
    • He was focused on in Episodes 146, 147, 151, 152, 154, 156, and 158-160.
      • He develops a relationship with Vania, and was the first ninja to discover the Dungeons of Shintaro in Episode 146, but got captured by the Skull Sorcerer.
      • In Episode 147, he builds a relationship with Murt and notices the hatred between the Munce and the Geckles.
      • For most of Episode 151, he fights to stay alive from the Dire Bats and giant spiders. He is able to reunite with Vania and Wu, but they all discover Vangelis is the Skull Sorcerer.
      • In Episode 152, Cole's intuition as well as his ability to persevere allowed for himself, Wu, and Vania to stay alive in messy situations.
      • Cole's leadership of the Upply as well as tapping into his Elemental Energy in Episode 154 allows the group to escape Rock-Bottom and defeat the Lava Monster. In addition, his promise to his mother was shown.
      • Cole's frustration of not unlocking the Spinjitzu Burst in Episode 156 causes him to doubt his abilities and is the first real obstacle he has to face during the season.
      • Cole successfully activates the Stone Mech in Episode 158, defeats the Lava Monster, and helps the Upply reach the Kingdom of Shintaro.
      • In Episode 159, he and the Upply save everyone in the Dungeons of Shintaro. Moreover, he finds and uses the Blades of Deliverance against the Skull Sorcerer, where they have an epic battle.
      • Cole continues his battle in Episode 160 where the Skull Sorcerer destroys the Blades of Deliverance. This causes Cole to lose hope but he is ultimately victorious by unlocking the power of the Spinjitzu Burst, thus defeating the Skull Sorcerer and his entire army. Peace is then brought to Shintaro Mountain after Cole's victory.
  • Master Wu is another prominent character in this season.
    • He was focused on in Episodes 145, 152, 153, and 156.
      • In Episode 145, Wu was depressed and thought he was no longer needed since the ninja went on missions without him. He was forced on a trip with the ninja after Misako scolded him.
      • In Episode 152, Wu's teaching to Cole allows the Earth Ninja to use his Elemental Powers to save them from disaster.
      • In Episode 153, he talks about Lilly and having greater powers when near the Earth which allows Cole to find his Elemental Energy and escape Rock-Bottom.
      • Wu admits forgoing his role as Master and promises to never quit on his students in Episode 156.
  • Vania is a major character who also has a prominent role in this season.
    • She was focused on in Episodes 146, 152-158, and 160.
      • In Episode 146, she develops a relationship with Cole and they both discover the Dungeons of Shintaro.
      • From Episode 152 to 158, she assists Cole in their quest to escape Rock-Bottom and convinces Hailmar about the truth of Vangelis.
      • At the end of Episode 160, she is declared the Queen of Shintaro and promises to bring peace to everyone.
  • Kai, Nya, and Zane play somewhat prominent roles in this season.
    • Nya was focused on in Episodes 149 and 155.
      • She fights Murtessa to prevent her from marrying Jay and keeping him betrothed underground in Episode 149. Nya ends up winning but is also declared the Queen of the Munce.
      • In Episode 155, her display of power convinces the Munce to participate in a truce meeting with the Geckles.
    • Kai and Zane were focused on in Episodes 150 and 155.
      • Kai and Zane fought a Mino in Episode 150, which gave Kai the title of Chancellor.
      • In Episode 155, they learn that Lilly, Cole’s mother, was the one who defeated Grief-Bringer.
      • With the help of Zane, who helped him by rigging the slug race, Kai was able to lead the truce meeting in Episode 155, where he and Nya were reunited.
  • Lloyd and Jay have minor roles in this season but do play important parts in certain episodes.
    • Lloyd was focused on in Episodes 145 and 146.
      • He realizes that Master Wu felt depressed that he is not needed anymore and tries to cheer him up in Episode 145.
      • In Episode 146, Lloyd also seems to distrust Vania because of what happened with Harumi.
    • Jay was heavily focused on in Episode 149.
      • He was caught in a rivalry between Nya and Murtessa for his affection.
  • P.I.X.A.L. and Misako also play very minor roles in this season.
    • Both characters appear in only one episode. However, Misako is able to convince Wu into going on the trip with the ninja.


  • Vangelis served as the main antagonist of this season.
  • Hazza D'ur served as the secondary antagonist of this season. After the Upply brought the Skull of Hazza D'ur to Vangelis, Hazza D'ur used the skull as a vessel for his spirit while Vangelis used it as his source of power to take control of the Dungeons of Shintaro.
  • The Re-Awakened served as the villainous faction of this season.
    • With the power of the Skull of Hazza D'ur, Vangelis brought back the Re-Awakened so they capture the Geckles and Munce and become his army in the Dungeons of Shintaro.
  • Other important antagonists were Grief-Bringer and the Lava Monster.
    • Before the ninja first arrived at Shintaro, Grief-Bringer terrorized the Geckles and Munce in the Dungeons of Shintaro years ago until it was killed by Lilly. However, Grief-Bringer was later resurrected by Vangelis after he heard that the ninja were convincing the Munce and Geckles to have a truce.
      • Once he was resurrected, Grief-Bringer helped Vangelis by fighting off the ninja in Episodes 155, 157, and 160.
    • While Cole, Wu, Vania, and the Upply were traveling to the Heart of the Mountain, they came across the Lava Monster and battled it in Episodes 154, 156, and 158.
  • Additionally, Geckles and Munce are presented as villains in the sets. However, the show depicts them as tribes warring against each other, yet mutually opposed to the Skull Sorcerer.


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