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“Why did Borg give us the Techno Blades to protect? Why are they so important?”
“Because together, they can reboot the system, wipe the master computer clean, and destroy the Overlord virus for good.”
Kai and P.I.X.A.L., "The Art of the Silent Fist"

The Techno Blades are weapons the ninja obtained at Borg Tower. They can "hack into systems," which allows ordinary machinery to transform into Ninja vehicles.


The Surge

At Borg Tower, Cyrus Borg gave the ninja a statue. In the elevator, when they accidentally dropped the statue, the Techno Blades were inside. When Kai picked them up, the alarm ran, calling the ninja assailants. Then the elevator quickly threw them down, but they managed to escape and put on their new suits. Unfortunately, they didn't know how to use the Techno Blades until Zane hacked a copter. Eventually, Jay hacked a rover, Cole hacked a robot, and Kai hacked a jet. There he got sent a message by Borg saying that once the Digital Overlord knows the ninja have the Techno Blades, he won't let them leave the city.

The Art of the Silent Fist

When the Overlord explains that he needed more of Lloyd's power to be freed of his digital prison, a corrupted P.I.X.A.L. says he needed the Techno Blades to stop the ninja from rebooting him, but the Overlord interrupts her.

At Garmadon's monastery, Zane says he will protect the blades. At night, though, P.I.X.A.L attempts to steal them, but Zane ties her up and brings her to the monastery. When Zane pulls out his Techno Blade, Garmadon tries to refuse him, but Jay says to him it only hacks into things. Zane hits P.I.X.A.L with his blade, thus she is no longer under the control of the Overlord.

At Ninjago's Storm Farms, Kai and Cole attempt to hack it to turn off the power, but it is sealed in with a hard glass seal.

Enter the Digiverse

The ninja bring the Techno Blades to the Digiverse, and eventually, they attempt to reboot the system. Unfortunately, the Overlord blocks the reboot system, but with the help of a draining Lloyd, the ninja turn to gold and reboot the system. It is unknown what happened to the Techno Blades after. description

Rebooted (2017 Museum gallery)

Despite their name, the Techno-Blades are not standard weapons. They are not sharp-edged and are not designed for combat. Created by Cyrus Borg, the Techno-Blades were designed to destroy the Digital Overlord. They were capable of rebooting the Digiverse system and erasing the Digital Overlord from existence in the process. The Techno-Blades were also capable of hacking into vehicles' operating systems. When used by one of the ninja, the blade caused their elemental powers to sweep over the vehicle, changing its color to match that of the ninja. The ninja used these blades to take control of and transform vehicles during the fight with the Digital Overlord. Techno-Blades begin to glow in the presence of computerized systems.[1]

Day of the Departed

Dormant Techno-Blades don’t look like much and they’re too dull to cut anything. It’s only when they’re shoved into a piece of technology that their real power is revealed. Lloyd wasn’t gifted a Techno-Blade by Cyrus Borg. He pretended he didn’t mind and there were other things to worry about at the time, but sometimes he dreams about what his Techno-Blade might have created![2]


When dormant, the Techno Blades lack their distinctive heads and much of their power, being too dull to effectively cut most objects. However, their true power is revealed when in the proximity of a hackable machine; the Blades grow in size, and their blades become sharper and begin glowing. It is then that the Techno Blades truly work as weapons and hacking devices.


  • Kai's Techno Blade is red and resembles a long axe. He used it to transform a jet into his Kai Fighter.
  • Cole's Techno Blade is green and resembles a flail or a whip. He used it to transform a Security Mech into his Earth Mech.
  • Zane's Techno Blade is blue (white in the TV series) and resembles a staff. He used it to transform a Hover-Copter into his NinjaCopter and turn P.I.X.A.L. good again.
  • Jay's Techno Blade is yellow (blue in the TV series) and resembles a chainsaw blade. He used it to transform a Nindroid Tank into his Lightning off-roader.
  • Cryptor's Techno Blade is neon green and resembles a flail with the Yin Blade's handle. He used it to try to kill Zane in order to take his place amongst the living.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Video games


  • In the Portuguese-translated shows, its name translates as "Techno Daggers."
  • The LEGO versions of Kai's Techno Blade and Elemental Blade have identical hilts.
  • Lloyd is the only ninja who doesn't have a Techno Blade; according to the Hall of Villainy section on the Ninjago website, he claimed not to mind, but secretly wondered what he might have been able to create with one.
  • Jay's Techno Blade is yellow but in the show it is light blue.
  • The Techno Blades disappear from the series after "Enter the Digiverse," possibly because they fulfilled their purpose in "defeating" the Digital Overlord.
    • However, it is possible the were simply left behind in the digiverse and are now lost
  • Cole's Techno Blade is the only one available in only one set; however, that set is 70720 Hover Hunter, which is the smallest set of the Rebooted wave, making it fairly cheap and easy to get.
  • Although Cryptor's Techno Blade was made with the energy and spirit of one of the four originals, it's unknown which one was used to create it.
    • It may be Cole's Blade, due to both blades appearing similar to each other.
  • When the ninja hack into vehicles, they appear to transport into the pilot seats regardless of where they were the moment before that. It's unknown how this works.
  • Even though the ninja seemingly gave away their Elemental Powers to Lloyd in "Island of Darkness," the Techno Blades' use of their respective elements proves that the ninja retained their powers to some degree.[3]
  • The name of the YouTuber Technoblade was thought to be based on them. However, he has since clarified that this isn't the case.[4]
  • Jay's Trans-Yellow Techno Blade appears in a LEGO DC Comics set 76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro. It also bares a resemblance to Zane's techno blade but fully transparent yellow.


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