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“The powers he's collecting, they are for a spell.”
Neuro, "Versus"

The Spell of Transformation,[1][2] also referred to as the transformation spell, was a spell from the Book of Spells.


Versus (flashback)

Reading Clouse's mind, Neuro discovered a spell and informed the rest of the ninja.

Spy for a Spy

Nya successfully stole the Spell of Transformation from the Book of Spells and was able to escape Chen's Palace.


Nya showed Lloyd and Garmadon the spell.

The Forgotten Element

After collecting all the necessary Elemental Powers, Clouse began to perform the spell, but was stopped by Kai and Skylor.

The Day of the Dragon

After capturing Skylor, Chope and Kapau read the spell and successfully tranformed into fake Anacondrai.

The Greatest Fear of All

Chope and Kapau showed Chen that the spell was not complete and they needed the essence of a true Anacondrai.




"Trayeaux, keelie, neptide. Vien, donner, klactu, barnato. Eek, mojo, glop. Trayeaux, keelie, neptide. Vien, donner, klactu, barnato."


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements


  • The spell is on page 149 with extended notes on page 150.
  • The spell does not require all elements. Some elements that are not required are Water, Wind, and Time.[3] While Chen refers to having "Every Elemental Power," he is a liar and a criminal so his statements should not be taken as fact.[4]
  • For some reason, the spell's effects wore off when Garmadon and Chen were banished in "The Corridor of Elders," explaining why the two appeared in their human forms again in "Curseworld, Part II."[5]
    • The spell also wore off from Skylor in the former episode, though the reason for this is unknown.
    • Eyezor and Zugu reappeared in their Anacondrai forms in "Day of the Departed" even though Chen remained in his human form. However, this has nothing to do with the transformation spell and is presumably a result of their unseen Hall of Sidekicks statues depicting them in Anacondrai forms.



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