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“The Staff of Elements. It holds the power of your fallen foes, and soon it'll hold all but one.”
Chen to the remaining Tournament of Elements' participants in "Spy for a Spy"

The Staff of Elements was a weapon used by Chen that can absorb multiple Elemental Powers. It is made of Chronosteel, which can absorb elemental powers.


Only One Can Remain

When the Anacondrai Cultists were doing their ritual, Karlof is seen being held by Eyezor and Zugu so he won't escape the Elemental Absorption which is being powered by Chen's Staff. At the end of the absorption, Karlof's Elemental Power is drained and is kept in the Elemental Staff.

Spy for a Spy

To avoid suspicion and crumble the ninjas' alliance, Chen offered the Staff as a prize for the winner of the competition. Chen's plan was a success as most of the masters broke from the alliance to get their hands on the staff to gain even more power. Chen would use the powers of ice inside to try freezing Nya after discovering she was undercover but he fails to stop her and she escapes.


When Kai discovered that Skylor was the spy and Chen's daughter, Chen appeared using the power of smoke next to Skylor in front of Kai, and he captured him using Bolobo's nature element.

The Forgotten Element

When Chen has all the elemental warriors except Lloyd who were captured, he used his staff to absorb all their elemental powers before putting them to work in his noodle factory. Later on, Chen revealed to Kai (who was spared from the factory by Skylor) that he plans to use the power to become more powerful than Lloyd so he can proceed with his next plan to capture him. He explains that after defeating Lloyd he would use the powers for a spell to transform himself and his followers into Anacondrai. He offered Kai power but the latter refused to betray his family and Chen offered him knowledge of his parents that his masters wouldn't tell him.

When Kai led Lloyd in the dark passageway, Chen showed himself before announcing the final match was between them. Lloyd tried to use his powers and skills to defeat Chen, but Chen was too powerful since he used all the elemental powers he absorbed. Eventually, Chen overwhelmed Lloyd causing the green ninja to lose the fight before Chen captured him.

Chen then took Lloyd to the ceremony room where he decided to it was time to absorb all the powers including Skylor's, in order to complete the spell. Chen absorbed Lloyd's elemental power as Clouse started to recite the spell that would transform Chen and his followers. However, Kai stopped them mid-way and Skylor betrayed her father as she kicked away the staff, which Kai retrieved. He used Lightning to destroy Lloyd's chains, but when Clouse pulled a lever, dripping venom onto Lloyd, Kai used Energy to make a shield for Lloyd and used Ice to freeze Clouse.

When Lloyd told him to destroy the staff, Kai started to enjoy using the staff, even using the elemental powers on the Anacondrai warriors, and it started to corrupt him. His corrupted mind revealed that he was jealous that Lloyd became the Green Ninja when it should have been him as Lloyd possessed all the power. Kai tried to fight the control as Chen told him to embrace the power and Kai almost attacked Lloyd and Skylor until Cole, Jay, Zane, Nya, and Master Garmadon broke in with the Elemental Warriors.

Kai dropped the staff before it could further corrupt him causing Chen and Kai to run for the staff but Kai took and destroyed it, restoring the elemental powers back to the original masters.


The Staff is mostly dark blue, with a golden disc on the head bearing an Anacondrai symbol. Above that is a snake skull with a crystal orb in its jaws, flanked by a pair of spikes/fangs. The base of the staff is slightly curved, making it resemble the tail of a Hypnobrai General.


The staff has the power of absorption because it has been used to take the user's elemental power from them, sometimes via weakening the Elemental Master using one of the elements previously absorbed. It's then kept in the staff's crystal orb.

After the staff has absorbed a certain Element, that same Element can be accessed at will by anyone who holds it.

If the staff contains too many Elements or too much power, it can corrupt an inexperienced user.

It also appears the power absorption can inflict pain on the person whose powers are being taken, as seen when Skylor, Lloyd, and the other Elemental Masters painfully yelled when their respective powers were taken.

It appears that while the staff takes only a few seconds to steal someone's powers against their will, it may take a few minutes to absorb the powers of someone who willingly offered them, like Skylor who took a bit more time to get all her power absorbed by Chen.

Official description

This ancient Anacondrai staff has a power that is eerily similar to Skylor's. It can be used to steal the powers of an Elemental Master, and anyone who wields the staff can use that power as their own. Master Chen created the Tournament of Elements as a plot to steal the powers of all the Elemental Masters including those of his own daughter.[1]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Ninjago: Decoded

Video games


  • Zane was the first victim of the staff's power, with Chen having taken his element for the spell and so Zane wouldn't be able to use his Ice powers and escape.
  • Kai had wielded it once, and it corrupted him, turning him evil for a few seconds before it was knocked out of his hands.
  • The crystal orb in the staff is made of the same type of crystals that can be found in one of the caves located in Chen's Island.
  • As stated in the description of Chronosteel, the Staff of Elements is constructed out of Chronosteel, while the Blue Crystal atop of it allows it to absorb more than one power.[2]
  • The crystal in the show is mostly blue, but red in the sets.
  • The Staff of Elements is the Foundation Element for the world of Ninjago during the events of LEGO Dimensions.
  • Chronosteel was not mentioned until Season 7, as even though Chen's staff was made of Chronosteel, Nobody mentioned it in the season.
  • The Staff of Elements appears to have a Hypnobrai tail.


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