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“It is a part of our history. When all hope seemed lost, confronted destruction with creation. Balance was restored. That is the power of Spinjitzu, which we must always—”
Master Wu to Kai and Jay in "The Darkness Comes"

Spinjitzu is a close-combat martial arts technique in the world of Ninjago. It involves the user tapping into their inner balance while spinning rapidly, creating a tornado-like vortex of energy around themselves. It is the art of rotation, which adds force and momentum to blows.[1]

Notable Uses

Tornado of Creation


The ninja combine their Spinjitzu together to make the Tornado of Creation

The four ninja can use their Spinjitzu tornadoes to form the Tornado of Creation. By each ninja doing Spinjitzu in order (Earth, Fire, Ice, then Lightning), they make a quick spiraling movement, until the four tornadoes get close enough to come together. A large vortex is immediately formed that appears as a combination of the four main elements, known as the Tornado of Creation. Coming out of this tornado is also similar to its formation, with it quickly shrinking in size, followed by the reappearance of the four Spinjitzu tornadoes. The resulting creation also stands where the Tornado of Creation had been.

It can be used similarly to Creation but on a larger scale. The four users can pull materials and objects from around them and into the tornado. The result is any structure, tool, or object (of an abundance of different sizes and shapes) among an almost unlimited variety, bound only by the users' imagination.

Despite its advantages, however, there is one serious drawback: performing the Tornado of Creation is extremely hard and dangerous. It is said that it takes total cooperation, trust, and teamwork for it to be accomplished, or it will have disastrous consequences. Due to this costly risk, the Tornado of Creation is only used in the most desperate of times, if not, as a last resort.

Pilot Episodes

Way of the Ninja

The Golden Weapon

  • Wu uses Spinjitzu to change the ninjas' uniforms.
  • The ninja unlock their Spinjitzu abilities (Jay being the first).
  • They also use Spinjitzu to escape the Earth Dragon with the Scythe of Quakes.

King of Shadows

  • Wu explains the Tornado of Creation to the ninja.
  • Kai uses Fire Spinjitzu to free Nya.
  • Jay uses Lightning Spinjitzu to defeat several Skulkin while attacking the Skull Truck.

Weapons of Destiny

  • Wu uses Creation Spinjitzu to defeat several Skulkin when arriving at Garmadon's throne room.
  • The ninjas' Dragons use a Spinjitzu-likeability to cross over to the Underworld.
  • The ninja combine their Spinjitzu to make the Tornado of Creation.


The New Masters of Spinjitzu

  • Kruncha and Nuckal attempt to steal the Golden Weapons, only resulting in them losing control and activating Lightning and Fire Spinjitzu for a brief time.

An Underworldly Takeover

Rise of the Snakes


  • Each of the four ninja are introduced with their Golden Weapon's abilities and then their corresponding Spinjitzu.
    • Halfway through the season, the ninja switch from their original suits to their ZX suits.

Rise of the Snakes

  • When the Fire Sword overheated, Kai tried to use Fire Spinjitzu to cool it down but failed.
  • When confronted by several Hypnobrai in Jamanakai Village, Kai tried to use Fire Spinjitzu to defeat them, but slipped on a banana, lost control, and crashed into a wall.
  • After Zane froze Lloyd's candy cart he used Ice Spinjitzu to hurry over to Lloyd.


  • While training, Kai practiced his Fire Spinjitzu but slipped when Zane froze the course.
  • While training, Zane used Ice Spinjitzu to freeze the training grounds.
  • Zane and Jay used Ice and Lightning Spinjitzu respectively to cut the support ropes of Lloyd's Treehouse Fortress.


Never Trust a Snake

  • The Green Ninja's Spinjitzu is seen briefly for the first time, in Zane's dream.
  • Kai and Zane use their Spinjitzu to climb up the stairs at Darkly's

Can of Worms

  • When Lloyd turns Zane's gi pink, his Spinjitzu turns pink.
  • Zane uses Spinjitzu before turning his Shurikens into his Snowmobile

The Snake King

  • Kai tries to use his Spinjitzu to attack Nya, the Samurai, but she catches him.

