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You're the Master of Water. There's no one more connected to the sea than you.
Jay in "Unsinkable"

The fourteenth season[1] of Ninjago, subtitled Seabound, is preceded by The Island and succeeded by Season 15. It aired in April 2021, the same year as the series' 10th anniversary. Nya is the focus ninja and mascot character, Kalmaar served as the main antagonist, and the Maaray Guards served as the villainous faction of the season.

A teaser[2] was released on June 26, 2021, at the LEGO CON 2021 livestream.[3]

Official description

When Nya’s powers are disrupted, the ninjas set off in search of answers and find themselves at the bottom of endless oceans where they discover that her powers are linked to an ancient mythical creature.[citation needed]



Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 165 Ninjago Seabound Episode 1.png "A Big Splash" April 4, 2021 (Canada)
2 166 Ninjago Seabound Episode 2.png "The Call of the Deep" April 4, 2021 (Canada)
3 167 167Unsinkable.jpeg "Unsinkable" April 11, 2021 (Canada)
4 168 168FTFD.jpeg "Five Thousand Fathoms Down" April 11, 2021 (Canada)
5 169 Ep5s15hd.png "The Wrath of Kalmaar" April 18, 2021 (Canada)
6 170 Ep6s15hd.png "Long Live the King" April 18, 2021 (Canada)
7 171 S15EP7.jpeg "Escape from Merlopia" April 25, 2021 (Canada)
8 172 Titlecard ep8.png "The Tale of Benthomaar" April 25, 2021 (Canada)
9 173 Ninjago Seabound Episode 9.png "The Storm Amulet" April 27, 2021 (UK)
10 174 Ninjago Seabound Episode 10.png "Riddle of the Sphinx" April 27, 2021 (UK)
11 175 Titlecard ep11.png "Papergirl" April 28, 2021 (UK)
12 176 Titlecard ep12.png "Master of the Sea" April 28, 2021 (UK)
13 177 Titlecard ep13.png "The Calm Before the Storm" April 29, 2021 (UK)
14 178 Titlecard ep14.png "Assault on Ninjago City" April 29, 2021 (UK)
15 179 Titlecard ep15.png "Nyad" April 30, 2021 (UK)
16 180 Titlecard ep16.png "The Turn of the Tide" April 30, 2021 (UK)


Nya was the mascot ninja. The Amulets of Wojira are the collectible items of the season. The set background was based on the Endless Sea.

Kai and Cole wear Scuba suits in the sets despite never wearing them in the show because they didn't voyage into the Endless Sea with the other ninja.


  • This season's name, Seabound, sounds very similar to the name of Season 6, Skybound. Nya has a major role in both seasons.
  • Together with The Island as "Season 3," it is referred to as "The Abyss and the Flood."[4]
  • The season draws on expansive world building throughout the show's run, from Ninjago Soundtrack and former Elemental Masters, to Venomasicus Tigrus and Wojira.
  • This is the first season for Lloyd to not use his powers besides Spinjitzu since his debut in Rise of the Snakes.
  • This season, specifically its villain and final battle, bears some similarities to Season 1 in terms of plot: both are about a villain with purple as their main color scheme (Pythor and Kalmaar) wishing to awaken a giant serpent (the Great Devourer and Wojira), but requiring an object to do it (the Fangblades and the Storm Amulet). They are able to obtain it and awaken the serpent, and it damages/destroys a ninja vehicle while trying to eat it (the Samurai Mech and the sub car), and eventually begins attacking Ninjago City. The serpent eats their summoner, and gets defeated by an overwhelming show of force with both their weak spots on their head.
  • Elements from all previous WildBrain installments have made it into this season:
  • Nya is the only ninja to not receive a vehicle in this season.
  • Although Kirby Morrow unexpectedly passed away in November 18, 2020, he recorded Cole's lines for this season prior to his death. LEGO announced that the 2021 episodes will be dedicated to his honor.[5] As a result, this is the last season to have Kirby Morrow as a cast member.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen:
    • On January 14, 2021, Ninjago's 10th anniversary, he said that they had received the render of the last episode of 2021 from WildBrain, and had done the first voice record for the 2022 episodes the day before.[6]
    • Depending on how this season turns out, it may be his favorite.[7]
    • In response to a fan wanting "Nya angst," he stated, "We shall provide!".[8]
    • A future season will go down as the best in the series' history.[9]
    • Nya would face "her biggest challenge yet later this year."[10]
    • He tweeted "Reviewing final sound mix and color grading on the last of the 2021 episodes today. It is not an easy watch for several reasons..."[11]
    • There will be more focus on Jay and Nya's relationship than there is in most other years.[12]
  • Tommy Andreasen refers to this season as a chapter.[13]
  • According to Bragi Schut, "[t]here are tons of fun things coming, and we're all hard at work on Ninjago."[14]
  • Tommy Andreasen has also asked, "What do you hope for… a happy satisfying ending to the [2021] episodes? Or a chilling heartbreaking endings to the episodes?"[15]
  • This is the first season since Hunted and the first WildBrain season where Jillian Michaels is part of the voice cast.
  • This is the second season which was released earlier than the sets. The first was Season 2.
    • The first official pictures of the sets were revealed one day after the season finale premiered in the UK.
  • This is the first WildBrain season to feature the death of a sapient character.
  • Unagami (in his child form), Milton Dyer, Korgran, Fungus, Plundar, Murtessa, Gulch, Skylor, Ronin, Ed Walker, Edna Walker, and a Monk all make non-speaking appearances.
  • Most of the season was produced with the crew members working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[16]
  • This is the first season to air (albeit outside the US) before any official teaser.
  • Amount of times a different character reads a title card:
    • Nya: 3
    • P.I.X.A.L.: 2
    • Maya: 2
    • Benthomaar: 2
    • Kalmaar: 2
    • Wu: 2
    • Mammatus: 1
    • Kai: 1
    • Jay: 1
      • This makes Nya announcing the most amount of title cards while Kai, Jay, and Mammatus are tied for one.
      • Cole, Zane and Lloyd are the only ninja to not announce a title card.
        • This makes the third installment in a row where Lloyd doesn't announce a title card.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the reason Cole has a smaller role in this season is that "Cole just had a season dedicated to him, so we thought it was fair to focus elsewhere. Seabound was written and recorded before Kirby Morrow's untimely passing."[17]

