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“And to be a Son of Garmadon, you first have to ride with us. So what do you say, boys and girls? Shall we take him to The Teeth?”

Snake Jaguar is the fourth episode of the eighth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 78th episode overall. It aired on February 10, 2018, in Australia, and on May 7, 2018, in the United States on Cartoon Network.


In order to join the Sons of Garmadon, Zane (aka Snake Jaguar) participates in a deadly motorcycle initiation race.[1]


Zane meeting Wu

In a flashback, Master Wu walks in Birchwood Forest before knocking on a tree. The tree is really Dr. Julien's lab and home. When asked if he can help him, Wu replied that he is looking for Zane. Dr. Julien soon escorts him through the woods as Zane is chopping wood. Along the way, Dr. Julien remarks that Wu is the second person who took an interest in Zane. The first was an old man, who was ill. Wu knew it was the Elemental Master of Ice. Dr. Julien tells him that they sheltered him, fed him, and let him stay before he continued, interested in Zane, who soon started acting strange. They soon came across the fast wood chopping Zane and Wu comes up to talk to him about some assistance. Zane thinks that Wu needs help with chopping wood, but he says that they'll be something more than just chopping wood and leaves, leaving Zane confused.

In the present, Zane is on a train in Ninjago City Subway, with Mr. E and Ultra Violet as well as many members of the Sons of Garmadon, still under the alias "Snake Jaguar." It soon comes across another train, concerning him and amusing the members and Ultra before the train quickly makes a right turn and stops. They soon got out with Ultra remarking to Snake Jaguar that it is time to meet "the big man." Out on the streets, Lloyd, atop of a tram asks Jay where Zane is. The Blue Ninja replied that he was last seen in Central Station, but they lost the signal and are unable to find Cole's signal either. The Green Ninja soon theorizes that they could've been taken to their base. Once the tram reached near Zane's last known location, Lloyd jumps off, passing by a boy and his father, the latter telling his son, but the boy thinks he is trying to be funny.

On the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd tells Jay and Kai that he hasn't been able to find Zane or Cole. They were soon spooked by a noise and Kai tells his sister, who is working on something to keep it down. Nya tells him she is working on a bike for Zane. She soon asked Harumi for a tool, but she hands her the wrong one. The princess apologizes and leaves to make herself useful. Kai asks Lloyd if he found them, but has no luck. Jay tells him not to worry as he and Kai will search other stations.


Below the Sons of Garmadon's base, Cole is trying desperately to break the bars to his cell, even using his Earth Punch, but stops when he discovers that it is made of Vengestone. He soon hears Chopper Maroon reprimanding a fellow member as they carry a box and says it is the key to the third mask into a room opposite Cole's cell. They leave, remarking that it will be good to see Lord Garmadon again. They also mock Cole, thinking he is talking to himself and tells him to shut up. At the entrance, Ultra and Mr. E bring Snake Jaguar inside, where members are playing loud music, pool, and throw daggers at a dartboard before they push him into the crowd. A member calls out that he saved Mr. E before revealing himself, then makes fun of Snake Jaguar's name, to which he replies that he'll knock him on his backside. He then introduced himself as Killow, who is in charge of who is in and who is out, while Snake Jaguar notices Chopper and Mohawk heading through a room. Killow then tells him that to become a member, he has to ride with them, in the "Street Race of Snake Jaguar." Snake Jaguar makes a quick scan of Ultra before she forces him to look back at Killow and tells him he doesn't have a bike, before Killow forces her to give him her bike, shocking her, but is told that the Quiet One wants her to stay at the base.

Below the base, "Ultra" came up to Chopper and Mohawk, telling them she wants a word with Cole in private, and they leave. Cole refuses to talk, but "Ultra" reveals herself as Zane. Cole explains that they have the key to the third mask and are planning on resurrecting Lord Garmadon once the masks are united. Cole soon asks Zane to free him, but he refuses, saying he has to ride with them to find out who is behind them. When they hear the real Ultra reprimand the guards, Zane quickly leaves as Ultra came up to Cole as he keeps calling out "Zane" before claiming he is insane and wants out, she remarks that she is insane too.

