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This article is about something not canon to either the storyline of the TV show, Ninjago, or The LEGO Movie franchise.

Spinjitzu Smash! is the first in a series of Web Games based on LEGO's Ninjago theme. The player has to defeat waves of enemies to progress through the story of the game.


The battlefield is a rectangular 6x3 area with 18 squares. The player can only move in the left half of the battlefield, while the enemies can only move in the right half. The player's goal is to elliminate all enemies by using Kunai and battle cards. Enemies appear in waves. A level can have 1-5 waves.

When a player defeats an enemy, he/she earns experience points to level up and coins to buy weapons. As a player gains experience points, he/she will level up, granting more health and damage to enemies. The maximum level is 10.

XP levels

Level Health Kunai damage XP to level
1 80 1 1000
2 240 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8




  • up arrow key/w - move up
  • down arrow key/s - move down
  • left arrow key/a - move backward
  • right arrow key/d - move forward
  • spacebar - shoot kunai
  • 1-4 keys - play cards
  • E key - deal new deck


After each ninja completes level # of their individual quests, any ninja chosen will go on the same quest to get the four Golden Weapons back from Samukai.


  • Level 1, The Village is attacked!
  • Level 2, Retrieve the Lost Artifact
  • Level 4, The Pool of Serenity
  • Level 5, Travel to the Fire Temple
  • Level 7, Defeat the Dragon


  • Level 1, Kidnapped!
  • Level 2, Journey to the Sacred Stone Comunne
  • Level 4, I See the Light
  • Level 5, Keyed Up
  • Level 7, Treacherous Trap


  • Level 1, (Defendin') The Dock of the Bay
  • Level 2, Travel to the Glacier Island
  • Level 4, Cool as Ice
  • Level 5, Fight at the Fortress
  • Level 7, Icy Conditions


  • Level 1, Ballon Boy Starts His Quest
  • Level 2, Workshop Shakedown
  • Level 4, Air Attack
  • Level 5, Top o' the World Ma!

Random Quest

  • Skeleton Smash Up
  • Monastery Madness


The most common enemies in this game are skeletons, with the four Dragons and Samukai as bosses. Health and damage of skeletons increases as the game progresses. When a skeleton is about to attack, they flash and hold out their weapon.

Head Armor Color Weapon Movement Attack Range First Encounter Image
Bonezai-like head Pink Bronze bone axe Basic Basic Melee Level 0: Training
Bonezai-like head Yellow Bronze bone axe Moves vertically to stay in front of player Ice projectile Flies in a straight line until it hits player or end of battlefield Level 0: Training
Bonezai-like head Orange Silver Bone Horizontal (forwards and backwards) Stone projectile Same as above Kai Level 1
Bonezai-like head Pink Hammer Vertical Rock spikes Spikes pop out for three spaces; on the third space, three more spikes pop out in a column Kai Level 1
Frakjaw head Light blue Pick Axe Diagonal Rock spikes Spikes travel in a straight line

Kai Level 1

List of Weapons

Weapons help to boost a ninja's element stats. Many weapons are locked, and can be unlocked by completing story levels or entering codes.

Weapon Fire Lightning Earth Ice Description Cost Unlocked


Training Staff 0 0 0 0 Everyone has to start somewhere. 0 starting weapon
Training Sword 0 0 0 0 Everyone has to start somewhere. 0 starting weapon
Training Nunchucks 0 0 0 0 Everyone has to start somewhere. 0 starting weapon
Training Shuriken 0 0 0 0 Everyone has to start somewhere. 0 starting weapon
Pocket Welder 1 0 0 0 Quick hit. Use this to pump up your fire attack. 50 pre-unlocked
Sparkhammer 0 1 0 0 Sparkhammer helps pumps up your lightning elemental powers. Use wisely. 50 pre-unlocked
Obsidian Dagger 0 0 1 0 Everyone knows Obsidian. Obsidian Dagger, it's a classic. Whether tis rocking weapon moves you, or you move it, there's no denying that Obsidian Dagger has super star stabbing and staying in power. 50 pre-unlocked
The Tenderizer 0 0 0 1 The Tenderizer is for crushing bones and softening up skeletons. 50 pre-unlocked

List of Cards


Codes are entered by arranging the symbols on the dragon pillar on the main menu.



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