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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

The Shark Army is an organization that serves Lord Garmadon and acts as his basic offense.


The "General" System

Whenever a General #1 fails Garmadon or angers him, he fires them out of his volcano lair, resulting in the previous general being covered in ash or burn marks from the heat of the lair. One lost his hearing. The next general takes his or her place climbing up the ranks.


Previous Members


  • Despite never being seen wearing an eyepatch in the promos, the Ninjago Movie Junior Novel describes General #1 wearing an eyepatch.


Movie Characters

Secret Ninja Force

Master Wu · Lloyd Garmadon · Kai · Nya · Jay · Cole · Zane · The Fuchsia Ninja
Allies: Koko
Animals: Meowthra

Shark Army

Leader: Lord Garmadon
General #1 · General Omar · Angler · Angler Goon · Four Eyes · Octopus · Private Puffer · Puffer · Crusty · Jelly · Great White · Hammer Head · Shark Army Gunner · Charlie · Shark Army Thug · GPL Tech

Ninjago City Residents

Rufus McAllister · Ed · Edna · Chad · Maggie · Ms. Laudita

Video Game

Snake Army: Captain Oraku · General Shen

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