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Serpentine vehicles were created by the Fangpyre tribe and their poisonous bite, turning ordinary machines into bio-mechanical monstrosities for the Serpentine's use.

Bite Cycles

The most snake-like vehicle in appearance, these single-person motorcycles are fast and agile on the road. Their main weapon is a whipping tail, but they can also fire missiles or carry a few Serpentine into battle.

Bite Cycles were one of the most numerous Serpentine vehicles in the show. Several were deployed from the Serpentine Express in "The Rise of the Great Devourer."

Set appearances

Fangpyre Trucks

Larger Fangpyre vehicles, equipped with heavy-duty tires that allow them to conquer rough terrain with ease. One was briefly seen in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time," being modified for extra firepower.

Set appearances

Fangpyre Wrecking Ball

One of the bigger Serpentine machines, a large crane with a semi-sentient wrecking ball. Jay boarded it and was surprised to find that its control console was a smaller snakehead—nonetheless, he managed to commandeer the crane against a robot infected with Fangpyre venom.

The Fangpyre Wrecking Ball's deviations from its corresponding set are somewhat more extreme than those of other Serpentine vehicles; notable alterations from vehicle to set are the removal of the face on the ball and a much more snakelike design to the main hull.

Set appearances

Fangpyre Robot

A mech used by the Fangpyre in "Snakebit." It was destroyed by a wrecking ball operated by Jay.


A snake-themed helicopter that is one of the Serpentine's more recurring vehicles and the only one capable of flight. It has a reasonably spacious interior, but can also be fitted with a secondary platform that hangs below the main body of the helicopter.

Set appearances

Serpentine Bus

The Serpentine Bus is a regular city bus with snake-like features, used for general transport. First seen in "The Snake King."

Serpentine Express

The Serpentine Express is a massive mobile fortress created from a tour bus. First seen in "The Rise of the Great Devourer" and used to reach Ouroborus.

The Serpentine Express was originally planned to make an appearance in the 2012 wave of Ninjago sets but never made it past the initial prototype stage.

Fangpyre Mech

It is a large sized mech with a tail and a missile in its right arm. It never appeared in the show.

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