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The King of Shintaro has issued a summons, so you'd have to travel alone to that distant land.

Shintaro Mountain[1][2][3] is a mountain region that is located in Northern Ninjago.[4] The Kingdom of Shintaro resides on the top of the mountain, while underground are the Dungeons of Shintaro, a cavern that was created by Hazza D'ur.


Dungeon Party! (flashback)


The ninja and Wu see Shintaro Mountain and the Kingdom of Shintaro.

Into the Dark

The ninja and Wu arrived at the Kingdom of Shintaro and greeted King Vangelis. Vania then arrived and greeted the ninja as they leave the throne room.

When Cole was about to sleep, Lloyd came in and warned Cole that Vania may have evil intentions. Cole disagreed with Lloyd and began to go back to sleep. Moments later, Cole saw Gleck watching him. Cole tackled him and saw a necklace that originally belonged to his mother. Gleck then takes the necklace back and runs away.

Cole then got everyone to meet and he tolf them about the purple creature; however, the ninja don't believe him and head back to their rooms. As Cole headed back to his room, he spots Vania and she told him about a purple monster that she was friends with when she was little. She then lead him to a restricted tunnel, where they both enter.

Along the way, Vania talked about Hazza D'ur, an evil wizard who created the Dungeons of Shintaro before the Sky Folk lived in Shintaro Mountain. They suddenly come across an underground mine operation. They see the same purple monsters as well as a couple of green creatures and a Mino being forced to mine for Vengestone. They then see an evil wizard come out of the Skull Keep and use the Skull of Hazza D'ur to punish the workers for stopping. Cole then decided to intervene while Vania would warn her father. However, Cole was defeated by the Re-Awakened.

The Worst Rescue Ever

Vania warned the rest of the ninja and Wu about everything she and Cole saw in the Dungeons of Shintaro. They warned Vangelis and informed the ninja to not enter and he'll send his guards to save Cole. The ninja still disobeyed his orders as Vania showed the ninja the way.

Meanwhile, Cole was forced into labor and tried to cope with the situation by talking to Murt and Gliff, but both sides dislike each other and began to argue with each other.

The ninja entered the Dungeons of Shintaro and attempt to free Cole, but the two tribes fought each other, which allowed the Skull Sorcerer to imprison everyone.

The Two Blades

Wu and Vania used cardboard cuts of the ninja to make it as if the ninja were still in the Kingdom of Shintaro, although they were still underground.

Meanwhile, the ninja discoverd why the two tribes dislike each other, which all came down to both sides accusing each other of stealing each other's blades. The ninja then hatched a plan to escape, but it required both tribes to not fight each other.

The ninja were able to escape from their cage and begin freeing everyone else. Lloyd and Cole entered a tunnel trying to find one of the blades, but they discover the Skull of Hazza D'ur. The Skull Sorcerer then entered and chased Cole and Lloyd.

After the rest of the ninja are able to free everyone else, the Awakened Warriors attack them, but the ninja are able to deal with most of them. During the chaos, Lloyd, Nya, and Jay took one tunnel while Kai and Zane took another. Meanwhile, Cole was chased by the Skull Sorcerer and took a different tunnel.

Queen of the Munce

Murt lead Jay, Nya, and Lloyd to the Munce Home-Cave. The Munce realized it was Murt and he explained how he was able to escape using exaggerated body motions. Queen Murtessa thanked the ninja, especially Jay, who she takes affection for.

While Nya was complaining that she was called a "Yang Servant", Lloyd discovers a mural depicting Milly and Grief-Bringer. The ninja were then called to eat, but the Munce would only allow Jay. Nya demanded everyone to eat, and they allow her in.

While dining, Murtessa continued to take affection for Jay, so she asked if she can be his partner. Nya interjected herself and claims she is Jay's partner. Murtessa then challenged Nya to a duel, and she accepted.

At first, Murtessa had the upper edge, but Nya is able to win by using Spinjitzu. The Munce realized Murtessa has been defeated and proclaim Nya is the new Munce Queen.

Trial By Mino

Kai and Zane were taken to the Geckle Strong-Cave and were placed in a Trial-By-Mino. Surprisingly, Zane was able to calm the Mino down and Kai was elected Chancellor. He suggested uniting with the Munce, but the Geckles laughed at his idea, claiming that it was a joke.

