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The Season 13 blooper reel, officially titled That's a wrap - Season 13 Outtakes & Bloopers - NINJAGO Dungeons of Shintaro, is a series of supposed outtakes and bloopers from Master of the Mountain.

Official description

Watch the season 13 NINJAGO TV series outtakes and bloopers!

Have you wanted to be a fly on the wall on the set of the NINJAGO TV series? Ever wondered who coordinates the ninja's stunts, what it's like to work with animals on the set, or how the strange creatures in the Dungeons of Shintaro come alive on screen? We rescued a few funny reels of film from the season 13 post-production floor to give you an exclusive peek into the fascinating world of the ninja.[1]


  • Murtessa tries to flirt with Jay, but forgets her line.
  • Cole tries to tell Murt his name, but his mouth is full of glop.
  • The ninja and Wu walk down the stairs, only for Kai to slip and slide down them, amusing the others.
  • Dwayne walks in on Cole and Wu's scene.
  • The Munce and Geckles prepare to charge, only for Murtessa to hit the cameraman by accident.
  • Green Screen Gary introduces himself as the actor who plays the Mino and slugs.
  • Jay and Nya jump onto two motion capture performance artists in order to think Spinjitzu was being used.
  • Kai blocks some spears with his shield, only for a toilet plunger to hit it and become stuck, amusing him and the film crew.
  • Murtessa tries to flirt with Jay.
  • Fungus asks Wu what the inscription on the door of the Heart of the Mountain says, but he suddenly farts and says the 'Fart of the Mountain.'
  • Lloyd and Cole look at the pedestal before Cole pulls off the blanket covering the skull, only to find Jay, which Lloyd sarcastically tells the film crew it was funny.
  • A green screen of Cole, Wu, and Vania 'falling.'
  • Murtessa and Gulch make their peace, only for Dwayne to come up behind them.
  • Murtessa tries to flirt with Jay, once more.
  • The chicken speaks, and the director ceases filming.



For the transcript of the episode, click here.


  • This is the second notable Ninjago media to debut on the LEGO Life app, the first being the "Meet the Ninja" videos.
  • The video was first hinted at by Tommy Andreasen on Twitter.[2]
  • Jay taking the place of Hazza D'ur may be a reference to the fact that they are both voiced by Michael Adamthwaite.
  • Dwayne appears in this short, with Cole stating "this isn't your season". This may be a reference to the fact that he appeared over half a year later in The Island as a side character.
  • The chicken from the Monastery is referred to as "Mrs. Benedict" in this reel.


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