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Stop, Drop and Side Scroll

(The Red Visors are searching Terra Technica for Lloyd, Nya, and Jay. Lloyd signals them to move along, but stop when they look at a monitor showing Kai and Cole crashing during the Speedway Five-Billion race and turning into cubes.)

Lloyd: Our friends wouldn't want us to give up. We have to keep going.

Jay: We'll find a way. Somehow. We're going to find them, and bring them all back.

Nya: Okay, what's next?

Jay: Terra Domina. That's where the last Key-Tana is.

(They walk in front of a red arcade cabinet with flames on its screen.)

Lloyd: It looks a little...intense. (Unagami's logo appears on the screen.) We must be getting close to the end of the game.

(Jay presses a button on the arcade cabinet, causing it to open.)

Jay: Well, c'ya on the other side.

(The ninja enter walk through the arcade cabinet and enter Terra Domina. They see a floating temple from above.)

Jay: Holy cow! Unagami's Temple of Madness.

Nya: I'd go mad too if I lived here.

(The ninja walk through an entrance. They see many levitating platforms.)

Jay: Okay, that's freaky!

Lloyd: We should head back. Let's go about the dangers, and come back with a plan. (The platform that they are standing on glitches.) Did you guys feel that?

Jay: Feel what?

Lloyd: I don't know. I thought I felt something. (The platform disappears and the ninja land on one that looks like the rest.) Whoa!

(The ninja look behind them and see the Unagami logo. The platform the ninja are on starts to disappear.)

Nya: Hey!

(They jump onto another platform.)

Lloyd: W-what's happening? (The ninja jump onto another platform.) Where's that music coming from?

Jay: Oh, man. I was afraid of this. We've entered the world of old school platform games!

(The ninja jump onto another platform.)

Nya: And those games force you to run towards chaos?

Jay: Eh, technically side-scroll toward chaos, but yeah.

(They jump onto a platform.)

Jay: There's rules to these games. One: You can't go backwards. (They jump on another platform.) Two: Everything speeds up the further you go! (Jay and Lloyd jump on another platform. Nya runs off the one she is on and nearly falls, but is caught by Jay. Jay pulls her up.) Three: All of the obstacles are pre-programmed, so if you learn the timing, you can evade the danger. (Jay points to an enemy ahead. The ninja jump over the enemy. They jump on multiple platforms.) But the most important thing to know is: If you die, we have to start over at the beginning!

Nya: Wait, what do you mean we start-OOF!(She gets hit by a giant spiked mallet, falls off the platform, and loses a life. The ninja are transported to the start of the level. Nya is left with one life, while Lloyd and Jay are left with two.) Okay, I see what you mean.

Lloyd: We have to do all that over again?!

Nya: All of us?! How's that fair?

Jay: If we pay attention, we won't make the same mistakes twice. (They jump on numerous platforms. Jay slides beneath an enemy, while Nya and Lloyd jump and leap over it. They reach a section with spiked mallets swinging. Jay dodges the mallets.) Oh yeah! (He does a dance.) Mhmm! Mhmm! (A red cube nearly falls on him, but he dodges it.) Haha! (Another cube falls down and hits Jay, causing him to lose a life.) AHH! (The ninja respawn at the start of the level. Nya and Jay are left with one life, while Lloyd has two.)

Lloyd: Okay, I'm getting a little tired of this.

Nya: We don't have many lives left so be careful, okay?

(Lloyd and Jay nod. The ninja pass through different sections of the level. Lloyd reaches a wall that starts pushing him off a platform. He slowly slides off, but jumps, knocking him off and causing him to lose a life.) OH NOOO!

(The ninja respawn at the start. They now all have one life left. The trio sigh.)

Lloyd: Okay, I'm down to my last life.

Nya: Me too.

Jay: Same here. No more mistakes.

(The ninja pass through the level's various obstacles. They jump over the wall and land behind it. The area behind them disappears.)

Lloyd: Ha! No more scrolling! Did we beat the level?

(Unagami's logo appears behind them without being noticed.)

Nya: I don't see the Key-Tana.

(Fast begins starts to play.)

Jay: Uh oh! The music always gets faster when the game's about to get harder!

Nya: How could it possibly get harder?!

(Another section of the level appears in front of them.)

Jay: Oh, an infinity maze!

Lloyd: Let's hope not. Infinity means forever.

(They feel a rumble. They start jump on two platforms and a trampoline, sending them to a higher platform.)

Nya: Is someone throwing bricks at us?

(Flaming bombs start falling from above. Nya shields herself and jumps to Lloyd and Jay.)

Lloyd: Those aren't bricks, they're bombs!

(A bomb explodes in front of them, sending Jay flying.)

Jay: Whoa! Agh! (He sees spikes protruding from a wall.) What are those?! (The spikes shoot out from the wall. They dodge the spikes.)

Lloyd: Gah!

Nya: Whoa!

(Jay jumps on a platform. The platform starts burning. Jay jumps onto another platform.)

Jay: Ah! AAAH!

Nya: And apparently the floor can just burst into flames!

(They jump onto a trampoline and begin avoiding the obstacles of the area. They start to slow down, growing tired. They stop in front of spikes coming from above.)

Jay: Ugh. I'll never make fun of old games again. This is hard.

Lloyd: No wonder this game was never released. Who wants to play something called "Spiky-bomb-bricks-hot floors"?!

Nya: Who cares what it's called?! It's endless!

Jay: Hopefully not!

Lloyd: What if it is? What if there's no way out?

(A loot box appears behind Lloyd.)

