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“Fear? Fear isn't a word where I come from!”

Starfarer is a science fiction comic and movie series about a samurai in space. The comic issues can be found at Rufus McCallister's comic book store, Ninjago Doomsday Comix and the movies have been shown at Chan's Theater and another theater located in Ninjago City. The ninja, especially Jay and Lloyd are fans of the series. The franchise has characters such as Fritz Donnegan (portrayed by Cliff Gordon), the Imperial Sludge, and Commander Kiflin. The franchise also has weapons called Illuma-Swords.


Child's Play

Lloyd reads a Starfarer comic book when Master Wu was not looking, and pretended to be reading a book about ninja weapons when he looked. Later, he competed in a comic book trivia competition. However, he lost to his competitor as he had not read the last issue of Starfarer, which he had wanted to get, but the other ninja told him that he had to concentrate on his training.

Later, after Lloyd used Tomorrow's Tea to defeat the Grundle and turn himself older in the process, Rufus McCallister offered him the latest issue of Starfarer, but Lloyd declined, stating that he already knew how it ended.

The Art of the Silent Fist

During the ninjas' ride to the Power Plant, Cole was reading an issue of Starfarer before seeing Nya.

Codename: Arcturus

Jay, Cole, and Nya go on a date at Chan's Theater where a Starfarer marathon was playing.

The Void (mentioned)

Jay acts out combat from from the Starfarer franchise while fighting Nindroids on top of Arcturus while in outer space.

Only One Can Remain

While Jay was relaxing in the hot-tub in his room, he was attacked by Bolobo. This resulted in Jay turning on the TV which was playing a Starfarer film, distracting Bolobo and allowing Jay to escape.


When the ninja were in Kryptarium Prison and Jay complained that the situation was unfair, Cole intentinally misquoted Fritz Donnegan, stating, "Fair isn't a word where I come from."

Misfortune Rising

When Jay recieved the news of the passing of his father, he was given a key to his estate. Upon entering, Jay discovered that his father owned various Starfarer merchandice, including posters, statues, costumes and a toy gun. After entering a secret room, Jay learned that his father was Cliff Gordan, the actor who portrays Fritz Donnegan in Starfarer.

On a Wish and a Prayer

When the ninja were having a meeting at the estate, Starfarer merchandice can be seen in the main room and Jay shakes the Fritz Donnegan statue.

The Jade Princess

Mohawk and an unnamed member of the Sons of Garmadon walked into a movie theater where Ultra Violet was watching Starfarer.

A Rocky Start

While packing, Lloyd caught Kai with his Starfarer comic. Lloyd noted he let Kai borrow it a year ago and was able to get it back.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 6: Skybound

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu



  • Although in the "Child's Play" and "The Art of the Silent Fist" the title on the cover is written in English, in "A Rocky Start" the title is written in Ninjargon. Fritz Donnegan is also drawn with a simple drawing in the original comic and does not resemble his representative actor, Cliff Gordon, but in Season 11, he has his face and hair.
    • While the change in language cannot be fully explained in-universe, it's possible that when the first comic was released, Cliff was not yet cast as his actor, as his film was not in theaters until "Codename: Arcturus".
  • The Hageman Brothers are fans of Starfarer, as shown in "Codename: Arcturus" where they are watching the movie in Chan's Theater.
  • Based on the space theme and the lightsaber-like appearence of the illuma swords, Starfarer appears to be a reference to Star Wars.
  • Starfarer is produced by Zooallan Comics.


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Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

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