Tick Tock

The Green Ninja

  • Kai uses Spinjitzu when attacking Garmadon.

All of Nothing

  • Kai attacked the Hynobrai using Spinjitzu with his eyes closed.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

Day of the Great Devourer

Legacy of the Green Ninja


  • The ninja are introduced in the same way as the second half of Season 1. Lloyd is introduced but he does not use Spinjitzu.
  • After the episode "Child's Play," Lloyd was introduced using his elemental power and then would use his Spinjitzu like the others.
    • This debuted the first close-up look at Lloyd's Spinjitzu.


  • The ninja no longer possessed their Golden Weapons and therefore lacked elemental Spinjitzu. This affected their fighting advantage, and they logically used Spinjitzu less frequently.

Darkness Shall Rise

  • Kai, Cole, and Zane changed into their armor ZX suits using Spinjitzu.

Pirates vs. Ninja

  • The ninja did Spinjitzu when changing from pirate to ZX.
  • Lloyd uses Spinjitzu for the first time.

Double Trouble

Child's Play

  • Kai tries to use Spinjitzu, but wasn't able to.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

  • Wu uses Spinjitzu in Ouroboros to fight Garmadon.
  • Past Wu uses Spinjitzu to save Past Kai.
  • Past Kai uses Spinjitzu to save Past Nya.

The Stone Army

  • The ninja used Spinjitzu in the gift shop when trying to get rid of the living Stone Warrior bobbleheads.
  • The ninja (sans Lloyd) use Spinjitzu to stop the Giant Stone Warrior.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

  • Misako does a non-elemental silver Spinjitzu.

Island of Darkness

  • One of the ninja does Spinjitzu.[ Who? ]

Return of the Overlord

  • Nya does Spinjitzu for the first time while corrupted by Dark Matter. Its color is crimson red with some gold streaks.



  • The ninja once again had no active elements and relied on their Spinjitzu less than ever. Despite this, the Techno Blades were effective against the Nindroids, making Spinjitzu somewhat useful.

The Surge

  • The ninja did Spinjitzu before their "hack attack".
  • After Wu told the ninja their plan, the ninja do Spinjitzu, along with Lloyd. This marks the debut of his Golden Power Spinjitzu.

The Art of the Silent Fist

  • Lloyd's Golden Power Spinjitzu is used upon battling the Nindroids for the first time.


  • When the Nindroids attack, the ninja use Spinjitzu to get out of the trailer, but because Zane gave half of his power source to P.I.X.A.L., he was unable to use Spinjitzu on his own. Though, by working together, the two successfully performed the martial art, defending themselves against the other Nindroids.

The Void

  • Cole tried to use Spinjitzu, but since he was in zero gravity, he ended up floating into space.

The Titanium Ninja

  • The Golden Master, along with his Golden Mech, performed a large scale form of Golden Power Spinjitzu. With it, he was able to pull objects of many sizes from around him into the vortex.

The Tournament of Elements


  • The ninja (other than Zane), Wu, Garmadon, and Nya all do Spinjitzu together at the end of the intro.
  • For the first time, Master Garmadon's Spinjitzu (purified of the Great Devourer's Venom) is shown as a dull silver, and Nya's Spinjitzu is a dark red.
    • This indicates that Garmadon's Destruction element returned to a balanced state,[2] and that Nya had learned Spinjitzu at some point.
      • According to one of the show's co-creator, though, Garmadon's Spinjitzu, after being purified, is still purple.[3] Additionally, it has since been confirmed that Nya learned Spinjitzu between the events of Season 6: Skybound and Day of the Departed,[4] meaning the events portrayed in this intro are non-canon.


