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Wait a minute, it appears some skeletons have crashed the party. Is this against the rules?
— An announcer in "Ninjaball Run"

The Skull Truck is the largest of the Skulkin Vehicles. It is a skull-faced monster truck with moving jaws and a bone hand on its rear. The latter was the vehicle's main weapon and could be launched on a chain to grab and pull objects. It has room for multiple Skulkin but appears to be fully functional with as few as two riders - one to drive the truck, and one to man the bone hand.


Way of the Ninja

The Skull Truck was used as the Skulkin generals' personal transport for the attack on Four Weapons Blacksmith. During the battle, Kruncha fired its bone hand at Nya, taking her captive. With a prisoner secured and their true objective (finding the map to the Golden Weapons) complete, Samukai returned to the truck and ordered a withdraw.

King of Shadows

The Skulkin generals continued to use the Skull Truck during their hunt for the Golden Weapons—or rather, their pursuit of the ninja, who constantly beat them to the legendary items. When Kai was tricked into going to the Fire Temple alone to retrieve the Sword of Fire and save his sister, the skeletons attacked the other three ninja and stole their Golden Weapons. They stored the weapons on the Skull Truck as they began heading back to the Underworld, but they were pursued by Cole, Jay, and Zane, and after an intense chase, only Samukai, Kruncha, and Nuckal managed to cross over to the Underworld in the vehicle.

Weapons of Destiny

When the ninja arrived in the Underworld, the Skull Truck, among other vehicles, was parked next to entrance of Garmadon's fortress. It was sucked into the ninja's Tornado of Creation and used as part of the Ferris Wheel prison the Skulkin found themselves trapped in after the completion of the technique.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

In a bid to destroy the ninja by erasing them from existence, Lord Garmadon traveled back in time with the power of his Mega Weapon. He disguised himself as a Skulkin and snuck aboard the Skull Truck during the attack on Ignacia, intentionally misaiming the bone hand so it failed to capture Nya. Without their quarry, Samukai called for a retreat, and Lord Garmadon rode the truck back to the Underworld. Along the way, he overheard Nuckal commenting that he had briefly seen double at the blacksmith's shop and realized that the ninja of the present had followed him to the past.

The New Masters of Spinjitzu

After escaping their prison, Kruncha and Nuckal somehow rebuilt the Skull Truck or retrieved a new one, which they used to reach the Mountains of Impossible Height. They snuck into the Monastery of Spinjitzu to steal the Golden Weapons for themselves, only for the plan to go completely wrong when they discovered that they could not control the power of the weapons. With that failure, the skeletons returned the weapons to their proper places and fled in the Skull Truck.

Ninjaball Run

Moments before the annual Ninjaball Run began, Kruncha and Nuckal emerged from the Underworld aboard the Skull Truck, intent on participating in the race. They managed to reach the second leg of the race, Birchwood Forest, where they used the Skull Truck's bone hand to bring down Lloyd's Ultra Dragon. Unfortunately for the Skulkin generals, the weight of the fallen dragon caused the truck to go off course, wrapping its chain around a tree before falling apart in a spectacular crash.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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