“Someone once told me you need to control your fear, and not let fear control you.”
Lloyd, to Garmadon
Season 4, Episode 6
Air date March 30, 2015 (US)
Written by Dan & Kevin Hageman
Directed by Michael Helmuth Hansen
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"Spy for a Spy"
"The Forgotten Element"

Spellbound is the sixth episode of the fourth season and is the 40th overall in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. It aired on Cartoon Network on March 30, 2015, in the United States, as part of "Week of the Ninja."


Chen decides that it is time to end the tournament tricking all the elemental fighters into a round where no one wins.



Chen's blimp flying over the island

In a blimp above Chen's Island, each of the remaining contestants are acting hostile towards each other in some way: Griffin Turner announces to Jay that he'll be eliminated next due to his broken leg, Kai is still convinced that Shadow is the spy, as the latter wishes to fight him to settle things, and Skylor is annoyed with Mr. Pale flirting with her. Lloyd is nervous about the height they're at, as is a scared Neuro, who enters the cockpit only to find no one driving the blimp.

MoS40 Shocked Garmadon

Garmadon's reaction after his son Lloyd deploys the parachute for him

On a screen, Chen announces the competitors won't be hunting for the Jadeblades; they'll be hunting Nya, with the promise of moving the one who captures her to the final round. The Ninja realize she has the spell, and that they'll need to find her before the others do. Chen then tells everyone that he'll open the bottom to start the challenge, and releases parachutes for everyone except Garmadon, claiming he didn't know he was there. The bottom opens and everyone scrambles to grab a parachute while free-falling. Everyone except Lloyd and Garmadon gets a parachute. Later as Lloyd and his father grab the last parachute, Garmadon says it is a very easy choice and Lloyd agrees. Finally, as the Green Ninja activates the parachute for his father, Garmadon who is very shocked reacts, saying, "What have you done!?"


Misako tries to contact with Nya and Darreth

Meanwhile, at Samurai X's Cave, Misako is trying to make contact with Nya and Dareth but to no avail. When Master Wu comes and offers tea, his sister-in-law tells him about a contact failure. One moment later surprised Misako asks her brother-in-law that he's so calm. He then tells her that he has faith in Garmadon and that he'll be able to aid the Ninja.


Going over the escape plan

At the same time, in the Noodle Factory, Karlof is listening in on a conversation between some of the Anacondrai warriors, who are discussing how Cole and Zane escaped. After they leave, Karlof calls the "all clear." Zane and a flour-covered Cole emerge from behind two barrels and begin to work on an escape plan. Zane says that he analyzed the sewer systems and that the Elemental Masters will be able to escape because the sewers will be able to hold their weight by a slim margin.

At that moment, two Anacondrai warriors shove a captured Dareth into the factory. Dareth walks over to the Ninja, greeting Cole and Zane before commenting that Zane "looks different." Noticing Dareth's bulging stomach, Karlof asks Cole by how slim of a margin the sewers will hold if his weight was added. With a sigh, Cole says that the plan won't work, and goes back to brainstorming ideas. Dareth, in the meantime, is only worried about making his favorite food again.


Lloyd and his father discovering Nya's footprints

Lloyd tries to summon his Dragon. Just before he hits the trees, he overcomes his fear of falling and creates the Energy Dragon to safely land himself. After the Elemental Masters land, Chen says that there are "special gifts" hidden around the island to aid them in their search for Nya. Shade takes a bow and arrows while Jay decides to take a mech so he doesn't have to walk. The Elemental Masters set off following footprints, while Lloyd and Garmadon spot the Samurai X symbol, and follow that.


A young Garmadon and Clouse spar

A few minutes later, Lloyd questions his father about how he even came to be one of Chen's students in the first place. Garmadon decides to tell him the whole story: due to the Great Devourer's bite taking years to consume him, he began training under Chen with Clouse. During one of their training matches, Chen tells the two that they're holding back and promises the winner will become his right-hand man, and be granted lordship. At that, Clouse uses his Magic to bring the training dummies to life, only for Garmadon to use his Spinjitzu to destroy them and knock Clouse down to win. Clouse complains, but Chen stated Garmadon did what he needed to do, calling him "Lord Garmadon." During this point, the Serpentine War was underway and both sides wanted a truce. Chen, on the other hand, is against it and tells the Lord to never trust a snake. He then gives his second-in-command a letter from Wu written for Misako, saying it could sway how she felt about one of the brothers, and all he had to do was sign it. Garmadon does, though is seen by Clouse doing so. Lloyd is surprised to hear about the letter, though Garmadon says to his son that he has no regrets, as Lloyd wouldn't exist if he didn't do it.