  • Despite having active elements, all the ninja but Lloyd and Kai stopped using their Spinjitzu, as they no longer fought enemies, taking on full-time jobs (Lloyd continued to train as a ninja, and Kai became a competitive fighter).
  • After entering the Tournament of Elements, the ninja still refrained from performing Spinjitzu, except in dire situations when not competing. This may be because they considered using such a rare and powerful martial art to be an unfair advantage to the other competitors (outside of the Tournament, they use the ability to even the odds of an outmatched fight).

The Invitation

  • Lloyd used Spinjitzu to attack the Nindroids. We get to see inside his Spinjitzu and he is punching the Nindroids.
  • Kai used Spinjitzu to attack Kruncha.


  • While training under Master Chen, Garmadon was forbidden to use Spinjitzu, though he used it to win a fight against Clouse that ended up granting him lordship.
  • When trying to flee from Chen and Skylor, Kai uses fire Spinjitzu to destroy the ice they were all standing on causing the ice to break but Chen subdued Kai with his staff.

The Forgotten Element

  • After regaining their elements and reuniting with Zane, the ninja did Spinjitzu to defeat Chen's forces as Nya expressed a smile at seeing them fighting together again.

The Corridor of Elders

  • While holding back Chen's forces, the ninja used Spinjitzu to prevent the fake Anacondrai from advancing.



  • After losing their elemental powers, the ninja could no longer perform elemental Spinjitzu. This would be especially ineffective against ghosts, which can become intangible.
  • Since Morro was able to command and control strong gusts of Wind, and Spinjitzu is a tornado-based ability, it became useless in combat.
  • Because the art of Airjitzu involves extreme spinning in a vortex (and even turning the same color as the user's element), it can be considered a branch from the original art of Spinjitzu.
    • It was also said in "Stiix and Stones" that Airjitzu "can make a Spinjitzu Master fly" so it's possible that only Spinjitzu users can perform the technique.

Winds of Change

  • Cole used Spinjitzu to attack Morro, but he uses Wind, and Cole is blown away. The same thing happened to Jay a few moments later.



  • The ninja use Spinjitzu to get under the boardwalk.

Misfortune Rising

  • While fighting Lloyd and Cole, Doubloon uses Spinjitzu against the two of them.


  • After Cole had wished for Vengestone to strengthen the ninjas' elemental powers, they got out of control, and in order to regain control, the ninja broke the bonds of the Vengestone shackles. Despite this, there appeared to be some heightened power that was still unused; which showed when Cole, Lloyd, and Jay then did Spinjitzu that sparked and had deeper coloring.

The Way Back

  • Kai uses Spinjitzu to attack some Sky Pirates while trying to stop Nadakhan and Nya's wedding along with the other ninja.

Day of the Departed

  • When the ninja arrived at the museum, all six used Spinjitzu to enter the building as quickly as possible, revealing Nya's Spinjitzu as dark blue and noticeably smaller than the others'.
  • Kai uses Spinjitzu to destroy one of the Anacondrai Crusher's wheels, making Zugu'rai crash and go back to the Departed Realm.
  • Lloyd uses Spinjitzu to escape from below the fallen head of statue destroyed by Pythor.
  • Cole uses Spinjizu to fight Yang's Students while trying to reach Yang himself.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

  • Master Wu and the ninja use their Spinjitzu during their battles with Acronix.

The Hatching

  • The ninja use Spinjitzu to attack the Vermillion.

A Time of Traitors

  • Kai uses Spinjitzu to battle Krux.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

  • Kai uses Spinjitzu to battle Krux, but Krux knocks him down. Kai uses the Reversal Time Blade and does it again, this time knocking Krux down.

Sons of Garmadon

The Mask of Deception

The Jade Princess

  • Zane freezes Ultra Violet with Spinjitzu while she attempts to kill Lloyd and Hutchins.

Game of Masks

  • Lloyd uses Spinjitzu to throw Harumi away from him during their fight for the Oni Mask of Hatred.
  • The ninja do Spinjitzu when Crabby attacks them, which confuses Crabby for a while and allows Zane to freeze the creature in place.

