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“I'm only a mere figurehead. The citizens of our proud city are the heart of Shintaro.”
Vangelis to the ninja and Wu, "Into the Dark"

The Sky Folk are the people who inhabit the Kingdom of Shintaro.


The Sky Folk built up their city on the mountain above the Dungeons of Shintaro centuries before the ninja came to be invited to the kingdom.[1] They remained incredibly closed off from the rest of Ninjago, leading much of the population of the island to believe the city, and its people, were a myth.[2]


The Army of Shintaro help the Destiny's Bounty arrive at the city after it was damaged by carrying it. Meanwhile, Hailmar greets the ninja and shows them the Kingdom of Shintaro in the horizon.

Into the Dark

The ninja admire the Ivory City as the Sky Folk are seen walking in the city or flying. The ninja then meet King Vangelis and Princess Vania and Vania starts to flirt with Cole.

During the night, the Army of Shintaro enters Cole's room after they hear him scream. Sometime later, Vania surprises Cole and tells him that he also saw the purple monster, but was unsure if it was real. Vania then shows Cole the tunnel where she thought the purple monster went. The two head down and discover the Dungeons of Shintaro. Cole tells Vania to warn her father and tell the ninja while he would take on the Skull Sorcerer.

The Worst Rescue Ever

While the ninja (execept for Cole) are walking through the gardens, the citizens of Sky Folk are also in the gardens. Vania soon comes out from the tunnel and warns the ninja about everything she saw in the Dungeons of Shintaro including Cole who stayed behind to fight the Skull Sorcerer. They inform Vangelis, but he's disappointed in Vania for putting Cole in danger. He tells the ninja he'll send reinforcement to save Cole, and doesn't allow the ninja to venture into the caves.

The ninja head outside the Throne Room and still want to save Cole, so Vania shows them the tunnel.

The Two Blades

Vania and Wu use cardboard cutouts of the ninja to show the Army of Shintaro that the ninja are still at the Ivory City although they are still underground.

The Skull Sorcerer

Vania and Chompy help save Cole from the giant spider. After reaching the surface, Vania, Cole, and Wu warn Vangelis about what they encountered, but Vangelis reveals to be the Skull Sorcerer. He then pushes a button causing Cole and Wu to fall into a pit while Vania goes after them.

The Real Fall

Vangelis orders his guards to imprison Chompy after making up a lie.

Meanwhile, Vania tries to rescue Cole and Wu, but her wings break and all three fall and until they get stuck on a spider web. They are able to free themselves and continue to fall until hitting a stream. While fighting to stay alive, they encounter a whirlpool, so Cole uses his Elemental Powers to stop the whirlpool. However, they fall through and find themselves at Rock-Bottom.

Dungeon Party!

Vania listens as Korgran explains their story of how they got to Rock-Bottom.

Dungeon Crawl!

Vania follows Cole who is looking for a way out of Rock-Bottom. Plundar complains about looking for so long, and Vania comments about Cole's leadership and not to underestimate him.

After Cole finds his Elemental Energy, Vania follows as the group is able to swim out of Rock-Bottom. They then encounter a lava field and the Magma Monster. Vania tells Wu about the incoming fireballs so Wu can deflect the shots.

After defeating the Magma Monster, everyone including Vania is able to cross onto the other side.


After hearing of the planned truce meeting, Vangelis heads into the Dungeons of Shintaro to revive Grief-Bringer. His army then heads to the truce meeting where they force the Geckles and Munce to flee.

Masters Never Quit

Vania along with Cole, Wu, and the Upply flee from the Magma Monster and find some mine carts. They decide to ride it and discover the Heart of the Mountain. Upon exploring, they realize Cole's mother performed Spinjitzu Burst, so Cole tries but fails. Vania then criticizes Wu for not helping Cole after Cole got frustrated and left the temple.

The Darkest Hour

The Skull Sorcerer leads the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer to the Geckle Strong-Cave where the ninja, Geckles, and Munce are hiding. He attempts to strike a deal with Gulch and Murtessa, but they decline it. That's when he orders Grief-Bringer and the Awakened Warriors to destroy the door.

After the door is obliterated, the ninja decide to surrender themselves and allow the Geckles and Munce to remain free. However, the Skull Sorcerer lies and captures everyone.

The Ascent

Vania helps the Upply install wheels to the Stone Mech. Vania then heads into the mech along with Cole who uses the mech to push the mine carts where everyone else is. During their journey, Vania comments about the Magma Monster, and Cole thinks he's no longer in the cave until they see him.

While being chased, they encounter the Dire Bats and Vania is almost pulled out by one. Cole and Vania go back to fighting the Magma Monster where they defeat it and save everyone in the mine carts.

After reaching the surface, they head to the Throne Room to free Chompy. However, Hailmar and the guards order for Cole's arrest. They don't comply and fight the guards. During the fight, Chompy turns into a huge dragon and allows Cole and the Upply to escape. Vania then tries to reason with Hailmar, but he charges at her.

The Upply Strike Back!

