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Please, you have to stop him! That snake is crazy! I don't want to unleash the Great Devourer! I'm a snake, not food!
— Spitta to the ninja in "All of Nothing"

Spitta is a Soldier-ranked Serpentine of the Venomari tribe.


NOTE: In order to fill out the Serpentine ranks, multiple copies of several Serpentine characters appear in the TV series. As such, any notable appearances of a Venomari Soldier will be placed here, for convenience.

Spellbound (flashback)

During the first Serpentine War, several Venomari soldiers and Acidicus captured a small band of humans, holding them hostage in the Toxic Bogs. However, they were subdued by the Elemental Master of Water using a Sacred Flute and all the Venomari were locked away in a tomb.

Can of Worms

Spitta rising out of the Bogs.

Spitta was among the Venomari when they were released from their tomb by Pythor. The Anacondrai General then had the Venomari hide in the acid lakes of the Toxic Bogs, in order to ambush the ninja when they came to investigate the tomb.

When Jay and Kai arrived at the tomb, the latter was startled by a purple bog frog behind the tomb entrance. The frog hopped off of the island and on to the top of Spitta's head, barely poking out of the acid. Moments later, Spitta leaped out of the acid and spat his venom into Kai's face, effectively incapacitating the Red Ninja while the rest of his brethren emerged. Cole and Zane arrived as the Venomari joined the Constrictai and Pythor in surrounding the ninja, with Pythor snatching the Sacred Flute from Zane's hands as he tried to play it. The ninja were forced onto a small log in an acid lake, which rapidly began to sink, and several Venomari Soldiers were seen among the Serpentine laughing at their plight. However, a mysterious samurai appeared to pull the ninja to safety, shortly before routing the snakes with a giant robot suit.

Following this defeat, Spitta and his brethren gathered in the subway tunnels of Ninjago City, where Pythor implored the Serpentine tribes to put aside their differences and unite as one. Talks broke down when the ninja arrived and threw insults among the Serpentine, although they were eventually found out. The Serpentine's pursuit of their foes was stymied after Zane froze the tunnels with his Shurikens of Ice, leaving Spitta and the others skidding and slipping as the ninja escaped on a Snowmobile.

The Snake King

A Venomari Soldier joined several Scouts and a group of Fangpyre in attacking Samurai X in the Caves of Despair. The samurai's mech swatted them all away with a single swipe of its sword, moments before Cole could join the battle.

Spitta and the rest of the Serpentine were summoned to the City of Ouroboros after Pythor uncovered it in the Sea of Sand, hearing that there was going to be a fight. Once all of the snakes were present, one Venomari Soldier demanded to see "the big show", prompting Pythor to challenge the other four Generals to a Slither Pit for their staffs—and with them, supreme leader of the Serpentine. With some covert help from Skales, Pythor used the Sacred Flute to subdue his opponents, and Spitta joined the Serpentine as a whole in bowing to their new master.

Tick Tock

Spitta was present at the Constrictai Tomb when Pythor discovered the map to the Four Silver Fangblades.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Spitta accompanied Pythor's party to Mega Monster Amusement Park to retrieve the first of the Silver Fangblades. While the other snakes dug up the weapon, Spitta, Lizaru and another Venomari Warrior used their venom to distract the riders of the Ghost Train.

Later when Samurai X stole the Fangblade, Spitta and several other snakes pursued her around the park, though was hit by a roller coaster when he attempted to jump over the tracks.

The Royal Blacksmiths

Spitta was part of Pythor's party that journeyed to the pyramid in search of the second Fangblade.

The Green Ninja

Spitta accompanied Pythor and the other Serpentine to the Fire Temple in search of the third Fangblade.

All of Nothing

To ensure that the ninja could not interfere with the search for the final Fangblade, Pythor had the Serpentine dig a network of tunnels connecting all of the tombs together, with the Constrictai Tomb being enlarged into a massive underground fortress. While most of the snakes—including Pythor's search party—used these tunnels, a Venomari Soldier opted to wander aboveground.

This would prove to be a mistake, as the soldier was quickly accosted by the ninja while running along a street in Ninjago City, ending up pinned in an alley and threatened by all four of his foes. When asked about Pythor's location, the soldier revealed that Pythor was tracking the final Fangblade halfway across the world, leaving the ninja helpless to catch up to him. The snake's gloating about the imminent release of the Great Devourer turned to hysteria after Zane noted that the Serpentine were at just as much risk of being devoured as anyone else, and he began frantically begging the ninja to find a way to stop Pythor's plot.