Dread on Arrival

  • Kai does Spinjitzu to kick a S.O.G member to a wall and then uses it to knock Ultra Violet and accidentally Cole, which ends up with him breaking the lever to Lloyd's and Misako's cage trap.
  • The ninja do Spinjitzu to get inside the forcefield where Harumi is resurrecting Lord Garmadon. Lloyd knocks Harumi with his Spinjitzu.


Radio Free Ninjago

How to Build a Dragon

  • While Kai goes free the dragons, the other Ninja go fight against the Dragon Hunters to gain more time for him, which prompts Jay and Zane to use Spinjitzu to launch some hunters away.

Lessons for a Master

  • Nya uses Spinjitzu on Ultra Violet, but Ultra Violet knocks her down using a traffic light, making a car topple over on her and injure her shoulder.

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Master Class

  • The ninja have a Spinjitzu lesson with Master Wu.

Elemental Rider (flashback)

March of the Oni


  • The ninja and Wu use Spinjitzu to fight the Oni, with Wu only using his Spinjitzu in-battle to save Lloyd and Nya from some Oni.
  • The ninja, Wu, and Garmadon all used Spinjitzu to create the Tornado of Creation during their last stand against the invading Oni.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Wasted True Potential

  • The ninja use Spinjitzu to try to defeat Wu, but it fails.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

Aspheera vs ninja spinjitzu duel
  • All ninja, except Kai, use Spinjitzu to protect Kai
  • Aspheera also attacks the ninja using Spinjitzu while draining Kai's powers.


  • The ninja use Spinjitzu to fend off the Elemental Cobras attacking Ninjago City.
  • They use Spinjizu again to fight the Elemental Cobras and Aspheera inside the Ninjago Museum of History, and later Aspheera uses her new fire-powered Forbidden Spinjitzu to defeat the ninja (who also tried to fight with their Spinjitzu) before dropping the ceiling on them.

Ancient History

  • Lloyd uses Spinjitzu to jump from a building to another while chasing Aspheera, meanwhile Nya fights off some Pyro Vipers and finish them off with her Spinjitzu.

Never Trust a Human

  • In Wu's flashback history about him and Garmadon meeting Aspheera, a young Wu teaches her Spinjitzu, which she later uses to overthrow King Mambo The Fifth.
  • Aspheera later battles a Forbidden Spinjitzu-empowered young Wu using her Spinjitzu, but she is quickly beaten.

A Cold Goodbye

  • Nya uses her Spinjitzu to avoid an incoming attack from a Forbidden Spinjitzu-empowered raging Wu.

Fire Maker

  • Lloyd uses his Spinjitzu to fend off the Blizzard Samurai from his watch tower.

An Unlikely Ally

  • When Lloyd is attacked by a group of Blizzard Samurai, they restrain him and begin freezing his body, which prompts him to use Spinjitzu to free himself from their grasp.

Krag's Lament

  • Cole uses his Spinjitzu to attack Krag during their fight.

Once and for All

  • Lloyd uses Spinjitzu to attack some Blizzard Warriors guarding the Ice Emperor's throne room.


  • When the Ice Emperor attempts to freeze Akita, Lloyd jumps between them and uses his Spinjitzu as a shield to protect her from his Ice blast.

Prime Empire


  • After the ninja go inside Prime Empire, they seemingly lose their Spinjitzu along with their Elemental Abilities due to the game's programming, because of this, Spinjitzu is no longer used throught the rest of the season.

Dyer Island

Level Thirteen

Master of the Mountain


  • Jay using Spinjitzu to gather all leaves at once.

The Worst Rescue Ever

Queen of the Munce

  • Nya using Spinjitzu to kick Murtessa into the wall and to win her.

Trial By Mino

  • Kai and Zane try to use Spinjitzu against Mino, but are knock off their feet.

Dungeon Crawl!

  • Master Wu using Spinjitzu to send the lava back at the Lava Monster.