Focus characters


  • Nya serves as the focus character of this season. Her relationship with her mother and Jay as well as her understanding of her powers are the main plot elements, leading to her ultimate sacrifice.
    • She was focused on in Episodes 165, 166, 168, 169, 173, 174, 179 and 180.
      • In Episode 165, she is unable to control her powers and interferes with a mission.
      • In Episode 166, she becomes frustrated with Maya's overly protecting nature and refuses to want help with her life.
      • In Episode 168, Nya and Maya take the Hydro Mechs and travel deep into the Endless Sea where they arrive at Merlopia. They are later captured by Kalmaar, whom they meet for the first time.
      • In Episode 169, she and Maya work together for the first time and luckily free themselves from Kalmaar's pawns.
      • In Episode 173, she is given the Storm Amulet from Mammatus and vows to protect it, however, she and the others soon realized that it was a fake.
      • In Episode 174, she spends the episode attempting to call whales so the team can escape the Island of the Keepers.
      • In Episode 179, Nya has a short battle with Kalmaar and Wojira. Later, she decides to sacrifice her life in order to save Jay, who inhaled too much seawater. This causes Nya to merge with the Endless Sea but costing her humanity.
      • In Episode 180, she battles Kalmaar and Wojira in her new form where she ultimately destroys the Wave Amulet, causing Wojira to overwhelm herself with the Storm Amulet and be destroyed. She then says a heartfelt goodbye to Jay and the team and goes back to the ocean. A memorial is later held for her.
  • Benthomaar has a major role in this season. His relationship with his father and brother are important aspects of the story.
  • Maya is also a prominent character, especially in the first half of this season with her trying to bond with Nya.
  • Jay is another prominent character in this season, mainly because of his relationship with Nya.
    • He was focused on in Episodes 167, 169, 177, 178, 179 and 180.
      • In Episode 167, he tries to assure Nya that that they’ll find out what is bothering Nya's powers and will find a solution.
      • In Episode 169, he risks his life in an attempt to recharge the battery of the Hydro Bounty, which he successfully does so.
      • In Episode 177, he meets Nya at Benny's Arcade Emporium and they play Dancy Pants together until the game breaks.
      • In Episode 178, he saves Dareth and others from a flooded bus. Later, he is attacked by Wojira and sinks to the flooded streets on Ninjago City in his damaged vehicle.
      • In Episode 179, Benthomaar and Cole save him in the last minute, but Jay still inhales some seawater. Nya is unable to draw it out, which forces her to merge with the Endless Sea in order to save Jay and defeat Wojira.
      • In Episode 180, he fights Kalmaar after he attacked Nya, fueled by fury over the visual loss of Nya. Later, he begs Nya not to leave him, but she leaves nevertheless, but not before openly confessing his love for her. Deeply saddened by the departure of his girlfriend and in a state of depression, he later attends Nya's memorial.
  • Zane, P.I.X.A.L. and Lloyd play important parts in some episodes, however, their roles are much smaller compared to Nya and Jay.
    • Zane and P.I.X.A.L. are focused on in Episode 166 where they follow a distress signal which ends with their vehicles being nearly destroyed, but discover a clue as to why Nya's powers are acting strange.
    • Lloyd is focused on in Episode 171 where he struggles to escape from Merlopia but gains use of a Hydro Mech and successfully flees with the rest of the Ninja.
  • Kai and Cole have minor roles in the first half of the season as they are absent. They do, however, receive focus towards the end.
    • Kai receives focus in Episodes 165, 174, 175 and 180.
      • In Episode 165, he tries to convince Nya to call their mother and ask her to help her, which Nya angrily refuses. He then proceeds to call their parents himself.
      • In Episode 174, he trains with his father and Master Wu at the Monastery which Cole informs them about Nya's call. At the Explorers Club, Kai is the one who correctly answers the riddle of the Sphinx, which grants them permission to enter the club and find the Storm Amulet.
      • In Episode 175, he follows Kalmaar throughout the whole city in order to stop him from stealing the Storm Amulet. In the end, he nearly drowns, but is rescued by Antonia and Nelson.
      • In Episode 180, he is shocked by Nya's decision to leave the team and tries to convince her to stay. He later attends Nya's memorial, saddened by the departure of his sister.
    • Cole receives focus in Episodes 176 and 180.
      • In Episode 176, he returns to Shintaro where he brings the Storm Amulet to be kept hidden, albeit it's a fake.
      • He comforts Jay in Episode 180 after the absence of Nya.
  • Master Wu once again has a very small role for the first half of this season. But he does play a significant role towards the end as well.
    • He played an important role in Episode 165 when he told a story about his father, Wojira and Nyad, and searched for scrolls in the library.
    • He was also important in Episode 174, when he carried out his project in the monastery and later fought Kalmaar for the Storm Amulet.
  • Ray, Misako, and Dareth all receive focus in some episodes.