Zane as "Snake Jaguar"

Outside the entrance, the members are ready to start a race with Ultra serving as the caller. Killow was about to explain the rules to Snake Jaguar, but the newcomer asks if there are none, ruining his entertainment. The moment Ultra drops her bandanna, the members soon ride off, but Snake Jaguar struggles a little before soon taking off. Ultra soon hears a nearby phone ring and answers, rudely. The caller is the Quiet One, causing her to apologize before being told that Snake Jaguar is a spy and later tells Killow. Killow immediately tells the members not to let him finish before they force Snake Jaguar behind them as they came across a train station, scaring some people, who were waiting. As Snake Jaguar manages to catch up, moving along a wall, passing two members, his cloaking device briefly bugs out. A member soon cuts into the bike's fuel tank, making it leak fuel and one of the members behind him lights up the fuel trail. Snake Jaguar attempts to freeze it, but the member stops him and as a train was coming up, Snake Jaguar makes him swap bikes before they all avoid the train and end up in the streets. They pass by Simon and Tommy, who were on a coffee break before the latter spilled his on his shirt before they see the illegal street race and go off in pursuit, but when Snake Jaguar jumps his bike over them, causing them to stop and an airbag goes off in Simon's face. Snake Jaguar soon found the Oni Mask of Deception on Killow's bike and informed P.I.X.A.L. and she has his point of view shown to Nya and Harumi, who quickly send him his new bike before asking where Cole is.

Cole is trying to unlock his cell with a nail but to no avail. He soon wonders how he's gonna get out, before soon starting to sing when he gets an idea. Chopper immediately came and told him to keep quiet, but Cole keeps singing until Chopper was close enough and Cole knocks him out, taking the key to the cell, remarking that his father would be proud as he passed by the unconscious Chopper. On the streets, there is a huge traffic jam as Killow notices that Snake Jaguar is still on his tail and they move through the traffic jam. As they make a turn, Snake Jaguar is unable to follow and with all routes blocked, he abandons the bike and goes on foot, his cloaking device shutting off. As he passes through, the father from before sees Zane atop of the car in front of him and tells his son, but Zane quickly turns back into his Snake Jaguar persona, making the boy think his father is being funny again. Nya soon tells Snake Jaguar to look up and he sees the Bounty as Harumi brings down a flying motorbike which he gets on to catch up with the remaining racers.

The baby

Back underneath the base, Cole enters the room where the guards placed the box and pulls back the cover, revealing a baby. Shocked, Cole kicks the box back before pulling the cover back further, seeing the baby, obviously happy to see a friendly face. Disappointed that the key is a baby, Cole almost walks out, but the baby starts to cry, leaving Cole no choice but to take him with him, remarking that he is no longer talking to himself, but he is speaking to the baby. Ultra soon came in, scaring the baby as Cole asks why they would take a child if they need the masks to bring Garmadon back. Ultra remarks that Cole has no clue before they fight. Ultra grabs the baby and he starts crying. Using the advantage, Cole grabbed hold and they start wrestling for him, all the while Cole tells Ultra that Lloyd saved his father, sacrificed himself to save Ninjago, and wasn't a bad man. Ultra, after remarking Garmadon will be, soon kicks him back, into the doorway as he managed to grab the baby before pulling out a sai. She proclaimed that Lord Garmadon will destroy the ninja before charging, forcing Cole to shut the door on her face, making the baby laugh as she slid down the door before Cole takes off with him in his arms.

Mr. E revealed as a nindroid

Now outside the city, Snake Jaguar catches up to the other racers and uses components on the bike to knock members off their bikes, leaving only Mr. E and Killow. Killow soon puts on the mask, which gives him the ability to levitate objects. When he is peppered with spiked rocks, Nya says she added a special component, which he activates, sending the front of his bike, resembling his falcon, to shoot them down. Killow soon blames Mr. E as he was the one that brought him into the Sons of Garmadon and tells him to fix it before speeding off. Snake Jaguar and Mr. E soon clash with Snake Jaguar asking Mr. E if he is the Quiet One until they came across a cliff and jumped off their bikes, letting them fall off the cliff. Zane soon returned to normal and looked to see Mr. E putting his arm back on, shocking him as he discovered Mr. E is not human, but a Nindroid, like him.