Masters Never Quit

  • Cole tries to do Spinjitzu Burst, but he cannot, and instead, he does the usual Spinjitzu.

The Darkest Hour

Lloyd, Jay, Kai, and Zane try to delay the arrival of the Skull Sorcerer, Grief-Bringer, and the Awakened Warriors and do Spinjitzu.


Spinjitzu grants the user the ability to create a tornado of energy and color around themselves while spinning. The user and element (if one is activated/being used) rotate rapidly, allowing quick perception and the ability to hit or spin enemies in the process. When slowed down (A Line in the Sand), it is visible that these tornadoes are made of small elemental particles which, when sped up, form a Spinjitzu tornado.

The speed and the blocked viewing of the user acquired inside the tornado allows a fast and efficient clothing change if the clothes are available. This has been used by the ninja on several occasions to change from normal clothing into their ninja suits.

In regards to transportation, the Spinjitzu tornado can move horizontally across surfaces at a rapid pace. This speed does not seem to be affected by stairs or the surface of still bodies of water. The user does not touch the ground (or surface below) while doing Spinjitzu and hovers a few to several inches above. By propelling themselves upwards in a certain direction (using a jump or a running jump) and then doing Spinjitzu, the user can be carried through the air in that direction for a short time. This technique is most commonly used as a boost, but only more experienced users can keep themselves moving through the air long enough for it to be more effective than simply jumping the distance.

Without a weapon or active elemental power, the user's Spinjitzu becomes dramatically less effective in defense and offense. It becomes, simply, a user spinning rapidly, without any protection other than their body. The ninja have demonstrated its inefficiency throughout Season 2 (when they lacked their elemental powers, but still had weapons) by not relying on Spinjitzu as much. Misako (without an element or a weapon) and Wu (only a staff and an element that offered little offensive advantage) also lost a fight with the Stone Army, though that was likely more to do with the warriors outnumbering them and being invincible than ineffective Spinjitzu. Likewise, Spinjitzu has a massive toll on the user, requiring much energy to sustain, with individuals like the ninja (at peak physical capability) only able to sustain a tornado for about fifteen seconds.

The user is also given the ability to wield the Golden Weapons properly. It is unknown if this only applies to those that use the Spinjitzu of the four main elements, or to any user of Spinjitzu. One of the things required to fully master Spinjitzu is to gain one's True Potential, unlocked once the person overcomes a personal problem that was preventing them from being at peace within themselves.

Verbal communication is possible while doing Spinjitzu, despite all motions being sped up. In one of the pilot episodes, when Jay first learns the martial art, he talks with the other ninja while in his tornado. Seasons later, in "Grave Danger," Zane tells the ninja about his solution to the first puzzle in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, while still doing Spinjitzu.

Despite the nature of the technique, the user's vision is never observed to be impaired when using Spinjitzu, as they always seem to know where they're going. In "Grave Danger," when the viewpoint is changed to what Zane sees in Spinjitzu, it appears that he was able to see several feet around him as he spun, even with some streaks of color from the tornado. Though, his better vision may be connected to his other Nindroid abilities (specifically his enhanced sight and perception in general).

Known Users


Types of Spinjitzu


  • Imagination - used by Neido (only in LEGO Universe)
  • Serpent Spin - used by most Serpentine (only in comics and sets)
  • Maelstrom - a power similar to Spinjitzu that the Skulkin wield physically through the act of roughly spinning in a sloppy fashion (used in comics, sets, and LEGO Universe)


