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“Run, run, run away. My arrow will find you anyway.”
— Soul Archer to Ronin, "Stiix and Stones"

The bow was a weapon utilized by Soul Archer following his release from the Cursed Realm. He would use the weapon on many occasions, often using it to attack the Ninja. Upon the Preeminent's destruction, the bow was presumably destroyed along with Soul Archer.


Stiix and Stones

Soul Archer used his bow to fire an arrow at a sign, and later attempted to fire an arrow at Ronin after escaping with the Scroll of Airjitzu.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

When confronting Nya and Ronin at the Samurai X Cave, Soul Archer used his bow to attack Nya, but was stopped by Ronin's Aeroblade. When the two later escape, Soul Archer and the other ghost generals stop them, and the Soul Archer attempts to shoot a Skreemer at them but are forced to retreat when it begins to rain.


Soul Archer fires an arrow at Kai as he and the ninja climb the Wailing Alps. However, Kai is protected thanks to his Deepstone armor. When the ninja fight Soul Archer, Bansha and Ghoultar at the Hanging Temple, Soul Archer tries to fire an arrow at Jay, but he attacks him with his Aeroblade. Later, Soul Archer fires an arrow with his bow to turn a bridge invisible, but the ninja quickly escape.

Kingdom Come

Soul Archer uses his bow to fire a Skreemer which homes on Jay, but it eventually hits a nearby log.

The Crooked Path

Soul Archer is seen wielding his bow when Ronin arrives to give Morro the Sword of Sanctuary.

Grave Danger

Soul Archer uses his bow to fire an arrow to "ghost" the Destiny's Bounty, but Nya creates a tidal wave to destroy it.

Curseworld, Part I

Soul Archer threatens to fire an arrow at the "Green Ninja" as "he" is captured by Morro, Wrayth and Ghoultar. Soul Archer is later seen using his bow to attack Kai, but is able to escape thanks to the help of his headband.

Curseworld, Part II

As Kai falls into water at one point during the Preeminent's invasion, Soul Archer tactically waits to fire an arrow at him the moment he comes out of the water for oxygen, but Kai and Zane use their combined powers to defeat Soul Archer. After Nya unlocks her True Potential and drowns the Preeminent, Soul Archer is also destroyed upon this impact, and his bow was also presumably lost too.


  • Homing Arrows: The bow's arrows are homing and follow the target until stopped.
  • Skreemer Arrows: The bow's arrows are tipped with Skreemers, which allows them to turn anything touched into a ghost version.



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