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Is he a Shintaran Ridgeback?

Shintaran Ridgebacks are a type of dragon from Shintaro Mountain.


The Skull Sorcerer

While Vania is pondering what to do, Chompy suggests she should relax.

Later, Chompy and Vania find Cole trapped in a spider's web. Chompy attempts to distract the spider, but the giant spider swipes Chompy. Vania then gets upset which causes Chompy to transform into a gigantic dragon. Cole witnesses everything and tells Vania about Chompy, but she thinks it's a joke.

Vania and Cole are able to escape the Dungeons of Shintaro and tell Wu about everything. As they are talking, Chompy climbs onto Wu, and he asks who's the owner of the dragon. Vania tells Wu it's her dragon, while Chompy eats flowers.

When Vangelis is revealed to be the Skull Sorcerer, Chompy attacks him, but he immediately strikes the small dragon. Chompy is seen lying down and very weak.

The Real Fall

When Vania left to rescue Cole and Wu after they fell into the pit, Vangelis blames Chompy for Vania's fall and tells Hailmar and the Winged Guards of Shintaro to lock him up.

The Ascent

Chompy is kept in a cage before he is freed by Cole, and immediately bonds with Adam, riding on him. When the guards led by Hailmar attack, Chompy watches Vania and her allies fight them. As they are overwhelmed, Chompy changes to his larger form, shocking Vania at his ability. Chompy then attacks, allowing Cole and the Upply to escape while Chompy stays behind to help Wu defend Vania from Hailmar.

The Son of Lilly

Vania was able to get Hailmar and the Winged Guards to ally with her, Chompy, and Wu before they storm the caves. Guided by Wu, Chompy attacked the undead Grief-Bringer and helped drive back the Re-Awakened. Chompy was successful in defeating the beast. Once Cole had destroyed the skull, Chompy was present at the victory. After a pleading Vangelis was taken away by Hailmar, Chompy celebrated the victory.

Sometime later, Chompy was at the ceremony when Vania was crowned queen.


Like most species of dragons, Shintaran Ridgebacks can spew fire. However, their most unique ability is that they can grow from a small to a large dragon.

Known Shintaran Ridgebacks




Season 13: Master of the Mountain



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Season 13: Master of the Mountain


Foreign language Translation
Czech Shintarský Ridgeback
Slovak Shintarský Ostnáč


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