  • Kalmaar served as the main antagonist of this season. His goal of awakening Wojira to use her powers to destroy Ninjago and the rest of the surface was also one of the main plot elements of this season.
    • Between Episodes 165 and 168, he used replicas of the Storm Amulet as a replacement for it so he can awaken Wojira. However, it instead caused the marine life and Nya's powers to lose control.
    • In Episode 169, he tries to get Nya and Maya to tell him more about the location of the Island of the Keepers so he can get the Storm Amulet.
    • In Episode 170 and 171, Kalmaar betrays tricks the Maaray Guards into thinking that the ninja killed Trimaar and ordered them to capture them and Benthomaar.
    • In Episodes 173-176, he fights the ninja for the Storm Amulet after discovering that it was at the Explorers Club.
    • After awaking Wojira, he uses his trident to take control of her in Episodes 177-180. However, after Benthomaar destroyed the trident, Kalmaar was ultimately devoured by Wojira once he lost control of her.
  • Gripe served as the secondary antagonist of this season.
    • While working with Kalmaar to awaken Wojira, Gripe supported him by helping him look for the Storm Amulet and prevented the Maaray Guards from knowing the truth about Trimaar's death.
  • Other important antagonists include Glutinous (until Episode 177), Wojira (Episodes 177-180), and Miss Demeanor (Episode 165).
    • Glutinous used replicas of the Storm Amulet to reawaken Wojira for Kalmaar, but failed. However, after researching on the Island of the Keepers, he was able to reveal the location of the island to Kalmaar so he can get the Storm Amulet.
      • In Episode 177, Glutinous redeems himself by warning the ninja about Kalmaar after witnessing Wojira's awakening.
    • After Wojira fell into a deep sleep by Nyad, Kalmaar became desperate to find her so he can use her powers to destroy Ninjago.
      • Once awoken, Wojira became under Kalmaar's control and was used by him to destroy Ninjago City until Episode 180. After being freed from his control, Wojira ate Kalmaar and attempt to attack the ninja, but was defeated by Nya.
    • In Episode 165, Miss Demeanor ran a Vengestone smuggling operation with her henchmen to meet up with someone, but was interrupted by the ninja when they confronted her. However, Miss Demeanor was able to escape.
  • The Maaray Guards served as the villainous faction of this season. While some of the Maaray Guards were already enemies with the ninja, Kalmaar tricked the others into thinking that the ninja killed Trimaar.



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