Meanwhile, Chen, in the captured D.B. Express, is testing all the different buttons on the control console and complaining about its lack of trapdoors when Clouse walks in. Clouse inquires as to why Chen gave the Elemental Masters weapons, and Chen tells Clouse that his "special gifts" are implanted with tracking devices, saying, "Before this day is over, Clouse, there will be no more fighters and no more Tournament!" The two share a laugh at their devious plan before Clouse leaves to capture the Elemental Masters on the island.

IMG 7429

Shade finding a loudspeaker. . . .

Nya is seen running, and narrowly avoids being spotted by Shade, who stops upon hearing a loudspeaker on a tree go off in front of him.


. . . before he is surrounded by Cultists

He is soon surrounded by Clouse and six Anacondrai Grunts, who tells him that his time in the Tournament is up. Shadow realizes the Ninja were telling the truth about Chen as Clouse confirms this by telling him that "Only one can remain and it will be Chen!" before having his men capture Shadow, who screams much to Nya's shock as she flees the area.


Skylor and Kai meet up

In another part of the jungle, Kai calls out to his sister and realizes he's being followed. Before he can launch an attack, it's revealed to be Skylor, both of them noticing the other doesn't have one of Chen's treats. Still working for her father, she easily convinces Kai to work with her to find Nya. Accepting the proposal, Kai also adds how he can still trust her, which she agrees with.


Mr. Pale captured

In the D.B. Express, Clouse and Eyezor return, having captured Mr. Pale while he was invisible. The Master of Light tells Chen he won't succeed, though Chen calls him boring and orders Eyezor to lock him up. As Chen continues to complain about no trapdoor features, Clouse informs him of his daughter being with Kai, while Lloyd and Garmadon are nowhere to be found. Chen then orders his subordinate to find the latter two, as well as capture the remaining Masters.

Still following the symbols, Lloyd is confused that his father trained with Chen, yet fought alongside Wu in the wars, and questions the reason the truce was abandoned. Garmadon continues on: the Serpentine attacked first, and although the Elemental Masters fought back easily, they had never encountered anything like the Anacondrai, who were stronger, smarter, and natural leaders in battle. After the Elemental Alliance was subdued, Jamanakai Village was captured in the name of General Arcturus, the leader of the Anacondrai and the Serpentine. Chen had thought he could get momentum by siding with the Serpentine, and wanted Garmadon by his side. However, the Lord only wanted to fight for Misako and decided to leave Chen to battle by Wu's side.


The Elemental Masters in the war

As the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, they led the alliance into battle and began to win: however, Chen managed to unravel that, as he convinced the Elemental Master of Earth to fight for the snakes, resulting in the alliance being weakened. With inspiration from a snake charmer, Garmadon had the Masters use sacred flutes to hypnotize each Serpentine tribe, divide them, and have them locked away in separate tombs. Chen and Clouse were then exiled for their treason, and Arcturus and the six remaining generals, under Mistaké's suggestion, were banished to the Cursed Realm so they couldn't set foot in Ninjago again. Lloyd is amazed Wu and Misako are still in the dark about Garmadon's past with Chen, where he states that telling them would have caused him to lose them both. Using the advice he had been given earlier, Lloyd convinces his father to come clean: in response, Garmadon agrees to do so after they defeat Chen, and they go back to finding Nya.

In the factory, Cole crosses off on the captives' plan to encase themselves in industrial size egg rolls and asks for another suggestion. Karlof states that since he was an aeronautic engineer in his hometown, Metalonia, they could build a Roto Jet to blow their way out: Cole, however, points out they don't have a roto jet, and that it would be useless since they're underground. Dareth is still determined to make puffy potstickers and decides to make a machine capable of doing so. Zane then realizes that Dareth is right: the captives could use machine parts to build the jet. He and Karlof go to create blueprints for the schematic while the others find parts, leaving Cole to complain that they're still underground.

