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Son, Chen grows strong by taking from others. But real power does the opposite. It empowers those around you. Like the way you've empowered me.

The fourth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, subtitled Tournament of Elements, was preceded by Season 3 and succeeded by Season 5. Kai was the focus ninja[1] and mascot character, Master Chen served as the main antagonist, and the Anacondrai warriors were the villainous faction of the season.

Official description

When Zane sacrificed himself to stop the Golden Master, the power of the Golden Weapons unlocked new abilities within him, revealing a new layer of titanium. The immense energy dispatch destroyed parts of him and caused Zane to vanish into the Digiverse. Only P.I.X.A.L. was aware of Zane’s digital presence – or so she thought…[citation needed]


After the loss of Zane, the team is split apart, and Lloyd seeks to rebuild it. But everything changes when they find out that Zane is alive, and that crime lord, Master Chen, invites the ninja and the other Elemental Masters to a Tournament, so that he can steal their powers in order to complete a spell that will turn him and his worshippers into Anacondrai.


Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 35 Ninjago35.png "The Invitation" February 23, 2015 (US)
2 36 Ninjago36.png "Only One Can Remain" March 2, 2015 (US)
3 37 37TitleCard.png "Versus" March 9, 2015 (US)
4 38 38Card.png "Ninja Roll" March 16, 2015 (US)
5 39 Ninjago39.png "Spy for a Spy" March 23, 2015 (US)
6 40 MoS40TitleCard.png "Spellbound" March 30, 2015 (US)
7 41 Ninjago41Card.png "The Forgotten Element" March 31, 2015 (US)
8 42 Ninjago42Card.png "The Day of the Dragon" April 1, 2015 (US)
9 43 NinjagoCard43.png "The Greatest Fear of All" April 2, 2015 (US)
10 44 Ninjago44.png "The Corridor of Elders" April 3, 2015 (US)



Kai was the mascot character of the season. The collectible items were the Jadeblade Weapons, though only ordinary Jadeblades appeared in the season. The promotional media and box art for this season primarily featured a jungle setting, though the jungle on Chen's Island was only a major setting in two episodes, "Spellbound" and "The Day of the Dragon" (though the ninja explored the jungle in the book, The Search for Zane).

The sets focused on ninja vehicles, Anacondrai warrior vehicles, and Chen's Island locations. Because the wave included two suits for each ninja instead of one, most of the ninja minifigures were exclusive to one set at the time of this wave's release. Besides the ninja, only three Elemental Masters (Skylor, Karlof, and Griffin Turner) were featured in this season's wave of sets.



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  • Various other Elemental Masters set to appear in this season were ultimately scrapped. These include the Masters of Magnetism (Magno),[2][3] Crystal (Gazor),[3] and Sight.[4]
    • Masters of Water and Time would have also appeared in this season, with the Master of Water being named "Rayne."[5][6] These concepts were later used for Nya and the Time Twins in Seasons 5 and 7, respectively.
  • This season starts the trend of each season having 10 episodes which lasted until March of the Oni, which only had 4.
  • The collectible items featured in this season are the Jadeblade Weapons; which, unlike the previous collectibles; did not have any powers.
  • This season was inspired by the 1973 film, Enter the Dragon.[7]
    • Clouse was named after the film's director, Robert Clouse.[8]
    • When Chen's ferry arrives at the island in "Only One Can Remain," Garmadon says, "Chen lives like a king. Here, he's totally self-sufficient." This is a reference to an early scene in Enter the Dragon, in which Braithwaite tells Lee about the villainous Han and his island, saying, "He lives like a king on that island. Totally self-sufficient."
    • The name for one of the sets, 70749 Enter the Serpent, is a reference to the film title.
    • When asked which season would work best as a movie, Tommy Andreasen said, "ToE is based off Enter the Dragon, so narratively that would lend itself well."[9]
  • When Zane is found and the ninja get their second suits of the season, the intro is not updated. According to Tommy Andreasen, there was "No need to waste production money doing that any more then," referring to how the intro in Rise of the Snakes had been updated when the ninja gained new suits.[10]
  • This is the first season in which the Postman does not appear.
  • This season, along with Possession, aired in their entirety in the same year. (Tournament of Elements in the spring of 2015, and Possession in the summer of 2015.) This marks the first time in the show that two seasons aired in the same year. [11]
  • Nya does Spinjitzu at the end of the intro, just like the others. However, it is not canon, as she is confirmed to have later learned it between Skybound and "Day of the Departed."[12]
  • The Hageman Brothers stated that they liked the mysterious island and tournament aspect of the season but they did not like the ending as much.[13] Tommy Andreasen has also stated this is one of his favorite seasons despite its weaker ending.[14]
  • This was the first season to have issues of the Ninjago Magazine made for it.
  • This season has some structural similarities to the previous season:
    • The first story arc ends with three episodes remaining, and the ninja have mostly succeeded in stopping the villain but one ally has been captured.
    • The final three episodes deal with the ninja attempting to and ultimately failing to stop the villain from attacking Ninjago.
    • The villain is finally defeated by a main character sacrificing himself and a statue of him was made to honor it.
  • All Elemental Powers are introduced in this season except Elements of Creation and elemental essences, which were introduced earlier, Wind which was introduced in Possession, and Time which was introduced in The Hands of Time.
  • Netflix calls this season "The Tournament of Elements."