Vangelis taunts the now caged ninja and voices his intentions to have Grief-Bringer destroy them in front of the re-imprisoned Geckles and Munce. He also reveals his identity to them and confirms that he did in fact steal the Blades of Deliverance from the tribes.

Later, when Cole retrieves the Blades and the Upply free the imprisoned workers, Vangelis confronts Cole, mocking him for putting faith in the swords. The two engage in fierce combat as a battle to free the workers in the Keep begins.

The Son of Lilly

While everyone is fighting the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer, Vania and the Army of Shintaro arrive and provide aid. Meanwhile, the Skull Sorcerer and Cole continue to battle. At one point, the Skull Sorcerer destroys the Blades of Deliverance and uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to blast Cole, but Cole remembers the promise he made to his mother and unlocks the Spinjitzu Burst. This causes the Skull of Hazza D'ur to be destroyed as well as the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer. When Vangelis loses his powers and Skull Sorcerer identity, he begs for mercy, and Vania orders her guards to take him away.

At the ceremony, Hailmar presents Vania as the queen of Shintaro. Before the ninja leave, Lloyd apologizes for not trusting her in the first place and she accepts his apology. She then talks to Cole and says goodbye.

Master of the Sea

After Kalmaar's supposed failure to acquire it, Cole takes the Storm Amulet to Shintaro for safe keeping and instructs Vania and Hailmaar to guard it. However, unbeknownst to them, the amulet was a fake.

The Turn of the Tide

Vania and the Army of Shintaro attend Nya's memorial.


The Sky Folk are a generally peaceful and secluded group of people, living high up in Shintaro Mountain, located in Northern Ninjago. They are known to reside in the Ivory City of Shintaro, often referred to as a mythical place that has built a reputation for it's beauty. Due to the mountain's foreign location and the dangers posed by the surrounding fauna, humans had presumably not been able to travel to the kingdom until recently, causing the kingdom and its inhabitants to fade into legend.

However, despite their secluded nature, the Sky folk are shown to be relatively welcoming towards outsiders and change, allowing the Geckles and the Munce to integrate into their culture on short notice, and often speaking in a polite and eloquent manner even towards foreign visitors. Despite this politeness, it seems as if certain individuals do somewhat look down upon other species in a way, presumably due to seeing them as being less advanced.

They seem to prefer peaceful lives, and do not like endangering others, preferring to avoid human contact entirely should they be harmed in an attempt to reach the kingdom, and often only invite hand selected individuals so that they may guarantee their safety.

A noteworthy part of Sky Folk culture is their wings, which seems to often be mentioned in stories related to Shintaro. The wings themselves are a detachable contraption that is placed on the back and allows for flight through what seems to be a form of magic or enchantment, and is commonly used for traversal by the Sky Folk. Besides the wings, they are known to use other forms of magic-infused objects, such as seemingly enchanted cards. Although not seen, it is implied that they also have access to technology, as Zane states that their communicators do not have the range to contact Shintaro.

Due to the nature of the Ivory City, it can be assumed that the Sky Folk are a fairly rich people. Although the currency they use is unknown, they are known to obtain it through the mines under the city, trading the precious minerals within for the amount needed to make sure the city continues to flourish. Previously, this was done through subjugation, however after Vania's coronation it is now done through a collaborative effort among the mountains inhabitants.[3]

Stories about a wizard by the name of Hazza D'ur and about the history of the mines below the city are commonly told by candlelight, with there presumably being multiple variations to them, with some noteworthy ones recounting tales of how he was defeated, and that his bones still lied below.[4]

The Sky Folk's government seemingly consists of their royal family, who presumably watch over much of the city. While the King is not marked with any crown or tiara, the beauties wear large white-blue-gold tiaras on their heads. Princesses or Princes are also not marked in any way. The city's military force, the Army of Shintaro, takes orders directly from the royal family. However, not much else is known about it.

Not much about their traditions is known, but they do celebrate birthdays.[2]


The most notable traits about the Sky Folk that differ them from humans are their white skin, which is noticeably different from that of the standard yellow flesh of most characters. They also have small notches above their eyes, although it is unclear what these represent. Likewise, all of the seen individuals are known to have cheek bones, and as such it can be assumed it is a common trait amongst them.

Another notable feature is their wings, which although not a part of them, many Sky Folk commonly wear. Their clothing appears to consist of kimono-esque garbs, normally in colors such as sky blue, cyan or indigo - with the only exception being the clothing of the royal family, which is white - commonly with cloud-like patterns. The guards wear a different form of clothing that consists of gold armor laid upon what is presumably chainmail, with purple ornamentations, a purple belt, and a large helm. In some cases they may also wear a red string tying together the gold armor over their torso in the form of a vest.

A select few of the species are known to have gems on their forehead, although it does not seem to be a shared trait for the entire species. It is unknown if these are part of them or simply ornamentation.

They have four known hair colors, that being black, pearl gold, brown and reddish-brown. Alongside these, it is also known that they can gain gray hair when growing old, like many other species. It is unknown what other variations they may have.

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