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“Maybe we should worry about what's behind us.”
Kai about the mech, "The Last Hope"

The Stone Army Mech was a vehicle piloted by Lord Garmadon and destroyed by Lloyd.


The Last Hope

When Misako stole the Helmet of Shadows, Lord Garmadon pursued her in the Stone Army Mech. The ninja attacked it, but even their new Elemental Blades were useless against the giant machine - only the surprise arrival of Nya and the Earth Driller allowed the group to escape.

Lord Garmadon piloted the Stone Army Mech through the forest after the Earth Driller resurfaced, quickly catching the ninja's machine in his robot's massive hands. After shaking the ninja up, he had the robot throw the Power Drill across the forest. To ninja's misfortune, the impact of the throw jammed the cockpit window to prevent their escape. Lord Garmadon moved in for the final blow, but Lloyd appeared and blasted the Stone Army Mech with an elemental beam, bringing the mech to the ground. The mech fell over, seemingly inoperable, and Lord Garmadon was forced to emerge, dazed and vulnerable.


The Samurai Mech was a large humanoid mech, roughly thirty feet tall. It had four arms, a horned helmet resembling a simplified Helmet of Shadows, and large, green-glowing eyes. The control chair was situated between the lower pair of arms, and four levers allowed Garmadon to control its movements. It was primarily gray, red, and orange in color.


The Samurai Mech was extremely durable; the ninja's elemental powers had no effect, and it charged through a grove of bamboo with ease. It was fast enough to keep up with the Power Drill above ground and strong enough to pick up and throw the smaller vehicle with one hand. It initially wielded an appropriately-sized sword, but abandoned it after the Power Drill knocked it down and the ninja made their escape.


  • The mech appears to be based on General Kozu, the Giant Stone Warrior, or Lord Garmadon himself. Its appearance is most similar to the Giant Stone Warrior.
  • The mech is one of the elements of the television series not to have received a real-life set form.
  • This mech is somewhat similar in appearance to the Samurai Mech, as well as the Mech-enstein, which is a possessed, four-armed version of the Samurai Mech.



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