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“Yeah, Okino, I'm not sure if I can climb that, and if I can't do it, these guys don't stand a chance!”

The Cliffs of Hysteria is the seventh episode of the twelfth season of Ninjago and the 135th episode overall. It aired on April 11, 2020, in Asia, paired up with "The Maze of the Red Dragon." It also aired on April 12, 2020, in Australia, paired with "The Maze of the Red Dragon". It aired in the US on August 2, 2020.


While being chased by Unagami's dreaded Red Visors, the ninja must climb the 'Cliffs of Hysteria'.[1]

Cartoon Network Asia: The ninja arrive at the Cliffs of Hysteria and are spotted by one of Unagami's aerial drones. A squadron of Red Visors quickly arrive and persue the ninja up the cliffs.[2]

Cartoon Network US: While being chased by Unagami's dreaded Red Visors the ninja must climb the 'Cliffs of Hysteria', however, they make a startling discovery: Unagami is converting players into energy cubes in order to build a portal into the real world![3]

Extended: The ninja arrive at the Cliffs of Hysteria where they meet Shifty, a merchant who runs a table at the base of the cliffs. Shifty sells the ninja some grappling hooks and rope. Unfortunately, the ninja don't have enough money to buy the "Rope of Supreme Durability" and opt instead for the "Rope of Questionable Integrity". Even worse, as they are buying the rope, they are spotted by one of Unagami's aerial drones. A squadron of Red Visors quickly arrives and pursues the ninja up the cliffs. The ninja, who only have ropes, must climb while the Red Visors have jet-boots and are able to catch up quickly. During the ensuing battle, Cole is nearly lost, but is saved at the last moment by Kai, who makes a daring leap onto the back of the flying drone and uses the drone to blast the Red Visors. They learn that Unagami is using the energy cubes to build a portal into Ninjago City.[4]


The episode begins with the ninja walking away from the Forest of Discontent. Noticing that Okino was still upset over losing his masters and from learning that his world, along with him, is fake, the ninja try to make conversation and jokes with him, both failing.

They all soon arrive at the Cliffs of Hysteria, with the ninja being impressed and scared by its size. Cole even notes this as a wall that never ends. Due to being in Prime Empire the longest, Jay notes that if he can't climb it, his friends can't, somewhat hurting them from his brash comment. Okino, still down in the dumps, tells them that they can make it up the cliff by talking to Shifty. When they question who that is, Okino points to a shop being run by Shifty himself.

Shifty welcomes the ninja and Okino to his shop and over exaggerates about his knick-knacks. Shifty's attention gets caught on Nya and begins to compliment her until a jealous Jay steps in and asks him for a rope. This gives Shifty the impression that they want to climb the cliffs and tells them that he indeed does have a rope. Cole's eye catches the grappling hooks and Shifty sells them for 20 credits each (For "Flower Nya" it's 15). Shifty then "shows them the ropes", one being the Rope of Supreme Durability and the Rope of Questionable Integrity. The Team thinks it's an obvious choice to pick the first option and Shifty offers to give them all one for the same price, that being 600 credits (Nya's discount coming with a Poisoned Tipped Arrow). The ninja are left driven by the thoughts of picking the old nasty rope and getting the Key-Tana quicker, grinding for credits to get the strong and clean rope, or going by Jay's idea, ganging up on Shifty and stealing the rope. Lloyd denies the second two options, One being they don't have the time and the other being just wrong.

As the team readies their offer, Shifty notices one of Unagami's drones in the air and is confused that since the drones only appear when there are energy cubes. He tells them that when a player gets "cubed" the drones take them away to Unagami, thanks to the Mad Sushi Chef. Shifty then continues to tell the ninja that Unagami is planning to build something, but doesn't know what exactly. The drone spots the ninja and begins blinking, making the ninja team hasty and buy the ropes as Red Visors are spawned.

The ninja attacked by the Red Visors.

The ninja and Okino run a certain distance and then combine the grappling hook and rope. They then fire their guns up the mountain and begin to climb. Kai taunts the Red Visors down below until their feet extinguish the fire, and help them fly towards them. Knowing that if they keep climbing, they will most likely be killed, the ninja fight.

One Red Visor gets a lucky hit on Cole, making him fall toward the clouds below until managing to get a grip on his rope again. However, the drone from earlier appears from below and shoots a part of the rope above Cole, making it slowly start to snap apart. Nya repeatedly tells her friend to hurry, as the latter does so. The drone then begins to attack Cole again, forcing him to dodge its lasers. As he continues to dodge, the moving around makes the rope fall apart even faster. Noticing his friend in trouble, Kai, risking his last life and ignoring his friend's concerns, jumps off the side and lands on the drone. Sticking his sword in its head, Kai maneuvers the drone around and make it shoot the leftover Red Visors, giving Cole the chance to double-jump to the upper part of the rope before it snapped. Aiming carefully, Kai shoots a Red Visor that was next to Lloyd by its foot thruster. As it began to fall, Lloyd catches it and says he has an idea.

The ninja interrogate one of the Red Visors.

The ninja and Okino make it to the top of the cliff while Kai flies the drone to the top. The drone then disappears and Kai lands beside his friends, amazed at what he had just done. Despite Jay explaining the damage that had been done, Lloyd tells his friends that if they could use the Red Visor he caught, maybe it could tell them what Unagami is planning. Nya follows and hacks its computer code and reboots its communications. The Red Visor tells them that the Energy Cubes are being used to construct a portal to the "Other Place." Jay realizes that Unagami is wanting to make a portal that will bring them into the real world. Nya orders the Red Visor to confirm if this was true, but it explodes from the damage before giving them any more info.

Okino tells them to go on before any more drones or Red Visors come and that it is better if he stays behind, as he is a creation of Unagami and that he cannot be trusted. Lloyd dis-confirms this as he makes his own decisions and Jay adds that they do trust him. The team also tell him that even though he is a creation along with Prime Empire, he makes and decides what he wants to do and who he is. This heartens Okino to keep moving with the ninja.










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  • Narrator: Jay
    • In Japan, the episode is narrated by Cole.
  • Jay suggests the ninja resort to grinding to earn credits, something numerous videogames require to progress in the game.
  • Shifty's store is comparable to the LEGO set 71708 Gamer's Market, although he does not appear in that set.



  • As Cole attempts to move Okino out of his misery, his shoulder pads are missing.



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