“We must not let the Starteeth on board. They devour ships and won't stop until we sink!”
Misako to Cole about Starteeth, "The Last Voyage"

Starteeth are aquatic, starfish-like creatures that live in large groups and are known for their appetites for machinery.


The Last Voyage

The ninja had to set sail on the Destiny's Bounty toward the Island of Darkness with the intention to face Lord Garmadon. As they journeyed through the ocean, they were bombarded by a cluster of Starteeth that began gnawing on their ship. The aquatic creatures managed to eat through one of the Destiny's Bounty's flanks, the entire event causing the boat to crash into an unknown island.

Later, the Leviathan emerged from the ocean and attacked the Destiny's Bounty upon realizing its presence. Seeing as there was no other way, Zane decided to jump into the dark waters below. Immediately, he spotted the beast's chains that forced it to keep guard of the island, Zane realized that the quickest and most efficient solution was to use the Starteeth. He swam down and carefully grabbed two Starteeth, swimming toward the Leviathan and placing the starfish-like creatures on its chains, to which they ate through the metal with ease.

Appearance and attributes

Starteeth are nearly identical to starfish in appearance, though the exposure of one's underbelly would show what gives them their name. In their center is a circle of sharp teeth that can chew through most types of material, including wood and metal.

These orange star-shaped creatures like to hunt anything their sharp teeth can chew on, and tend to release a shrill laugh when doing so. Starteeth are highly destructive, stopping at nothing to gnaw through whatever object falls victim to their behavior. They have been shown to eat wood, fabric, glass, and metal.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

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