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We underestimate the importance of balance. When it's there, we're at peace. When something is off, everything falls. Ninjago is no different. It put too much faith in technology, allowing the Overlord to return, and because of your friends, now the world is without power. When one relies on something too much, we become weak, vulnerable, imbalanced. In order to find your full potential and unlock your true power, you must find your own balance.

The Balance is the metaphysical force of opposing systems working together in harmony. The balance of these two great powers often shifts and fluctuates in Ninjago, while in other realms such as Cloud Kingdom and the Realm of Madness, it is set to one or the other. It can be represented by the forces of good and evil, Golden Power and Darkness, and Creation and Destruction.


In the Realm of Oni and Dragons, there were two powerful kinds of beings, the Oni and the Dragons. The Oni had the power of Destruction, while the Dragons had the power of Creation/Golden Power, and, because of their differences, they constantly waged war on each other.

One day, a child was born from both sides, and thus had the powers of both (the child was known as the First Spinjitzu Master). Seeing a chance to turn the tables in their war, the Dragons and Oni fought as to which side the child should choose. Seeking to avoid this war, the First Spinjitzu Master left the First Realm, and started a new realm, Ninjago. In Ninjago, the First Spinjitzu Master created a balance of both shadow and light (using his inherited powers). Out of the evil and shadowy side of the balance, the Overlord was manifested. The Overlord challenged the First Spinjitzu Master to battle over Ninjago, and they waged battle on each other for a time. As the battle grew to a stalemate, the Overlord created the Stone Army in an attempt to turn the battle in his favor. Seeing his defeat was imminent, the First Spinjitzu Master split Ninjago into two halves, one remaining balanced, while the other was turned to shadow, and promptly sunk below the ocean.

Over time the balance fluctuated many more times, sometimes turning towards shadow, and sometimes toward light, but a state of equilibrium is and was kept most of the time.

During Hunted, Lord Garmadon takes over Ninjago City, and ruins the balance. After his defeat, Jay remarks that "the balance has been restored."

During March of the Oni, the Oni invade Ninjago bringing darkness and causing the balance to be disrupted again, but thanks to the Ninja using the Tornado of Creation, the balance returned not only in Ninjago, but also in all Realms.

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  • When the balance is off, as it has been in most of the series, there is more conflict and suffering,[1] explaining why there is always some enemy for the ninja to fight.[2]
  • Like True Potential, "the balance" is a common term not always used to refer to the same concept.
    • At Zane's funeral in "The Titanium Ninja," Cyrus Borg speaks of the balance on a societal level of relying too much on technology.
    • In "Enkrypted," Nadakhan's father, Khanjikhan, mentioned a balance when speaking of the realms, suggesting another balance related to the Realms.
    • In "The Oni and the Dragon," Mystake refers to the Sons of Garmadon's growing prominence, saying, "Lord Garmadon was destroyed by the most powerful force of all, the love of his own son. But in his absence, a void was created. A new darkness has arisen."
  • Possibly the only being known to shift the balance towards either force is the First Spinjitzu Master. Another possible candidate is the Golden Master, whom possessed Golden Power, but also likely possessed the power of Darkness.
  • The First Spinjitzu Master is a being of balance between Light and Dark, while the Overlord is a being of unbalance; while the First Spinjitzu Master struggles to keep the two great forces of Ninjago balanced, the Overlord struggles to unbalance them, and shift the world into darkness and evil.
  • The First Spinjitzu Master also gave Garmadon the power of Destruction and Wu the power of Creation so that his sons would represent the balance.[3]
  • The First Spinjitzu Master likely created Ninjago as a balanced Realm so its inhabitants could live various different ways of life rather than only the life of monks as seen in the light-shifted realm of Cloud Kingdom.
  • The Darkness used by the Overlord, whilst similar, isn’t an essence from the First Realm, such as Creation or Destruction; rather, it seems to be a more abstract and raw manifestation of Ninjago's Balance itself.


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