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“He doesn't have a bike.”
Ultra Violet to Killow, referring to Zane in "Snake Jaguar"

Street bikes[1] are generic bikes in Ninjago, mostly used by the Sons of Garmadon.


The Jade Princess

The Sons of Garmadon used their motorcycles to invade the Royal Palace.

When Lloyd and Harumi were escaping, they used one of the S.O.G's bike to get away. However, Ultra Violet and other members of the Sons of Garmadon would follow them using their bikes all the way to the Ninjago Harbor.

The Oni and the Dragon

The S.O.G. had their bikes parked outside of Laughy's and used it to flee when the ninja arrived.

Snake Jaguar

The Sons of Garmadon used their bikes to participate in a race.

The Quiet One

The S.O.G. used their bikes to traverse through Primeval's Eye.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

While Lloyd and Harumi were fighting on top of a cart, Killow and two S.O.G. members were riding their motorcycles below.


In a chaotic Ninjago City, the Sons of Garmadon rode their bikes through streets attempting to find Lloyd.

Later, the Sons of Garmadon found Lloyd and used their bikes to corner him in.

How to Build a Dragon

Some members of the Sons of Garmadon entered the Garbage depot using their bikes.

The Gilded Path

Three members of the Sons of Garmadon chased Lloyd, Nya, Skylor, and Dareth using their bikes.

Two Lies, One Truth

Some members of the S.O.G. rode their bikes in order to find Lloyd.

Saving Faith

Two members of the S.O.G. follow Killow with their bikes.




Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted




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