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"That's a wrap - Season 13 Outtakes & Bloopers - NINJAGO Dungeons of Shintaro"
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Air date October 14, 2020 (LEGO Life)
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"LEGO NINJAGO Movie Outtakes and Bloopers"

The Season 13 blooper reel, officially titled That's a wrap - Season 13 Outtakes & Bloopers - NINJAGO Dungeons of Shintaro, is a series of supposed outtakes and bloopers from Master of the Mountain.


  • Murtessa tries to flirt with Jay, but forgets her line.
  • Cole tries to tell Murt his name, but his mouth is full of glop.
  • The ninja and Wu walk down the stairs, only for Kai to slip and slide down them, amusing the others.
  • Dwayne walks in on Cole and Wu's scene.
  • The Munce and Geckles prepare to charge, only for Murtessa to hit the cameraman by accident.
  • Green Screen Gary introduces himself as the actor who plays the Mino and slugs.
  • Jay and Nya jump onto two motion capture performance artists in order to think Spinjitzu was being used.
  • Kai blocks some spears with his shield, only for a toilet plunger to hit it and become stuck, amusing him and the film crew.
  • Murtessa tries to flirt with Jay.
  • Fungus asks Wu what the inscription on the door of the Heart of the Mountain says, but he suddenly farts and says the 'Fart of the Mountain.'
  • Lloyd and Cole look at the pedestal before Cole pulls off the blanket covering the skull, only to find Jay, which Lloyd sarcastically tells the film crew it was funny.
  • A green screen of Cole, Wu, and Vania 'falling.'
  • Murtessa and Gulch make their peace, only for Dwayne to come up behind them.
  • Murtessa tries to flirt with Jay, once more.
  • The chicken speaks, and the director ceases filming.



For the transcript of the episode, click here.


  • This is the second notable Ninjago media to debut on the LEGO Life app, the first being the "Meet the Ninja" videos.
  • The video was first hinted at by Tommy Andreasen on Twitter.[1]
  • Jay taking the place of the Skull of Hazza D'ur may be a reference to the fact that they are both voiced by Michael Adamthwaite.
  • Dwayne appears in this short, with Cole stating "this isn't your season". This may be a reference to the fact that he appeared over half a year later in The Island as a side character.


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