When the ninja eventually tracked down the other three Fangblades to the Serpentine's lair, they launched an all-out attack on the fortress to steal the artifacts before Pythor returned. In the resulting battle, one Venomari Soldier was hit by Cole's Triple Tiger Sashay after the Black Ninja shimmied out of Skalidor's coils. Another soldier managed to hit Zane with a dose of venom, only for the Nindroid to use his Falcon Vision to fight on unhindered. Fortunately for the Serpentine, the ninja triggered a cage trap near the base of the fortress, allowing the snakes to easily disarm them as Pythor arrived with the final Fangblade.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

A Venomari Soldier was seen playing cards with a Hypnobrai Soldier on the Serpentine Express when Jay burst into the room. Before any of the Serpentine occupants could attack, the Blue Ninja used his Spinjitzu to knock them out of the train's windows.

Day of the Great Devourer

After realizing the Devourer is destroying Ninjago, the Serpentine took refuge in the Fangpyre Tomb.

Darkness Shall Rise

Spitta was one of the many Serpentine watching Skales try to take control of the Serpentine, mentioning that the City of Ouroboros is destroyed. When Garmadon took control instead and threatened them, he agreed to go with him inside the Black Bounty. He asked him why they’re heading the opposite direction of the ninja, which turns out Lloyd would be able to defeat him, according to the prophecy.

After reaching the Golden Peaks, Spitta cheered after Garmadon successfully made the Mega Weapon.

Pirates vs. Ninja

When Garmadon inadvertently brought Captain Soto's crew back to life, a Venomari soldier began to argue with the First Mate, questioning how they got on-board. He was quickly imprisoned in the brig however with the other serpentine, though Garmadon managed to free them.

Double Trouble

The Venomari Soldiers were summoned by Garmadon the next day along with the other Serpentine to brainstorm ways to use the Mega Weapon to destroy the ninja. They soon decided to create duplicate "evil" ninja, and a Venomari Soldier was sent below deck to retrieve one of Zane's left behind gis.

Ninjaball Run

While Garmadon entered the Ninjaball Run race, Spitta suggests using his Mega Weapon, to which he refused to do so.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Spitta was present for Skales' coronation as the new Snake King and cheered with the other Serpentine at their new leader's plan to bury Ninjago City from underground. During the digging expedition, however, the snakes stumbled upon an impenetrable wall which seemed to display an image of Skales himself. When the Hypnobrai General examined the wall, he inadvertently opened it, allowing the Serpentine to find a massive tomb filled with strange statues. As the snakes examined the statues, one Venomari Soldier mimicked their pose, quipping to a nearby Hypnobrai Soldier that he was "a stiff".

The situation went downhill after the statues were reanimated by the Devourer's venom leaking from above. In the resulting fight, the Stone Army proved immune to everything the Serpentine threw at them, with the venom spit of several Venomari Soldiers being deflected by their weapons. After being soundly trounced, Spitta could only watch as the Stone Army left the tomb, sealing the Serpentine inside.

Between Rise of the Spinjitzu Master and The Surge

Sometime after the Final Battle, a group of Venomari soldiers and scouts were attacking a village when Lloyd and the Ultra Dragon spotted them. They got thwarted by Lloyd afterwards.[1]

Elemental Rider (flashback)

Some Venomari soldiers and scouts were raiding a city. As a group of citizens escaped, a Venomari soldier said, "Hey, where do you think you're going? Get back here!". A Venomari soldier was also frozen by Zane.

Blue Lightning (flashback)

A horde of Venomari soldiers and scouts were helping Pythor raid a convoy of noodle trucks and attacked Jay when he arrived at the scene.

The Corridor of Elders

Spitta was among the group outside the Ninjago City Bank who Lloyd encouraged to fight as one against the Anacondrai warriors. description

Although the Venomari's greatest assets are their teeth, which produce the venom, Spitta has a bit of a problem. Because of his very fine and very large teeth, he literally can't keep his mouth shut, so he drools and leaks venom all the time.

Leaking venom is not an admirable trait for a Venomari, and besides that, it's just not practical. But Spitta has found a way to take advantage of his condition: he collects and stores the excess venom in vials invented by Acidicus. That way he can sell it to others of his tribe who, at times, may have limited venom production. It's a win-win situation.[link unavailable]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Video games


  • Spitta's name is based on the word "spit" or "spitter."
  • He has a similar head mold to Mezmo.
  • He, Lasha, and Pythor were the only Serpentine re-released in 2019.
    • These three, Rattla and Mezmo are also the only Serpentine characters to have more than one physical minifigure variant.
  • The cheapest way to get Spitta in a set was in his spinner set.
  • Spitta was the first Venomari seen in the show.
  • When the Ultra Dragon zapped Spitta after attacking the village, Spitta briefly turned into Wyplash, playing as a cartoon trope of a character's skeleton showing while being electrocuted.
    • Spitta as a skeleton is bent backwards so that the stud on his head is not visible.
  • Due to his large fangs, his mouth is permanently open. This causes him to drool venom wherever he goes.[2] However, this is not seen in the television series, as he is seen opening and closing his mouth various times and not drooling venom.



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