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Hey, Jay. I saw Zane try to repair the sparring bot earlier. Isn't that your expertise?
Lloyd to Jay in "Can of Worms"

The sparring bot is one of Jay's inventions. It is a large robot equipped with many weapon that enables it to provide various levels of challenge for the ninja during their training.


Can of Worms

Jay brought the bot out to hone his combat skills. He decided to set it to combat level "2" for starters, only for the robot to malfunction and set itself to "9" instead. Lloyd dropped by and claimed that he had seen Zane tampering with the robot, leaving Jay to get assaulted by the malfunctioning machine. Afterwards, Jay angrily confronted Zane about the incident, only to discover that Lloyd was behind the malfunction.


Nya, still angry with Dareth, started to beat up several sparring bots. Misako gives her advice about boys, and then tells her she wasn't supposed to destroy them.


For training, Kai went against several sparring bots on combat level 9. When Cole tells him they need to fight the Vermillion warriors, he noticed he was training too hard and wondered what was wrong.


The sparring bot is a large silver humanoid machine with a multi-sectioned body. The lowest section features several red wheels that enable the robot to move around. Above the wheeled section is a smaller, cylindrical component equipped with small arms holding bamboo staffs. The next section is similarly shaped, but with larger, red-colored arms with a variety of shapes—one is similar to a crane and tipped with a large iron ball, and another resembles a lobster claw with short bamboo sticks on its upper surface and a small hook on its tip. It also features a small electronic display showing the robot's current combat level. The final section is the smallest of them all, featuring a small metal mustache, a conical hat, and a ring of orange, eye-like lights.

Powers and Abilities

The sparring bot is designed to rotate its various sections while advancing on the opponent, allowing it to use all of its weapons at once. It can be set to various levels of combat, with the highest known level being "9."


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