The Skull Sorcerer

Cole fought to stay alive from the Dire Bats and a giant spider. Luckily, he was saved by Vania and Chompy and they head back to the surface. Vania, Cole, and Wu warned Vangelis, but he revealed himself to be the Skull Sorcerer. He then cast Wu and Cole to Rock-Bottom, so Vania went after the two.

The Real Fall

Cole and Wu continued to fall and despite an attempt from Vania to save the two, she is unable to. The three ended up falling into Rock-Bottom, where they meet the Lowly.

Dungeon Party!

The Lowly told their story of how they arrived at Rock-Bottom.

Dungeon Crawl!

Taping into his powers, Cole was able to find a way out of Rock-Bottom and the rest of the group battled a Lava Monster in order to get across a lava field.


The Munce and Geckles meet at the truce point where tension rose between the two tribes. After the ninja were able to settle things down, Grief-Bringer arrives and the ninja and the two tribes escape.

Masters Never Quit

Wu, Cole, Vania, and the Upply continued to escape from the Magma Monster. They stumbled across some mine carts and decide to ride in them. They ended up at the Heart of the Mountain and discovered that Lilly performed the Spinjitzu Burst. Cole tried but ended up failing.

The Darkest Hour

The ninja, Geckles, and Munce take refuge at the Geckle Strong-Cave. While Grief-Bringer and the Awakened Warriors tried to destroy the door, tension rose between Murtessa and Gluch. The two tribes end up declaring peace after they realize there is no way to escape. The Awakened Warriors destroy the door, and the ninja decide to surrender themselves in exchange for the Geckles and Munce to remain free. However, the Skull Sorcerer went back on his promise and captured everyone.

The Ascent

In order to get back to the surface, Cole used the Stone Mech to push everyone else who were in the mine carts. Along the way, they encountered the Dire Bats as well as the Magma Monster. Despite the challenges, they were able to make it back to the Ivory City.

Vania rescues Chompy from his cage, but Hailmar and the Winged Guards of Shintaro also show up and demand for Cole's arrest. They resist and Cole and the Upply are able to escape. Meanwhile, Vania tries to reason with Hailmar, but he charged at her.

The Upply Strike Back!

The Geckles and Munce are back to working while the ninja are trapped in a cage. Cole and the Upply arrive and then begin their battle plan. Plundar and Cole are able to steal the Blades of Deliverance while Korgran and Fungus gave a key to Murtessa for them to use to liberate themselves.

During the execution ceremony, the Skull Sorcerer realized something has gone wrong as Grief-Bringer was not released. Cole then showed himself and began his battle with the Skull Sorcerer. The rest of the Upply also fight and told the Geckles and Munce to free themselves. While everyone was fighting, Adam and Plundar free the ninja so they could join the fight.

The Son of Lilly

The ninja, Upply, Munce, and Geckles continued to the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer. Despite being overwhelmed, Vania, the Winged Guards of Shintaro, and Chompy joined the fight to help the heros.

While Cole is fighting the Skull Sorcerer and the Skull of Hazza D'ur, the Skull Sorcerer uses the skull to blast Cole. He then remembers the promise he made to his mother and performs the Spinjitzu Burst. This destroys the Skull of Hazza D'ur, which in return obliterates the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer. Vangelis loses his identity as the Skull Sorcerer and begs for mercy, but he ended up being taken away by his former guards.

Everyone gathered at the Kingdom of Shintaro to witness Vania become the Queen of Shintaro. She promises equality and peace for all. The ninja leave and say goodbye to everyone they've met and head off to embark on another adventure.

Master of the Sea

After Nya took the Storm Amulet from Kalmaar, Cole bring it to the Kingdom of Shintaro for safe keeping. Later on, he and Vania instruct Hailmar to place the artifact in a vault for safe keeping. The guard then asks what it is, with Cole grimly replying "Something that must never see the light of day again." Afterwards, the vault was placed upon high security. However, unbeknownst to them, the amulet was later revealed to be a fake.



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Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound

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  • It was originally named "Kintaro."[7]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Shintaro Mountain has a metaphorical connection to the mountain Cole climbed when he first met Master Wu.[8]
  • This is the only known part in Ninjago that has no connection with how the rest of the island is ruled.
  • "Shintaro" is any of several Japanese male given names. They consist of a prefix followed by "tarō", which alone is a name common among first sons. Prefixes carry additional meaning, such as "new"; many of these can stand alone as a given name.


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