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  • Dr. Julien's glasses are 2D in the flashback despite being 3D in previous appearances.
  • Unlike Cole's flashback two episodes prior, which revisited his flashback in "The Golden Weapon" of how he met Wu, Zane's flashback is an entirely new scene, taking place before he and the other ninja were recruited. Jay's first time meeting Wu would later be revisited in "How to Build a Dragon", making Zane the only one whose original flashback was not revisited.
  • Snake Jaguar is the second middle name of Kelly Metzger's child.[2]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Michael Kramer makes a cameo appearance in the episode.[3] However, he was likely confusing this with the previous episode, in which minifigure versions of Michael Kramer and Jay Vincent appear.

Cultural references

  • The DJ and MC spotted by Zane in the Sons of Garmadon's headquarters are based on Killer Mike and El-P from Run The Jewels.


  • This episode confirms that the previous Master of Ice had something to do with Zane's powers.
    • Dan and Kevin Hageman have revealed that this explanation is borrowed from a fan's idea.[4]
      • They discussed the idea in the writer's room on November 27, 2016, and they reached out to the fan's mother on Twitter that day to ask for permission to use the idea.[5]
  • Master Wu appears in Zane's flashback.
  • This marks the second time Nya asks someone for a tool and is given the wrong one, the first being with Wu in "Versus."
  • It was revealed in this episode that Mr. E is not human, but a Nindroid, like Zane. It was originally going to reveal that he was Echo Zane. See the trivia sections of Mr. E and Echo Zane's pages for more information.
  • Cole sings in this episode as he did in the episode prior.
  • Baby Wu was first seen in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Zane had met Wu prior to being recruited and before Dr. Julien turned off his memory switch. This raises several questions, one of them being as to why Zane never brought this up to the other ninja; however, it may just have been because it wasn't relevant, or that since he first met Wu before his memory switch was turned off, it never occurred to him that he had met Wu once.
    • This episode also marks the first appearance and speaking role of Dr. Julien since "The Titanium Ninja," or "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" if archive footage is not counted.
    • Master Wu seems to be aware that Zane is a Nindroid, even though in "The Green Ninja" he is surprised when Jay tells him about it.
      • It may be that Wu is confused by the term "Nindroid" since he wasn't there when Jay created the word.
  • This is the first episode where the Quiet One is mentioned.
  • The Falcon reappears in a new design in this episode. It also currently marks the Falcon's final appearance.
  • Zane visits Cole in a prison cell and, for situational reasons, leaves without freeing him at that moment. This mirrors the scene at the end of "Ninja Roll" where Cole briefly interacts with Zane outside his underground prison cell on Chen's Island.
  • The kid in the car toward the end of the episode is using Chirp on his phone, making this the first and currently only time the app has been appeared since Skybound.


  • In Zane's flashback, Master Wu is already in his usual appearance instead of his young design. This contradicts how Garmadon's banishment to the Underworld and Dr. Julien's death takes place within a close time span,[6] seeing as Dr. Julien's hair is a darker gray in this episode, while it was white and he was much older when Samukai revived him as seen in "The Last Voyage."
    • When asked about this error, Tommy Andreasen stated "These answers have yet to be given"[7] and will be revealed "Only if it relevant for the storyline."[8]
  • Lloyd says, "No sign of Zane or Cole. They could be anywhere by now" to Kai and Jay twice.
  • When the Sons of Garmadon race begins, Ultra Violet's mask has no printing on it for a few seconds.
  • During the Teeth, the Mask of Deception disappears from Killow's face for a moment, though its border and horns remain.[9]
  • Cole has his ninja gi in the Sons of Garmadon's prison, although in a previous episode when he was captured he was wearing his Rocky Dangerbuff disguise, under which he did not have his ninja gi.
  • When Cole first gasps at the baby, he does it in Kai's voice.



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