Serpentine Abilities are different abilities exclusive to the Serpentine tribes.

User's Abilities/Effects

  • Snake Physiology - The serpent can use snake abilities.
    • Vermillion Reconstruction - The Vermillion can rebuild themselves if they are harmed.
    • Venomari Venom - The Venomari can spray a lime-colored acid on the target's eyes to make them hallucinate their worst fears.
    • Fangpyre Bite - The Fangpyre can bite anything and transform it into Serpentine or shape-shift others into another thing.
    • Hypnobrai Hypnotism - The Hypnobrai can mind control others.
    • Constrictai Grip - The Constrictai has a super strength to choke their victim into death.
    • Anacondrai Invisibility - The Anacondrai can become invisible.
    • Telepathic Communication - The Vermillion can send a telepathic message/orders to the other Vermillions.
    • Corruption Inducement (Non-Canon) - Gives the serpent user the ability to corrupt people and their environment.


  • The Serpentine do not have any elemental powers.[1]


Serpentine Abilities

Hypnobrai Hypnotism · Fangpyre Bite · Anacondrai Invisibility · Constrictai Grip · Venomari Venom · Vermillion Reconstruction

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