Director: (offscreen) Come on, come on, come on, come on, quiet on set. And, action!

Murtessa: (flirting with Jay) So, tell me... (she tries to think of what to say, but forgets) Line?

Cole: (mouthful, to Murt) No, my name is Cole. (he laughs) Sorry, I have too much glop in my mouth. (laughter offscreen)

Director: Cut! (Murt belches)

Lloyd: You don't think we're really gonna-- (Kai falls down the stairs and groans.) You okay there, bud? (Everyone laughs.)

Cole: Ugh, thanks for noticing. (Dwayne walks onto the set.) Dwayne, this isn't even your season. (Everyone laughs.)

Director: Cut! (Dwayne rushes off.)

Wu: Oh, Dwayne.

Murtessa: Munce and Geckles, strong together!

Gulch: Sung-ho! (They all charge, and Murtessa accidently knocks the cameraman down.)

Murtessa: Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry! (picks up the camera) Did I break the camera?

Green Screen Gary: My name is Green Screen Gary, and I'm a motion capture performance artist. With the help of this suit, I'm able to create believable performances for unbelievable characters. (A cage opens up, with Gary stomping out) Grunt, grunt. I'm an angry Mino. Roar! (Kai and Zane gasp.) I'm very mad. Roar!

Green Screen Gary: No part is too small if you're a motion capture performance artist. I'm a slug. I'm really, really slow.

Lloyd: New plan. Jay, Nya, take out that tower. Everyone else, run! (Jay and Nya jump onto two motion capture performance artists, who run toward the tower and they crash into it.)

Kai: (Boosts Lloyd on his shield, then blocks a series of weapons that are aimed toward him. Suddenly a toilet plunger streaks onto his shield and sticks.) Huh-haha. Very funny, guys. Nice. Well done. (Someone throws a roll toilet paper at his head.)

Murtessa: So, tell me...You come here...often? (Jay recoils awkwardly) You like long walks in the dungeon, Jay? Do ya?

Director: And...action.

Fungus: What does it say?

Wu: Something about...(he farts) the fart of the mountain. (everyone laughs)

(Cole and Lloyd are in front of an unknown object covered with a lace. Cole lifts it up, revealing Jay)

Jay: Surprise!

Cole: Ugh!

Lloyd: Very funny, you guys. (everyone laughs) Very funny.

Director: And...action!

Vania: It's not the falling I'm worried about. It's the landing!

Murtessa: (shakes hands with Gulch) Now we are at peace. (Dwayne appears behind them while removing spider webbing from his face)

Gulch: Oh, hello.

Director: Ah, again, Dwayne! Cut!

Murtessa: You smell like frogs and moss. Very nice.

Murtessa: So tell me, do you wanna be my baby?

Jay: Is it lunch yet?

Cole: (wearing his soda guzzler and playing video games) Ugh. That sounds like a lot of work. Sure you don't want to play?

Lloyd: Didn't you just hear me? I-

Wu's chicken: Lalalala! Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs. 

Cole: What are you doing?

Wu's chicken: Vocal exercises. Warming up before they start filming.

Cole: They are filming!

Director: Cut!

Wu's chicken: I'm having a wonderful time.

Director: Cut! Mrs. Benedict, do the same thing again, but without talking. Please!

Wu's chicken: Oh! Interesting. (inhales) Sorry, darling. Well, what's my motivation for this scene?

Director: Awck, cut! Let's fix it in post. (bell rings) That's a wrap!

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