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The Calm Before the Storm

(Out at sea, citizens on a ship call for help.)

Woman: I gotcha!

Captain: Mayday! Mayday! This is the Mary Louise. We've caught a squall! We need help! Mayday!

Coast Guard: Say again, Mary Louise, you're breaking up.

Captain: We need help! We are in a squall!

Coast Guard: Did -- you say a squall? There's no squall on radar. We have clear skies in all directions.

Captain: It came out of nowhere! One second the weather was good, the next -- (He stops when he sees a shadow in the waves.)

Coast Guard: Say it again, Mary Louise. What was that sound?

(The shadow is revealed to be Wojira, with Kalmaar riding on her head and laughing maniacally. Wojira dives back into the sea, and the sea becomes calm again.)

(At the docks, a coast guard is sleeping while fishing when something pulls on his fishing rod.)

Coast Guard: I got something! Or, something's got me!

(His rod is pulled into the water, and Glutinous appears before them.)

Glutinous: Is -- this -- Ninjago?

Coast Guard: Yeah?

Glutinous: (Panting heavily.) I -- must -- speak with the ninja.

Coast Guard: This can't be good.

(In the city, Jay runs into Benny's Arcade Emporium.)

Jay: Ah, I love the smell of arcade in the morning. (Gasps.) Prime Empire! Prime Empire ... hehe, I was in that game! Yeah, I was Superstar Rockin' Jay!

Nya: Jay, come over here! (Jay runs over to the Dancy Pants machine where she is dancing.) Check it out!

Jay: Ooh, this is gonna be so much fun!

Nya: I've been practicing a new move. Look!

Jay: Whoa, that's great! What do you call it?

Nya: I call it the "Electric Jaya".

Jay: You named it after me? Uh huh, I always wanted to be a dance move!

Nya: I named it after us! Jay, plus Nya, equals Jaya! To pull it off, we need to do it together.

Jay: Oh, I get it. How does it go? Like this? Am I doing it right?

Nya: Yeah. It's like dancing together, but also like we're dodging shurikens.

Jay: Oh! Like this?

Leroy: Hey, check it out! They're about to break the record!

Gamer 2: Dude, awesome dance moves!

Jay: It's called the Electric Jaya, named after us!

Nya: Jay, focus! We're close to beating our record!

Jay: Ooh, oh my gosh! Holy cow!

Nya: We can do this. Concentrate!

Jay: My legs are gonna explode!

Nya: Stay on target!

Crowd: Jaya! Jaya! Jaya! Jaya -- (Suddenly, the machine explodes.)

Leroy: What -- just -- happened?

Gamer 2: I think, they broke the machine!

(The crowd starts cheering, and Jay and Nya embrace. Just then, Wu contacts them.)

Wu: Nya, Jay! What are you doing?

Nya: Master Wu? We're, uh, training. What's wrong?

Wu: Get to the police station. Something has happened.

Jay: We're on our way.

(At the police station, the Commissioner takes the ninja to the interrogation room.)

Commissioner: One of my boys on harbor patrol picked him up. Says his name is ... Gelatin or something?

Benthomaar: (He peers into the window.) Glutinous?

Commissioner: Yeah, yeah. That's it. Anyway, he said he needs to talk to you. Something about a giant snake and the end of the world or something.

Wu: We'll take it from here, Commissioner. Thank you.

Glutinous: Oh, thank goodness. You're here. We don't have a moment to lose!

Benthomaar: What do you want, Glutinous?

Glutinous: I came to warn you. Kalmaar has awoken Wojira!

Jay: That's impossible!

Nya: Yeah, he needs the two amulets, and he's only got one.

Glutinous: He has both! He tricked you. He switched it when you weren't looking, with the fake amulet from the Island of the Keepers.

(Nya gasps and recalls the moment when she took the amulet back from Kalmaar, revealing the fact that Kalmaar did switch the amulets after all.)

Jay: He couldn't have.

Glutinous: I assure you, he did! I saw the real one. He brought it back to the temple. He summoned me, as he usually does.

Past Kalmaar: Glutinous, you spineless mass! Get over here!

