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Uh, you must be talking about Sitar Legend. This is Fist to Face 2. No one beats me on my game.
Kai to Lloyd

Sitar Legend is a game in Ninjago.


Can of Worms

Lloyd told Kai that he beat his high score, but Kai thought he was talking about Sitar Legend. Zane used an advertisement of Sitar Legend to disguise himself from the Serpentine.

Day of the Great Devourer

The advertisement of Sitar Legend was seen in the subway. It later appears on top of a building when Garmadon destroys the Great Devourer using the Golden Weapons.

Darkness Shall Rise

A poster for Sitar Legend was seen behind Acidicus' back.

Pirates vs. Ninja

Sitar Legend was advertised on a bus and a billboard.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Sitar Legend was seen advertised on a bus and a billboard when Gayle Gossip reported on the Stone Army invasion.

The Surge

A poster for Sitar Legend was seen in Ninjago City when it was being rebuilt into "New Ninjago City."

The Greatest Fear of All

Jay's Elemental Dragon lands on an advertisement in Ninjago City.

Misfortune Rising

A poster for Sitar Legend is seen on in Ninjago City on a news report.

The Hands of Time

A poster for Sitar Legend was seen on a billboard in Ninjago City near the Borg Store.

Lloyd's Late

A poster of Sitar Legend was advertised on a bus.

Game Over

A poster appears behind some pigeons in Ninjago City.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 6: Skybound

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Wu's Teas

  • 14. "Lloyd's Late" (non-canon; poster)

Season 12: Prime Empire


  • In "Dyer Island," Kai reads out a draft for a game called Ukulele Legend, which has a similar name with this video game, as they are both stringed instruments.
    • Both games are a reference to the real-life game, Guitar Hero.


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