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It's a powerful force. Only an Elemental Master surrounded by his Element can achieve it, it's mentioned in some of the earliest teachings of Spinjitzu.

The Spinjitzu Burst (also referred to as simply the Burst) is a powerful form of Spinjitzu. The teaching is known only to Elemental Masters of Earth but can be used by any Elemental Master when surrounded by their Elemental Powers.


Several years before Master of the Mountain

At some point in time, the Spinjitzu Burst became to existance by becoming a martial art that would allow an Elemental Master to preform a powerful form of Spinjitzu by being surrounded by their Elemental Power.[1] However, as time passed, the way how the martial art can be used began to be only known by Earth Elementals.[2] Years later, Lilly visited Shintaro and learned the Spinjitzu Burst, and she used this power to destroy Grief-Bringer and free the Geckles and Munce from terror.[3]

Masters Never Quit

At the Heart of the Mountain, Cole discovers his mother performed the burst to defeat Grief-Bringer. The Earth Ninja tries to do it but doubts his mother even performing the burst after he ended up doing normal Spinjitzu instead.

The Son of Lilly

While Cole is being blasted by the Skull of Hazza D'ur, he remembers the promise he made to his mother to stand up for what is right. This allows Cole to finally unlock the Spinjitzu Burst. The Skull Sorcerer is shocked and throws the skull at Cole, but Cole sucks it up in the burst and destroys it, causing the Re-Awakened and Grief-Bringer to be decimated into a pile of bones.

Known Users

Types of Spinjitzu Burst


  • This is the fourth martial art that the ninja learned, the first three being Spinjitzu, Airjitzu, and Forbidden Spinjitzu.
    • However, this is the first martial art that only one of the ninja learn and used. It's unknown if the other ninja will use this martial art.
  • It was first revealed in the official Play Guide of Choose the Path, that Cole would unlock Spinjitzu Burst while leading the Upply.
  • Lilly and Cole are the only known Elemental Masters to use this martial art. Wu stated in "Masters Never Quit" that "Only an Elemental Master surrounded by his Element can achieve it."
    • On The TTV Channel's Ninjagocast #41, a fan theorized that Nya's True Potential had been Spinjitzu Burst due to its similar appearance and Nya being surrounded by her element, Water. Tommy Andreasen responded in the live-chat that this "has just gotten us all to reconsider that whole thing."[4] If this really was Nya's Spinjitzu Burst, it would mean an Elemental Master does not have to know Spinjitzu to use the ability.
    • Regarding what Griffin Turner (Master of Speed)'s Spinjitzu Burst could be, Tommy Andreasen joked that he "would need to be at the Daytona 500?"[5]
    • In The Book of Elemental Powers, it was confirmed that the reason the Spinjitzu Burst is only known to Earth Elementals is because its teachings were forgotten by the other Elemental Masters sometime after it was made.
  • Despite the martial art being mentioned in some of the earliest teachings of Spinjitzu, Lilly was the first Elemental Master to perform the Spinjitzu Burst.[6]


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