Cole made it, and it's actually not bad.”

Snogfruit Punch is a drink seen in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. It is a yellow liquid and is apparently made by Cole. Unlike most of the Black Ninja's concoctions, the Ninja appear to tolerate Snogfruit Punch. Its ingredients are unknown, but it presumably involves a mixture of fruit juices, including "Snogfruit."


All of Nothing

During the Ninjas' celebration over stealing the four Fangblades from the Serpentine, they celebrated by having an impromptu disco party on the bridge of the Destiny's Bounty, with Cole making Snogfruit Punch for everyone to drink.

When Lloyd arrived, he revealed that his father, Lord Garmadon, had left. Nya tried to lift his spirits by offering him a glass of Snogfruit Punch, commenting that "Cole made it, and it's actually not that bad!" After Lloyd accepted the glass, Nya led everyone in a toast to Lord Garmadon.


  • "Snog" is British slang for passionate kissing (similar to the phrase "make out"). Despite the name, the Snogfruit Punch does not appear to have any special effects.
  • Snogfruit Punch is the only one of Cole's culinary creations that his friends enjoyed.


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