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You may be looking for Zane's original bike.
What do you think I'm doing? Zane won't last long undercover in a biker gang without a bike.
Nya to Kai in "Snake Jaguar"

The Snake Bike[1] is a vehicle used by Zane during the Teeth. It was designed by Nya and given to Zane so that he could pursue the Sons of Garmadon and get the Oni Mask of Deception.


Sons of Garmadon

Snake Jaguar

After Zane went undercover as Snake Jaguar within the Sons of Garmadon, Nya built the Snake Bike for him if he needed it. When Zane became trapped in traffic while pursuing Killow to get the Oni Mask of Deception, he left his S.O.G bike behind and briefly continued on foot, coming to the edge of the traffic. Nya and Harumi then launched the bike, which glided down to Zane. Zane got on his new bike and raced to catch up with the bikers. He used projectiles to knock the bikers at the rear of the group off their bikes when he caught up to them, causing Killow to take notice. As Zane drove alongside his Oni Chopper, Killow put on the Mask of Deception.

Killow used the Masks power to lift the Snake Bike up and then dumping it down. He then lifted sharp rocks and sent them towards the bike. Nya reminded Zane that she installed extra help, and the Falcon launched, destroying the rocks. Killow then told Mr. E that it was his fault that Zane was here, and to fix his mistake. Killow then drove away, leaving Zane to chase Mr. E. The two fought, crashing their bikes into each other, Zane then frantically asking Mr. E if he was the quiet one. Zane then said he believed he was, causing Mr. E to lean across and grab Zane's bike, keeping up its speed in time with his own Oni Bike. Zane then jumped off, causing both bikes so crash into each other and slide off the cliff, landing with a crash below.

Dead Man's Squall

When Mr. E kicked Zane off the cliff, he lands near the fallen Snake Bike, which appears to be intact. However, when the ninja collected Zane, they left the Bike behind.


The Falcon can rest on its front. It is also very fast and has bullet shooters, and is highly durable.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon



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