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“"When the five fangs unite as one, the path toward the Devourer has begun." It's not speaking of the five tribes, it's the venom in the five staffs.”
Pythor to the Serpentine generals in "Tick Tock"

The Serpentine Staffs are the ancient staffs that belong to the five Serpentine tribes and are the badges of office for the Generals of the five tribes. Each staff holds an anti-venom which counteracts whatever powers that a Serpentine has used on someone. These five venoms, when joined together, created a map to the Fangblades. Additionally, they transform their respective owners, giving them snake tails in the process, with the apparent exception of the Anacondrai.



Sometime after the First Age, when the Serpentine split into five separate tribes, they also created five golden staffs containing the anti-venom which can negate the abilities of the tribe and also combined with other anti-venoms can create a Map of Fangs. Each Serpentine general then received one staff.

Rise of the Snakes

Slithraa first appeared with the Hypnobrai Staff when Lloyd fell into the Hypnobrai Tomb.

Later, Slithraa and the Hypnobrai attacked Jamanakai Village. Still carrying the staff, the ninja were able to save everyone when Cole attacked the general and used the anti-venom to relieve everyone from their hypnotism.


The ninja continued to keep the staff safe from Serpentine hands at the Monastery of Spinjitzu. However, this provoked an attack by the Hypnobrai on the monastery to reclaim the staff while the Ninja were preoccupied.

Skales returned to the Hypnobrai Tomb with the staff in his possession until he was challenged to a Slither Pit duel by Slithraa. Mezmo held on to the staff during the fight and presented it to Skales when he claimed victory.


Fangtom held his staff when he was released by Lloyd and during his interactions with the ninja. During their chase, Jay stole the Fangpyre Staff from Fangtom and it was used to relieve Ed and Edna from their Fangpyre bites. However, Nya lost the staff while the Destiny's Bounty was taking off and Fangtom took the staff back.

Never Trust a Snake

When Skales and Fangtom met each other, they have their staffs with them.

Can of Worms

Each of the Serpentine Generals have their staffs when Pythor was giving his speech to the Serpentine.

The Snake King

The Serpentine Generals were in possession of their staffs when Pythor challenged the rest of the generals for control over the entire tribe. The generals think he's crazy for taking on the other four generals, and they initially win, but Skales hands the Sacred Flute. Pythor incapacitated the rest of the generals and took their staffs; citing everyone to bow for their new ruler.

Tick Tock

While the Serpentine were trying to figure out the locations of the Fangblades, the generals held their staffs. After not making any real progress, Acidicus and Skalidor get into a tussle with one another, and their staffs are tossed aside. The venom from their staffs drips onto the floor, giving Pythor an idea. He gathers all of five staffs and puts them in a leaning formation over the table, sliding a scrap of paper underneath. The venom from the five Snake Staffs drips onto the paper, creating a map showing the locations of the four Fangblades.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Skales was seen with his staff.

The Royal Blacksmiths

In the pyramid, Pythor was holding his staff.

The Green Ninja

Pythor was seen holding his staff while entering and leaving the volcano. The other Generals were holding their staffs inside the volcano. At the end of the episode, Pythor used his staff to dislodge a Fangblade.

All of Nothing

In the Serpentine's underground fortress, all five Generals were seen with their staffs.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

Skales and Pythor were seen with their staffs. They used their staffs to fight Cole and Wu respectively.

The Day of the Great Devourer

Inside the Fangpyre Tomb, the Generals (except Pythor) were seen with their staffs.

Darkness Shall Rise

The Generals were seen with their staffs.

The Fall

Three Serpentine Staffs can be seen in the Borg Tower vaults.


Each staff looks the same; a golden cobra twining around a golden staff. A flat round piece goes in the middle, each with a special design for the five tribes.

In "The Curse of the Golden Master," Venomari Staff sports a dark green color scheme and no longer has anti-venom.



Hypnobrai Staff

Fangpyre Staff

Constrictai Staff

Venomari Staff

Anacondrai Staff


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