Focus characters


  • Kai was the focus ninja of this season.[1] Different aspects of him were explored, like the relationship between him and Skylor, his jealousy in the prophecy of the Green Ninja, and the introduction of his parents.
    • Kai was focused on in Episodes 35-37, 39-42, and 44.
      • In Episode 35, Kai went to Zane's statue to mourn for his fallen friend. Kai also fought Karlof on the way to Chen's Island.
      • In Episode 36, Kai fought Karlof for the final spot in the next round of the tournament and won, but unfairly. He also discovered hints to Skylor's powers.
      • In Episode 37, Kai faced Ash and was ultimately victorious, advancing in the tournament.
      • Kai and Skylor's relationship was focused on in the second half of Episode 39.
      • In Episode 40, Kai found out Skylor is Chen's daughter, which turned into a conflict between the two.
      • Kai was the main focus in Episode 41 in many aspects. Kai was confronted by Chen who knew secrets of his parents; temporarily betrayed Nya], Garmadon, and Lloyd while working for Chen; and became corrupted with the power of the Staff of Elements, ultimately breaking it and giving the powers back to the Elemental Masters.
      • In Episode 42, while captured by Chen, he and Skylor struggled as Chen began the transformation spell, which he completed. Later, Kai was able to summon an Elemental Dragon, making him the third Elemental Master to do this after Lloyd and Zane.
      • Kai and Skylor's relationship was paused in Episode 44, when Skylor left for the time being.
  • Skylor had a major role in this season along with Kai, especially in Episodes 39-41. The relationship between them was a major part of this season's story.
    • In Episode 39, she is revealed to be Chen's daughter, meaning she has been an antagonist since her introduction, though would become a genuine protagonist as of the second half of Episode 41.
  • Master Garmadon had a great role, with many individual moments in the season, especially in Episodes 40 and 44.
    • Throughout the first half of the season, there are hints to his dark past with Chen and Clouse.
    • In Episode 40, his backstory is explored in greater detail.
    • In Episodes 44, his relationship with Misako, Wu, and Lloyd, as well as his sacrifice, were the focus.
  • Lloyd also had a major role, specifically in Episodes 35, 38, 40, 41, and 44.
    • In Episode 35, he brought the ninja team back together after the loss of Zane.
    • In Episode 38, Lloyd's spot in the tournament against Chamille was the main focus.
    • In Episode 40, Lloyd unlocked his Energy Dragon and later inquired about his father's past.
    • In Episode 41, he faced Chen in the final match of the tournament.
    • His relationship with Garmadon was a primary focus in Episode 44. Lloyd was also the one who technically defeated Chen and his army, though it was through Pythor's idea and Garmadon's sacrifice.
  • Zane also had a crucial role in the season. His loss in the previous season was the primary cause of this season's events.
    • In Episode 37 he dreamed of the Titanium Dragon, struggled with remembering who he was, and ultimately found P.I.X.A.L. dismantled and saved her by adding her to his programming.
    • In Episode 42, he unlocked his ability to summon the dragon, with the help of P.I.X.A.L..
    • P.I.X.A.L. had appearances in Episodes 37-40, 42, and 43.
  • Cole had a great role in the middle portion of this season.
    • He was focused on in the second half of Episode 37, where he fought Jay in the tournament, and he ultimately let Jay have the victory, repairing their fragile friendship.
    • Cole led the prison break storyline in Episodes 38-41, helping Zane and the Elemental Masters who had lost in the tournament plan to escape.
  • The relationship between Jay and Cole remained hostile in the beginning of the season, but their battle and Cole's choice in Episode 37 repaired their friendship and allowed Jay to move forward in the tournament. Jay's leg was also injured in Episode 39.
  • Nya had a significant role in some episodes, but overall her role was relatively minor.
    • In Episode 38, she used the D.B. Express to sneak aboard Chen's ferry.
    • In Episode 39, she became a spy in the tournament, discovering the transformation spell and ultimately fighting Clouse and escaping with the spell.
    • In Episode 40, Chen used the goal of tracking down Nya as a ruse for the Elemental Masters, though Nya did not appear much in the episode herself.
  • Master Wu had a minor role in the season.
  • Misako had appearances in Episodes 37, 40, 42, and 44.
    • In Episode 40, it was revealed Garmadon had intercepted and signed the letter that would have otherwise caused Misako to fall in love with Wu.
    • She had a greater role in the finale (Episode 44), regarding her relationship with Garmadon.
  • The Serpentine had a small yet heroic role in the season. Though shown as villains of the past in Episode 40, both the current generation of Serpentine and the Anacondrai generals would return in the finale to help defeat the Anacondrai warriors.




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