Back in the jungle, Jay continues to look for Nya and finds her symbol, only to encounter Clouse, who states his search for his girlfriend and his time in the Tournament is over before launching an assault. Jay mocks his magic, angering and motivating him to create a mech out of rocks to even the odds. Not far from them, Nya is carving her symbol and rushes to the ensuing battle. She begins to explain the spell to Jay, though Clouse prevents her from doing so. She escapes, while Clouse accidentally activates the self-destruct feature in Jay's mech. As it explodes, Kai and Skylor notice the blast and begin crossing a marsh, thinking Nya was involved. Skylor decides to freeze the water so they can cross, though Kai is confused that she has powers of Ice until he realizes Skylor has been the spy and had absorbed Zane's powers. While trying to explain, she ultimately reveals she is Chen's daughter, while Chen himself appears and orders her to battle Kai. While fighting, Kai pieces everything together, and out of rage, he uses his Spinjitzu to melt the ice, causing Chen to fall into the water and forcing Skylor to help him while the Master of Fire tries to escape. However, Chen has had enough and ensnares Kai in a multitude of vines.


Lloyd learns Chen's true plan

By night, Nya is still running until she bumps into someone before seeing she has caught up to Lloyd and Garmadon and tells them of what happened before giving them the spell. Upon seeing it's a transformation spell, Garmadon realizes Chen plans to turn his followers into an army of Anacondrai and states that though the Tournament is over, the next Serpentine War is on the verge of beginning.


Elemental Masters captured by Chen.

Back at the D.B. Express, Chen has captured Kai, who is thrown into its cell with the other Masters, who are sad at what fate awaits them, while Jay states Lloyd can still save them. Chen declares he's planning on it, and while he laughs in triumph, Skylor looks at Kai knowing she had not only betrayed his trust: she had broken his heart.



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  • The flashback reuses Garmadon and Wu's young designs from "An Underworldly Takeover," "Battle Between Brothers," and the photo from "The Day Ninjago Stood Still."
  • The music that plays when Garmadon banishes the Anacondrai generals to the Cursed Realm is also played several episodes later in "The Corridor of Elders," when Garmadon proposes that he is banished to free the generals—creating a music connection between the two scenes.
  • During the Serpentine War flashback in Jamanakai Village, Skalidor and Slithraa are shown wielding Anacondrai battle staffs, but they're entirely tan instead of being colored purple around the edges.
  • The flashback in this episode, which features the original Anacondrai in Jamanakai Village, proves that the Anacondrai are the only Serpentine whose head molds are all the same, excluding Pythor.
    • Oddly enough, however, there are six generals, despite the fact that each Serpentine tribe normally has only one general.
    • Also, the original Anacondrai generals, except Arcturus, all wear a very similar outfit to the one that Clouse wears. This is similar to how the rest of the cultists wear outfits slightly similar to the ones the original Anacondrai wore.
      • The concept of Clouse wearing the outfit of an Anacondrai general is ironic because he is the only Anacondrai Warrior not to become a fake Anacondrai, as he is banished to the Cursed Realm by the time the transformation spell is used.
  • The factory breakout plot-line is covered in greater detail in Breakout!.
  • Lloyd's Energy Dragon makes its debut, due to facing his fear of falling.
  • Griffin and Neuro were never seen being captured, resulting in them being tied for the same place in the Tournament.
  • Ignacia, the Fire Temple, and the Caves of Despair can be seen under surveillance in the Samurai X Cave while Misako is talking to Wu.
  • This episode marks the debut of the Ninjas' Jungle uniforms.
  • This episode's flashback marks the first appearance in-person of Ray and the first appearance of Maya, who later appear in a greater capacity in Season 7.
  • The flashback when Garmadon defeated Clouse in a duel explains why Garmadon was formerly called Lord Garmadon during the beginning of the show.
  • Chen says "Never trust a snake" to Garmadon, referencing the fourth episode of the first season.


  • When Skylor freezes the pond, Kai breaks the ice by using Spinjitzu, but when Chen captures him using Nature and he looks back, the ice seems as if it wasn't disturbed.
  • In the flashback narrated by Garmadon, all of the Serpentine tribes are seen working together as one, which creates a large plot hole in earlier seasons such as Rise of the Snakes. If all of the Serpentine tribes worked together, Pythor would have never had to unite them in the first season.
  • Jay says "Lloyd will save us" in Kai's voice.



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