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Oh, man. I was afraid of this. We've entered the world of old school platform games!
"Stop, Drop and Side Scroll"
Season 12, Episode 12
Ninjago Prime Empire Episode 12.png
Air date April 19, 2020 (Australia)
April 25, 2020 (Asia)
August 16, 2020 (US)
October 25, 2020 (Canada)
Written by Alisha Brophy
Scott Miles
Directed by Shane Poettcker
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"The Speedway Five-Billion"
"Ninjago Confidential"

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll is the twelfth episode of the twelfth season of Ninjago and the 140th episode overall. It aired on April 19, 2020 in Australia, and aired on April 25, 2020 in Asia, and were both paired up with "The Speedway Five-Billion." It aired in the US on August 16, 2020.


Our ninja barely have time to mourn the loss of their fallen ninja friends before being thrust into the madness of Terra Domina.[1]

Extended: Devastated by the loss of Cole and Kai, the surviving ninja push on into Prime Empire's third and final game zone - Terra Domina. They ultimately arrive at the upper-most level where Unagami's voice tells them that one of the ninja will now face the form of his own most dreaded challenger. Lloyd is selected and finds himself facing an avatar of Harumi.[2]


The remaining ninja—Lloyd, Nya, and Jay—head through Terra Technica and sneak past Red Visors. As they move, they watched replay of Kai and Cole being cubed from the Speedway Five-Billion, discouraging them. Lloyd tells the two of them that Kai and Cole would want them to keep on moving, which they do. Jay shows them to the last Arcade Cabinet that would take them to the next area, Terra Domina.

Nya, Lloyd, and Jay on the side-scrolling platform.

When arriving, they find themselves in an entrance shaped similar to the Temple of Madness, which lead to the side-scrolling platforms, where they have to beat all the levels to reach the end. Jay describes how this works: As they keep moving, the ground will disappear behind them and will go faster as they progress, as they keep moving they will need to dodge objects and falling bricks. If one of them dies, they all have to start over. As Nya questions the last rule, she is hit by a giant swinging sledgehammer with spikes, killing her.

The trio respawns back at the beginning, with Nya on her last life. Lloyd expresses his annoyance about having to repeat that again. Jay tells them if they pay attention, they can do this. As they get farther, Jay passes three of the same hammers that killed Nya earlier. As he dances in his victory, he barely evades a falling brick. As he laughs at the brick, another one falls and crushes him.

They respawn back at the start again, now with Jay standing on his last life. They move on again until Lloyd gets blocked by a giant wall. He tries to double jump over it but doesn't have enough room to get high enough. Instead, he hits the wall and falls to his death.

The three respawn back at the beginning once more, now with all of them down to one life. Jay tells them that they can't afford any more mistakes. This time, they make it through the first section.

The music gets faster and Jay realizes this as the game is getting harder. They are then greeted by an infinity maze going upwards and the floor slowly disappearing beneath them. They travel upwards and after a while, they slowly get tired. Just as they think the side-scroller is endless, Nya gets a Loot-Box and unlocks the ability to perform Airjitzu. Jay and Lloyd tell Nya to go on without them but says for them to grab and hold tight and flies up to the top.

When they arrive at the top, they find themselves having to choose a champion to face their most dreaded challenger and obtain the Orange Key-Tana. Lloyd is chosen and walks in the fighting arena. Unagami chooses and spawns Lloyd's most dreaded challenger, which was Harumi, which surprises Lloyd. Jay and Nya try to warn him of what Unagami is doing, but a dome blocks them from entering the arena and mutes their voices from the inside.

Lloyd fighting Avatar Harumi.

Harumi starts by tricking Lloyd to make him not want to fight her and seizes the opportunity to get the first hit on Lloyd. Lloyd holds back, not wanting to fight her. Jay and Nya try to tell Lloyd to fight her since this was not the real Harumi, but their efforts were useless. Lloyd starts making counter-attacks on Harumi, and as Harumi locks swords with Lloyd, she tries to trick him by saying that she was sorry for everything. Lloyd asks Harumi if it was really her. Jay again tries to warn his friend, but cannot due to the dome interfering. Lloyd breaks away from Harumi and proves if this was really her by asking her what they did the first night they were alone together. When Harumi answers incorrectly, Lloyd sees through this, realizing that this was not the real Harumi. Harumi and Lloyd start trading hits and blows at each other, both at low health now. Both make a final charge at each other and make a final attack on each other. Harumi dies first, while Lloyd loses his final life (which is resulted in draw), turning into an Energy Cube and getting absorbed by a drone.

However, Lloyd defeating Harumi earned the Orange Key-Tana, which Jay and Nya obtained. Jay and Nya mourn over Lloyd's loss for a short period of time before Nya asks Jay what to do. Jay grabs the Key-Tana and tells her that they will stop Unagami and get their friends back. Nya nods as the door in front of them opens up and they walk through it.



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Locations featured


  • Narrator: Jay
  • The title of the episode is a portmanteau of "stop, drop, and roll," and "side-scrolling."
  • Jay performs the "Hype" dance from Fortnite.
  • The two main gaming sections of the episode can be compared to various real-life videogames:



  • Lloyd's shoulder pads disappear in one shot during the fight scene with Avatar Harumi.
  • In the credits, Avatar Harumi is credited as Princess Harumi.
  • It is unknown why Avatar Harumi was unaware of Harumi and Lloyd giving food to the poor, when it was shown that she clearly remembered her death.
  • When Lloyd's opponent is being chosen, Garmadon's hands are yellow instead of black.


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