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Not to be confused with Lightning or Wind.
“We harnessed the power of lightning, and became one with the storm.”

Storm (or simply lightning[4][5]) is a power in Ninjago that consist of purple lightning and the Elemental Powers of Wind and Water.[6] It is generally associated with the color magenta. It is in a form of purple electricity which is generated from violent thunderstorms. It was mainly used by Wojira by using the Storm Amulet and later the Keepers after harnessing its lightning.

User's abilities

  • Electrokinesis/Fulgurkinesis - The user can create, generate, increase, absorb, conduct, shape, and manipulate electricity of various intensities. Users of this ability can redirect natural lightning in an electrical storm, electrocute opponents, and cause electrical explosions. Also, the user can use it against an adversary.

Higher-level powers

  • Tempestakinesis - The user can create and manipulate storms, including thunder, lightning, and strong winds that rise the Endless Sea above its normal level, as Wojira was able to control actual storms and while producing heavy rain and strong winds by using the full power of the Storm Amulet.
  • Fury of the Storm - With Wave, the user of Storm can create a destructive storm that can affect an entire realm.


Prior to The Island

Before the First Spinjitzu Master came to Ninjago, Wojira used the Storm Amulet to take control of the Endless Sea with violent storms.[7]

However, after Nyad was able to pry the Storm Amulet from Wojira, the First Spinjitzu Master would later task the Keepers and the Stone Guardians to protect it, who would later receive the power of lightning from the storm.[5]

Several years later, Twitchy Tim went on a hot air balloon tour until his balloon was blown off-course to the Island of the Keepers. During his time there, he was struck by the lightning from the storm belt twelve times while he was trying to escape.[4]

The Island


Misako's expedition was attack by the Stone Guardians when the storm belt awakens them by using Storm. Later, as the ninja and Twitchy Tim were closing in to the Island of the Keepers, the storm belt was used to knock off them off.

Keepers of the Amulet

While battling the ninja, the Stone Guardians summon the storm belt to empower them with Storm, using it to attack them.

After the ninja escaped from the Stone Guardians, they ran into Zippy's uncle, who attacked them. When the ninja used their Elemental Powers on the dragon, Zippy's uncle used Storm to create an energy field so he could protect himself from the ninja's elements.[2]

Later, the ninja got zapped and captured by the Keepers, who explained how they got the power of Storm while telling the ninja about their oath to protect the Storm Amulet.

The Gift of Jay

While the ninja were looking for Jay, the Keepers used their spears to zap Zippy with Storm, but missed. Later, when the ninja caught Clutch Powers attempting to steal the Storm Amulet, the Keepers zapped them with their spears.

The Tooth of Wojira

After Ronin attempted to escape by using his boat, Twitchy Tim uses the power of Storm to stop him. Later, Clutch attempted to steal the Storm Amulet again, but Nya took a Keeper spear to zap him with it.


The Storm Amulet

The storm belt used its lightning to throw off the ninja.

The Calm Before the Storm

After Kalmaar awoken Wojira her amulets, he took her to Ninjago City so he can use the Fury of the Storm to destroy Ninjago. While traveling, Wojira used Storm to capsized the Mary Louise and later struck a lid up sign.

Assault on Ninjago City

During the Great Flood, Storm was used by Wojira to create heavy rain while using lightning to attack the Destiny's Bounty and later Lloyd.


As the Fury of the Storm continued to destroy Ninjago City, Kalmaar ordered Wojira to use Storm during his battle with Nya.

The Turn of the Tide

While battling Nya, Wojira uses Storm to electrocute Nya until she destroyed her. However, after Nya destroyed the Wave Amulet, Wojira was struck by Storm and vanishes.

Notable Users

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  • The way the Keepers merged with the storm is similar to how Nyad and Nya merged with the sea.
  • Although Storm has slightly different characteristics than other Elemental Powers, The Book of Elemental Powers recognizes it as an Element.
    • However, according to Tommy Andreasen, Storm isn't an element along with Wave but rather complex abilities used by Wojira. In Storm's case, "It takes wind, water and lightning to make a perfect storm."[6]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the power of Storm is "Whatever you experience when caught in a storm."[8]


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Foreign language Translation
Czech Bouře
French Foudre
Spanish Tormenta
Portuguese Tempestade



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