Nya: Guys, look! A loot box! (Nya jumps onto the spikes and makes her way to the loot box.) Come on! Give me something awesome! (She reaches the loot box and a menu appears, showing a cyclone symbol.) Uhh, cyclones are not a good thing. (Lloyd and Jay reach Nya.) They're whirling clouds of chaos that obliterate everything in their path.

Jay: Whoa! (He pushes Lloyd and Nya, alongside himself out of the way, as a cube hits the floor, smashing into pieces.) Maybe the only way to beat this thing is a force of nature!

Nya: Only one way to find out. (She presses the cyclone icon. A yellow Airjitzu cyclone covers her.) (Gasp.) I think this gives me the ability to use Airjitzu!

Jay: Great, but it's only temporary. The flashes are speeding up!

Lloyd: If you can Airjitzu, you can make it to the top of this maze!

Nya: But what about you guys?

(Lloyd and Jay look at each other and nod.)

Jay: Go without us. It's better than none of us making it.

Nya: I've got a better idea. Hang on tight, boys!

Lloyd: Wait, no! What're you-


(Nya grabs a hold of Jay, while Lloyd hangs onto Jay.)

Lloyd and Jay: AHHH!

Nya: (She uses Airjitzu to get to the top of the maze.) Cyclon-do!

Jay: Whoo! Hoo-hoo!

(They land at the top.)

Lloyd: Guess it wasn't so infinite after all.

Nya: Then they should call it the "Super long and incredibly annoying but eventually there's an end to it" maze.

Jay: Yeah. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Nya: Well, no point in putting it off. Let's go. (They walk through an entrance and enter a dojo-like level. Intense music starts playing.) The music again? How can it get harder?!

Jay: This must be the final boss battle.

(Icons of the three ninja appear in front of them.)

Fighting Game Voice: Choose your champion.

Jay: So now it's an old school "fighting game?" MAKE UP YOUR MIND, DUDE!

Nya: What does it mean "choose your champion?"

Fighting Game Voice: Choose your champion.

Jay: Okay, I think one of us has to fight the boss.

Lloyd: I'll take this one.

Nya: Are you sure? You only have one life left, Lloyd.

Lloyd: Same as you.

(Jay and Nya step back and nod. Lloyd presses his icon.)

Fighting Game Voice: The champion has been chosen. (Avatars of Clutch Powers, Aspheera, Garmadon, and the chicken appear.) Unagami will choose your opponent. (Lloyd activates his prime controller.) Fighter two will be...

(A fighter appears in front of Lloyd.)

Lloyd: (Gasps.)

(The fighter appears to be Harumi.)

"Harumi": Lloyd.

Lloyd: Ha...Harumi?

(Nya and Jay look at each other.)

"Harumi": It's good to see you again, Lloyd.

Lloyd: How?

Jay: It's not her, Lloyd. It's just a trick. (He bangs on a barrier.) (Gasp.) A force field!

Nya: Lloyd! Lloyd!

Jay: No, no, no!

(Jay and Nya start banging on the force field.)

"Harumi": Did you miss me, Lloyd? I think about you so much. Sometimes I wonder...if things could've been different. Maybe in another time or place? (She spawns a katana behind her back.) Maybe we can be together again. You... and me. YAH!

("Harumi" hits Lloyd her katana.)

Nya: Lloyd!

("Harumi" strikes at Lloyd with her weapon, but is blocked by his prime controller.)

Lloyd: I can't fight her!

Jay: It's a simulation! It's not her! (He bangs on the force field.)

"Harumi": HA-UH! (She spins at Lloyd, but he dodges. She strikes at him but is blocked. She pushes him back.)

Lloyd: Ah! (He catches his breath.) Harumi, don't do this!

"Harumi": You left me, Lloyd! All the people you save, and where were you when I needed you? Where were you?! (She strikes him but is blocked. She tries to stab him, but misses. Jay and Nya gasp.The two opponents continue to strike and block each other. Lloyd starts to attack back. The two attack one another with their weapons. Lloyd and "Harumi" block each other.) Lloyd...I don't have long. But I wanted to say: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. If you could only give me another chance?

Lloyd: Harumi, is it really you?

Jay: (He bangs on the force field.) No! Lloyd! It's not Harumi! The computer's just trying to get into your head! (He bangs on the force field again.) It's nothing but a program!

(Lloyd glances at Jay and breaks free from the block.)

Lloyd: Harumi, what did we do the first night we were alone together?

"Harumi": Watch the sunset? (Lloyd frowns.) Listen to music?

Lloyd: We went to the canals in Ninjago City. To give food to the poor. The real Harumi would've remembered that. You're not Harumi!

(Lloyd strikes Avatar Harumi. They begin swinging their weapons and dodging each other. Lloyd and Avatar Harumi's health bars drop. She strikes at Lloyd, only to be blocked, and Lloyd counter attacks. The dueling opponents circle each other and wait for the other's attack.)

Avatar Harumi: Rrrr...Ah! AH! (Avatar Harumi charges at Lloyd.)

Lloyd: HAA-AH! (Lloyd charges at Harumi.)

(The two slash each other. They both stop. Avatar Harumi disappears, and Lloyd turns into an Energy Cube.)

Jay: No!

Nya: Lloyd!

(The force field finally disappears and they run towards the Cube. An aerial drone collects the Cube as Nya attempted to grab it. The Aerial Drone teleports away. The last Key-Tana appears.)

Nya: Jay. What do we do?

Jay: We do what we have to do. (He grabs the Key-Tana.) We get our friends back... (He raises the Key-Tana.) ...and we stop Unagami.

(Nya nods lightly. Jay stores the Key-Tana. The two ninja glance at each other before walking out of the level.)

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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