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Ninjago will see something they have never seen before. But in order for that to happen, I need more souls.

Souls are the fundamental essence of a being, creature, or thing, containing their identity and consciousness. Once a soul's physical form is destroyed, the soul in question will either be sent to the Cursed Realm, Underworld, or Departed Realm (being destroyed after being cursed and/or banished to the Underworld and Cursed Realm will result in the being's spirit being sent to the Departed Realm; the Cursed Realm no longer exists, and all souls once held there passed on to the Departed Realm).




Season 6: Skybound



  • Being imitations of the ninja, the evil ninja lacked souls and thus would not have gone to the Departed Realm upon destruction.[1]
  • Though the Overlord was left dormant after his destruction due to his importance as part of the balance,[2] it is unknown whether he stayed in the realm of Ninjago or was sent to another realm such as the Departed Realm.[3] If he stayed in Ninjago, he would be the only known soul in who was not sent to the Cursed Realm, Underworld, or Departed Realm upon his destruction.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen's statement that the Overlord cannot leave Ninjago, it can be concluded that the Overlord is the only soul (entity) that remains in Ninjago in any outcome.[4] Also, a possible reason that the Overlord does not move to any of the worlds after his defeats (but remains in Ninjago) is that the Overlord in his spirit form is indestructible and can never be killed.
  • Originally, when a ghost from the Cursed Realm would be destroyed, they would reform in the Cursed Realm. This is no longer the case, as the Cursed Realm itself is destroyed.
  • The Djinn Blade was a special blade (once crafted in the realm of Djinjago) that could absorb a being's soul upon impact, allowing the user of the blade to command and utilize their soul to recreate Djinjago.
  • Souls who once were held inside a being that wielded an element (or elemental essence) would be colored based upon the element (or elemental essence) they possessed.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Cryptor "must have a programmed soul like Zane and Pixal" which is what allowed him to be transported to the Departed Realm upon his destruction.[5] However, Zane went to the Digiverse upon his destruction.[6]
  • It's possible that P.I.X.A.L. went to the Departed Realm when she was deleted from Zane's hard drive in "On a Wish and a Prayer" before the events were undone in "The Way Back."[7]
  • The NPCs from Prime Empire most likely did not become Nindroids like Zane or P.I.X.A.L. if they traveled to the real world, but rather, their code was turned into genetic material, the opposite of how the ninja were able to enter Prime Empire by becoming code.[8] This means that they probably now also have a soul.


Season 6: Skybound

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