Past Glutinous: Yes, my Lord?

Past Kalmaar: I have it. I have the Storm Amulet.

Past Glutinous: How?

Past Kalmaar: I turned their own imbecilic trick against them, the fools. Quick! To the sanctum. We must awaken Wojira! (He stands upon Wojira's head.) At last, I, Kalmaar, King of the Endless Sea, will reclaim what is rightfully mine!

Past Glutinous: Um, perhaps we should do, uh, do a little more testing before we proceed. Or -- or at least put on some safety goggles.

(Kalmaar inserts the Storm Amulet into its slot and Wojira awakens.)

Past Kalmaar: Rise. Rise! Rise!

Past Glutinous: Oh my. (He whimpers and runs away.)

Past Kalmaar: (He strikes his trident on Wojira's head, gaining control of her.) Wojira! I am your king. And I command you to destroy the surface world and all who breathe air! Now, dive! (He laughs maniacally as Wojira swims towards Ninjago City.)

(Back in the police station, Glutinous imitates Kalmaar's laugh while everyone stares at him.)

Glutinous: Ahem. He rode off on the serpent. I don't think he was exactly in control of it, but it's only a matter of time.

Nya: Why are you telling us this?

Glutinous: When I saw Wojira, when I saw her full power, I began to think, perhaps, I had made some poor career choices.

Zane: When did this occur? How much time do we have?

Glutinous: Two days ago. As soon as Kalmaar gains control of Wojira, he will wield the full power of Wave and Storm, a force this realm has not experienced since ancient times.

Wu: Wojira could be here any moment. We must prepare. P.I.X.A.L., come in!

P.I.X.A.L.: Master Wu?

Wu: P.I.X.A.L., the submersible combat crafts you've been developing. How soon can you have them ready?

P.I.X.A.L.: Three days. (In the background, Kai and Lloyd are working on their vehicles when Kai's explodes. Lloyd extinguishes the fire.) Four.

Wu: You have twelve hours. I don't have time to explain, but I need them prepped and armed as soon as possible. And I need you to issue an emergency evacuation.

P.I.X.A.L.: Is it that serious?

Wu: I'm afraid so.

P.I.X.A.L.: I will do so immediately. (In the background, Kai's vehicle explodes again, blasting Lloyd off the side of the hangar bay.)

Lloyd: (He climbs back up.) I'm okay!

Commissioner: You heard the man, Jimmy. We've got a city to evacuate. I want everything from the top of Borg Tower to the subways and sewers emptied out. (Everyone exits, leaving Glutinous behind, who is drinking from a white mug.)

Glutinous: I'll just ... wait here. (He spots the Commissioner's black mug and quickly drains its contents.)

Commissioner: (He reenters the room to find the black mug empty.) Oh, great. (He leaves again. Glutinous fails to catch his attention again and groans.)

(Out on the streets, a woman is using her cellphone while walking when the emergency alert shows up on the screen.)

Automated voice: Attention, citizens of Ninjago. This is an emergency evacuation alert. Repeat, this is an emergency evacuation alert. This is not a test. Repeat, this is an emergency evacuation alert. Please evacuate the city ... (Suddenly, the skies darken and purple lightning flashes. The citizens run for cover, including Okino.) Citizens of Ninjago, this is an emergency evacuation alert. Repeat, this is an emergency evacuation alert. Please evacuate the city immediately.

(In an arcade, the alert takes up all the screens.)

Automated voice: Citizens of Ninjago, this is an emergency evacuation alert. Please evacuate the city immediately.

(At the harbor, Gayle Gossip is reporting the rising sea level and the storms.)

Gayle: I'm reporting from Ninjago Harbor where sea levels are rapidly rising, prompting an evacuation of the city. Within the past ten minutes, winds have picked up nearly twenty knots, and a storm front has come out of nowhere. (She gasps as Wojira emerges.) Vinny? What is that?

Kalmaar: Destroy them all! (He laughs as Wojira floods the city.)

Gayle: You're getting all this. Right, Vinny? You should be getting this. We'll be back after a short message!

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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