Elemental Skulkin Counterparts

Has anyone ever noticed the characteristics and elements of the four Skulkin generals?

First, Samukai is the Skulkin general of Fire (note his red belt). He is very determined, an overconfident fighter, and he is a bit self-centered.

Second, Kruncha is the Skulkin general of Earth (grey belt). He is a close friend of Nuckal, but is very tough, and gets annoyed easily by Nuckal's ignorance.

Nuckal is the Skulkin general of Lightning (blue belt). He spends all of his time with Kruncha, likes to look at the fun side of any situation, and isn't very serious.

Finally, Wyplash is the general of Ice (white belt). He wasn't seen in any of the pilot episodes of Ninjago (but was in the mini movies), and is a quite character we almost never hear from, though is a calm and tactical leader.

Do these characteristics sound familiar? They should, as they are almost identical to the characteristics of the four ninja. Did the Lego Group aim for this? I'm not sure. It seems like they might have, but the final showdown in the pilot episodes was between Samukai and Sensei.

I would have been much more pleased if there was a final showdown between the protagonists and their underworld counterparts (Garmadon/Wu, Samukai/Kai, Kruncha/Cole, Nuckal/Jay, and Wyplash/Zane). What do you think?

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