“Hey, we didn't look like that back then.”
“I told you, it was an enhanced visual augmentation.”
— Kai and Zane, "Elemental Rider"

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu is a series of six videos from the LEGO website made to promote the Ninjago Legacy sets. It is preceded by Season 9 and succeeded by Season 10. A team of painters is creating a mural of the Ninjas' past victories, while the team train in the newly rebuilt Monastery of Spinjitzu and reminisce about the past.

The flashbacks are canon, but with some details being different than what actually occurred because they are fantasies, dreams, or visual augmentations.[1]

Official Description

The ninja of LEGO® NINJAGO® are rebuilding the Monastery of Spinjitzu after it was burned down by the Hypnobrai tribe. To preserve the Legacy of Spinjitzu for generations to come, Master Wu is overseeing the making of a mural that depicts some of the most defining and epic moments in the history of Spinjitzu. Watch these all-new original stories to see how the ninja remember past LEGO NINJAGO adventures!


Master Class

Master Wu gives the Ninja a review in Spinjitzu and they all end up being covered in gold paint.

Green and Gold

Lloyd dreams of what happened to the Ultra Dragon, and finds that he returned to the First Realm.

The Weekend Drill

Cole, driving his newly rebuilt Earth Driller, gets called to fight the Giant Stone Warrior in Kryptarium Prison.

Elemental Rider

Zane and Kai recall a time when they fought off some Venomari using their Golden Weapons in vehicle form.

Blue Lightning

Jay remembers beating Pythor off of some noodle trucks using his jet.

Samurai X-Treme

Nya talks about how she would upgrade her Samurai Mech if she had made it today.


Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode Name Airdate
1 Mini-Movie
Master Class Title Card
"Master Class" December 19,


2 Mini-Movie
Green and Gold Title Card
"Green and Gold" December 19, 2018
3 Mini-Movie
The Weekend Drill Title Card
"The Weekend Drill" December 19,


4 Mini-Movie
Elemental Rider Title Card
"Elemental Rider" December 19,


5 Mini-Movie
Blue Lightning Title Card
"Blue Lightning" December 19,


6 Mini-Movie
Samurai X-Treme Title Card
"Samurai X-Treme" December 19,



  • It appears that the inconsistency between the designs used in the Legacy sets and how the events actually happened in the show is explained by the Ninja remembering the past in an exaggerated way, or having selective memory.
    • The movies are confirmed to be canon by Tommy Andreasen, explaining that "Two of them are set in present day. The other 4 all start and end in present day, however the stories are memories, fantasies, dreams, visual augmentations which means they are saturated by the ninja's current state of mind and self image."
      • The only flashback that seems to be completely accurate is the one in "The Weekend Drill", as it takes place after Season 9, and Cole having the Earth Driller is explained as Nya giving him a new one as a gift. The Giant Stone Warrior he fights is the same one from Season 2, which is still in Kryptarium Prison.
      • Zane explains that the reason he and Kai look different than they actually did in a data log of a fight with Venomari taking place at some point during the first season is because it is a visual augmentation, and he has selective memory to make himself look cooler.
      • Lloyd looks and sounds like he currently does in a flashback that takes place after the second season because it is a dream. What remains consistent, is that he does not have green eyes.
      • In Nya's flashback to her Samurai X days, she imagines the additions she would give to her mech if she had made it in the present, saying that she would have made it less bulky.
      • Jay's flashback to using the Nunchucks of Lightning in a fight against Pythor during Season 1 is a day-dream.
  • In the Monastery of Spinjitzu, there is a mural most of the adventures of the Ninja going from the confrontation with the Skulkin of the Pilot Episodes until the confrontation with Garmadon in Season 9: Hunted. Even the Dark Island Trilogy is included. "Day of the Departed," however, is not.
  • Nya encounters a young Harumi and her parents in the village she helps save them from the Skulkin in "Samurai X-Treme."
  • Killow and Ultra Violet appear in "The Weekend Drill." The Fold also makes an appearance as prisoners at Kryptarium.



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