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Spykor[citation needed] are massive, skeleton-themed arachnids that thrive in the Underworld alongside the Skulkin.


Weapons of Destiny

When the ninja arrived in the Underworld, they realized that they must travel by stealth to avoid the Skulkin. As they carefully climbed on the cave stalactites, Jay noticed that he was holding onto the legs of a Spykor. The other ninja soon realized that they were as well, and they fell to the ground where Nuckal and Kruncha were alerted to their presence.

The ninja quickly became cornered by the Skulkin, and Spykor dropped from the ceiling to corner them as well. Jay proposed the idea of the Tornado of Creation, and upon performing it, the Skulkin and Spykor were pulled in.

Double Trouble

After escaping into a hidden passageway that Zane had toggled, the ninja realized miniature Spykor were all around them.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

When revisiting the Temple of Light, Kai destroyed a Spykor's web with his Elemental Blade.


While Zane is trapped in a dungeon, miniature Spykor can be seen crawling around.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

At various points as the ninja tried to obtain the Scroll of Airjitzu, several miniature Spykor crawled around the Temple of Airjitzu.

Curseworld, Part II

While Lloyd fighting Morro over the Realm Crystal, they ended up in the Underworld. There, the former was encountered by Spykor and had to fend them off.

Way of the Departed (non-canon)

Appearance and Attributes

Spykor are spiders with a distinct skull-shaped pattern on their dark-blue abdomens. Their faces are pure white, with glaring red eyes and prominently large mandibles. They have flat bodies so they can camouflage themselves to the Underworld's ceiling. In the Underworld, they are gigantic but in Ninjago, they are miniature.

Like most arachnids, Spykor have the ability to create spiderwebs, moving along the threads by using their long striped legs.




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