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Spider's In The House is a song sung by Harumi, originally sung by Hutchins to Harumi to help her sleep at night, and then by Harumi to calm baby Wu. Being sung by Harumi, the song has a double meaning; the song's lyrics describe a vicious spider hiding somewhere nearby, which lines up with Harumi's villainous intentions hiding in plain sight.


Spider's in the house,

Sleep Sleep

Spider bit the mouse,

Sleep deep

Don't wake up or else

You'll find a spider in your mouth.


  • Harumi sings the song in "Dead Man's Squall," "The Quiet One," and "Dread on Arrival."
  • The song is played during the credits of Episodes 80 and 81.
  • Hutchins sang it to Harumi when she was a child.[1]
  • Harumi thought that the song was creepy, but later used it as inspiration to fulfill her goals.
  • This song is a parody of the Itsy Bitsy Spider lullaby but with the mouse section.
  • The song was inspired by the lullaby "Rock A Bye Baby."[2]


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