  • Spinjitzu was used by at least one character in every episode up until "Enter the Digiverse." It began being used a lot less frequently after this.
  • Each of Ninjago's dragons are able to perform something similar to Spinjitzu when they cross between realms, as shown in "Weapons of Destiny" and "Lessons for a Master."
  • Although the element of a user's Spinjitzu is always based on their natural elemental affinity, the color of the resulting tornado appears to also be influenced by the color of their outfit. For instance, Zane's Spinjitzu generated a pink tornado in "Can of Worms," after his white gi was turned pink after being washed with Kai's red gi. This leads to the conclusion that both attire and element contribute to the Spinjtizu's color (or possibly that it defaults to the elemental color, and only if the user's attire is entirely one color does it change).
    • It is possible that when a user is dressed completely in one color, the elemental color and attire's color combine (Zane's white element and pink gi would create the pink Spinjitzu, and the other ninja have all justified the possibility throughout their uniform changes).
  • In "Return of the Overlord," a Dark Matter-infected Nya uses what appears to be a crimson Spinjitzu tornado when she first attacks the ninja. After the defeat of the Overlord, Nya was cured of the corruption from the Dark Matter.
    • After becoming the Master of Water, her Spinjitzu's color has become dark blue (however, as of Season 8, her Spinjitzu tornado color has become light blue).
  • Four known people who don't have elemental powers but use Spinjitzu are Misako, Doubloon, Master Yang, and Aspheera).
    • Misako learned Spinjitzu when she was young. She trained with Wu and Garmadon.[5]
    • Doubloon trained in Spinjitzu at some point, long before he became a thief.[1]
    • Yang learned Spinjitzu at some point and used it to develop Airjitzu. He has never used the original technique on-screen.
    • Aspheera learned Spinjitzu from Wu when they were children.
  • In a scene during "Day of the Departed," Cole's Spinjitzu has a ghostly green glow to it. This is the only time in the series that this is seen.
  • Wu's Spinjitzu is gold. However, in some supplementary comics, it's orange.
  • Its name is a combination of "spin" and "ninjutsu," a martial art that real-life ninja use.
  • In the eighth to tenth seasons, each of the ninjas' Spinjitzu dramatically changed, having a more elemental redesign. Wu and Garmadon's tornadoes also changed, matching Lloyd's with the addition of their respective color-schemes, but lacking sparkles. The Spinjitzu animations returned to a less detailed style akin to earlier seasons in Season 11.
    • Kai and Zane's Spinjitzu look more like a spinning sphere with parts that represent their elemental powers.
    • Lloyd and Jay's Spinjitzu tornadoes look more detailed but less individualized than the other ninja, as they are a basic tornado of energy and lightning.
    • Nya's Spinjitzu looks like a water cyclone, and it is now a light blue color.
    • Cole’s Spinjitzu has a more brownish color, and it has rocks circling around it.
  • The ninja (as of Season 8) have their own individual warming up to it:
    • Lloyd performing windmill arms.
    • Zane does a spinning handstand.
    • Kai does three turns in the air.
    • Nya does a turn and then a back-flip.
    • Jay turns only once.
    • Cole hits the ground.
  • As of Season 8, whenever Cole uses Spinjitzu while his Earth Punch is active, his Spinjitzu will leave behind a trail of magma.
  • When the ninja use Spinjitzu (as of Season 8), their tornadoes will leave behind their element, excluding Cole.
  • The height of Spinjitzu varies. In supplementary comic books, it is mostly waist-length and occasionally full-body-length. In the show, it is always full-body-length. In the 2012 sets, it is waist-length, and in the 2019 sets, it is full-body-length.
  • Elemental Powers can be used while using Spinjitzu, and this is shown when Kai is able to melt floors and ice and when Zane froze Ultra Violet.
  • The Book of Spinjitzu reveals that there is a dark side of Spinjitzu and that its secrets lie in the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. It is a forbidden art that the First Spinjitzu Master didn't want Wu and Garmadon to know.
  • Garmadon has done it the fewest times of the original main characters. The only episodes where he has performed Spinjitzu in the present are "The Royal Blacksmiths" and "Endings." However, he is also seen doing it in the past in "An Underworldly Takeover," "Spellbound", and "Lost in Time."
  • Aspheera is the third main villain capable of performing Spinjitzu. She has a bright-purple tornado seen in "Boobytraps and How to Survive Them" and the flashback in "Never Trust a Human," but after she stole Kai's powers, her Spinjitzu became red.


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