They have a right to know. If we're going to shed a new skin, we must open our home to others.”
— Selma to Skales

Selma is the mother of Skales Jr. and the wife of Skales. She lives in the tomb of the Stone Army.


During the Serpentine War, she presumably fought in combat for the Hypnobrai. However, when Garmadon created the Sacred Flute, she, along with the rest of the Hypnobrai, was subdued and sealed away in the Hypnobrai Tomb.

Following Lloyd's freeing of the Hypnobrai, she presumably participated behind the scenes, actively helping her tribe. Selma was later among the Serpentine that were trapped in the tomb of the Stone Army. As the Serpentine resigned themselves to their new fate underground, they made the tomb their new home. Eventually, Selma married Skales and bore him a child, Skales Jr..

The Curse of the Golden Master

When the Ninja confronted Skales outside the Stone Army Tomb, Selma accepted them, persuading her husband to let them in so they could learn the Curse of the Golden Master. During the Nindroid attack, she attempted to protect her son, only for General Cryptor to trip the latter and mock him. When the Ninja held off Cryptor, she was able to unite with her son and escort him to safety.

The Tall Tale of Clancee (non-canon)

As a child, Clancee was briefly under the care of Selma, who hugged him and then watched with love as he rolled down the hall in his stroller.


Selma appears to be a Hypnobrai Soldier with pink scales and white markings on her head and body. She wears a small pearl necklace.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 3: Rebooted

Tall Tales


  • She is one of the only three known female Serpentine (the other two being Machia and Aspheera), as well as the only known Hypnobrai with pink scales.
  • She uses the same design as Mezmo, but is pink in color.
  • Selma is voiced by Jillian Michaels, who voiced two other mothers in the series: Edna, the mother of Jay, and Maya, the mother of Kai and Nya.
  • She is the only Serpentine with jewelry. Presumably she got it from one of the Serpentine's trips to the surface.
  • Along with Zoltar and Clancee, she is one of the only Serpentine whose name isn't a pun or word play on anything.
    • Additionally, none of them appeared in Season 1.
  • Her name appeared in the credits but was not said in the show. Tommy Andreasen does not seem to be aware of her name, instead offering that her name could be Slitherella.[1]



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