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The Teapot of Tyrahn. The ancient markings on the side describe it's a powerful relic that can trap mortals.

The Teapot of Tyrahn is a legendary teapot in which Nadakhan is trapped. Long ago, Captain Soto trapped Nadakhan inside it and marooned the Djinn's crew across the Sixteen Realms. Following the Battle of Stiix, Clouse discovered the teapot and freed Nadakhan, but the deceptive djinn manipulated him and imprisoned Clouse in the teapot. Shortly after, Nadakhan would also imprison Wu and Misako there for some time until being transferred to the Djinn Blade.

When Nadakhan returned to Djinjago, he found his home realm was collapsing after the Cursed Realm's destruction. Nadakhan's father, Khanjikhan, gave him the Djinn Blade to imprison the souls of his adversaries. Nadakhan accepted the weapon, breaking the teapot and trapping those inside within the Djinn Blade.

When Jay made his final wish, recent events were undone and Clouse never found the teapot, leaving Nadakhan imprisoned inside it. Despite this, Clouse still attempted to retrieve it but was chased off by the citizens of Stiix, leaving the teapot lost in the city's wreckage, which ironically saved his life.

The teapot eventually found its way into the Desert of Doom and was eaten by Beohernie. When the ninja had to get a part of the Land Bounty from Beohernie's stomach, they took the teapot out of his stomach as well.

Somehow, the teapot then found its way to the streets of Ninjago City and was discovered by Clutch Powers.


200 years before the age of the ninja,[1] Nadakhan was captured in the teapot by Captain Soto. The teapot would later be either lost or abandoned and wound up in the city of Stiix.[2]


Following the Battle of Stiix, the city's citizens were left to clean up the destruction caused by the Preeminent. The teapot was lost amongst the wreckage and thrown into a garbage scow during the cleansing of the city.

Clouse, who survived the Cursed Realm's destruction, found the teapot and freed Nadakhan but was manipulated into being trapped inside it. Later, when Wu went to Domu, he would be confronted by Nadakhan and was tricked into wishing it away, thinking he would be in a comfortable place with tea and trapped in the teapot as well.

Public Enemy Number One

During her interrogation at the police station, Misako was also confronted by Nadakhan and trapped in the teapot with Clouse and Wu.


When Nadakhan returned to his home realm, he found it was collapsing and his father gave him a powerful sword with which to trap the souls of his enemies. Nadakhan took the weapon and used it to shatter the Teapot of Tyrahn, trapping Wu, Misako, and Clouse in the sword.

The Way Back

The teapot was restored when Jay wished that the events of Skybound had never transpired, causing time to go back to before the teapot was found and trapping Nadakhan inside it once more.

In this timeline, Clouse was driven off by the citizens of Stiix before he could retrieve the teapot, presumably leaving the artifact lost forever amidst the wreckage of Stiix.

Prior to Season 11

Following its removal from Stiix, the teapot somehow found its way into the Desert of Doom, where it was swallowed by Beohernie.

The Belly of the Beast

The teapot was seen inside Beohernie’s stomach when Zane entered it. After Kai struck the beetle, it spat out Zane along with the teapot, the soda guzzler, and their picnic blanket, leaving the teapot lost in the desert.

Prior to Season 12

Following its removal from Beohernie's stomach, the teapot somehow found its way onto the streets of Ninjago City.

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

The teapot was discovered on the streets of Ninjago City by Clutch Powers, who rubbed it but since he was not seen arranging the symbol on it into its proper place.


Lloyd mentions it when he wonders what the news the ninja just received was about.

Prior to Seabound

Clutch donated the teapot to the Explorers Club.

Riddle of the Sphinx

The teapot is seen on a table when Underhill grabs a coat hanger to use as a weapon when Kalmaar attacks the Explorers Club.

Assault on Ninjago City

The teapot floated past the tour bus where Dareth was in.

Sweatin' to the Goldies

The teapot was in Clutch's possession when he went to the premiere of Clutch Powers: A Musical Life. When he mentioned that his "wish" was to have everyone in Ninjago see his movie, a large cloud of orange smoke appeared and Clutch disappeared.




Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 6: Skybound

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound

Ninjago: Reimagined


  • A golden teapot also appears in 70738 Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty, but it is most likely intended to be a normal teapot unconnected to Nadakhan.
  • The crystals seen in the Djinn Blade are also present when Clouse and Wu are seen trapped in the teapot in "Public Enemy Number One."
  • Since Season 11, there is some hint of the teapot in every season.
  • When asked how the teapot found its way into Ninjago City, Tommy Andreasen said, "Unseen events. Maybe it’s in a comic."[3]
  • When asked about the teapot's resurgence, Bragi Schut stated, "It’s something we like to have fun with. I think the tea-pot is a powerful object but with a mischievous desire to be found. Who knows where and when it will pop up next? Hopefully whoever’s hands it ends up in, isn’t some irresponsible reckless fool."[4]


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