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“Only the most dangerous race in Prime Empire. The track is lethal, the turns are deadly, and the other drivers are wild!”

The Speedway Five-Billion (also known as the Speedway) is an annual[1] race held in Prime Empire. The ninja entered the race in order to win the Yellow Key-Tana.


Prime Empire Original Shorts

The Meaning of Victory

Hyper-Sonic, Ritchie, Anthony Brutinelli, and Racer Seven are interviewed about what it would be like if they win the Yellow Key-Tana.

Prime Empire

The Speedway Five-Billion

At the start of the race, the Fast Chickens and Racer Seven are not present, leaving the Whack Rats, Chrome Domes, and Ballistic Missiles at the starting line. However, the Fast Chickens and Racer Seven make it to the race late with the Red Visors chasing them from an invasion.

The race starts off with a bang when one of the Whack Rats throws a small rocket at a Chrome Dome's vehicle, causing it to spin out. To counterattack, a Ballistic Missile shoots his missiles at the Whack Rats, but it results it him crashing into a wall after he was unable to see due to the smoke.

Jay decides to pull up in front of Ritchie. They both recognize each other, and Ritchie throws a bomb at him. Luckily, Jay ducks down in time for it to go over his jet and instead it hits a Chrome Dome. This causes the Lightning off-roader to spin out of control and destroy two ATVs in the process.

As the racers approached the second mile mark, the Whack Rats are in the lead while the Fast Chickens are in last.

The Red Visors, still on the pursuit of the ninja, corner Nya with their vehicles. The two Red Visors try to collide with her, but Nya slams her brakes, causing the two vehicles to strike each other. She then accelerates and knocks one Red Visor out of the race.

Still at the front of the pack, a Whack Rat spots a loot box and when he grabs it, his Quad Bike is upgraded to include a wrecking ball. He knocks out a Ballistic Missile and tries to take out Kai's Mech jet, but Cole climbs onto his vehicle and pushes the Whack Rat aside. With control of his vehicle, Cole spots another loot box and Kai grabs it, allowing his jet to turn into a mech. Kai uses the mech to knock out a Ballistic Missile.

As Racer Seven and Lloyd get close to a Ballistic Missile, he drops rolling bombs, but the two are able to avoid it. Instead, it hits a Chrome Dome, causing him to flip out.

Soon, the Whack Rats surround Nya's Tuner Car. One of the Whack Rats drops small shurikens, but Nya is able to avoid it and instead it hits another Whack Rat. However, a Whack Rat is able to set Nya's vehicle on fire. Luckily, Racer Seven douches the flames.

The problems don't stop for the Fast Chickens as Jay is surrounded by the Red Visors. To save Jay, Kai and Cole decide to sacrifice themselves and take out the remaining Red Visors, but it results in Kai and Cole being cubed. Lloyd, Nya, and Jay are in shock to see their friends lost, but they know they must complete the race.

Realizing it's the fourth mile marker, Racer Seven reflects on her past mistakes and begins to weave through traffic and is able to take the lead. The crowd goes wild as a new milestone has the possibility to be set. However, the Whack Rats are not finished, so they try to dislodge her, but the rest of the Fast Chickens help her out and she wins the competition.

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


The ninja are teleported to the Speedway Five-Billion and have to cross the finish line in order to get to the next portal. However, the Whack Rats blocked their way and respawned every time they were defeated. Lloyd realized they needed to be defeated in order to get passed and after losing his life, he respawned near the portal. The rest of the ninja copy Lloyd and were able to enter the next portal.


Note:* The Red Visors joined the race in order to chase after the ninja.




Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


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