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Transformation is a powerful ability.

Shapeshifting is the ability to change one's form or appearance. While it is granted by the element of Form, some creatures such as the Oni or Formlings possess this power innately.

Notable Users


  • Although the principle of shapeshifting is the same, it differs between species:
    • Elemental Power of Form is almost the same as the shapeshifting of Oni, but Oni do not have elemental power. According to Tommy Andreasen, the two are most likely unrelated.[1]
    • Unlike the first two, Formlings can only be transformed into one animal.
  • Although not a real shapeshifting, Zane can use his holographic cloak and change his appearance on the outside, even though his body remains the same.
  • The actual process of shapeshifting differs for each type, for example, the Elemental Master of Form changes with purple light relatively slowly, so the true shape of the master can be seen at once, as well as the person to whom it has been transformed, or Formlings change at once in pink glow, so the transformation itself is not completely visible, or Oni, whose transformation is effected by the movements of the hands, if they are transformed into a human, although when they are transformed into an animal, the transformation is similar to that of Formlings.


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