The Ninja continue walking to the Cliffs of Hysteria. Okino follows behind, dragging his sword on the ground.

Lloyd: I'm worried about Okino. He took the news pretty hard.

Cole: Wouldn't you, if you found out your whole world was nothing but a simulation, and you were part of it?

Nya: We gotta cheer him up.

Lloyd: Yeah. Okay, nobody say anything about Unagami, or Prime Empire, or the Key-Tana.

Kai: Well, what do we talk about?

Lloyd: Anything. Just, keep it cheerful.

The Ninja stop, letting Okino catch up. He passes them, still dragging his sword on the ground and looking down. Jay chases after him.

Jay: Uh, so, Okino, what do you do around here for fun, anyway?

Okino: Fun is an illusion.

Cole: Hey, how about that sky? Look at those clouds!

Okino: The clouds...

Okino looks up at the sky.

Okino: Lies!

Kai: Say, Okino, how do you get a ninja to cross the road? You say, Ninja-Go! Get it?

Okino: There is no road. Only the nothingness is real.

Cole: That was a terrible joke.

Kai: You got a better one?

The Ninja stop, realizing they have arrived at the Cliffs of Hysteria. Everyone is amazed.

Kai: Tell me those aren't the Cliffs of Hysteria.

Cole: That's not a cliff. That looks like a wall that never ends!

Nya: Definitely not double-jumping up that thing.

Jay: Yeah, Okino, I'm not sure if I can climb that, and if I can't do it, these guys don't stand a chance!

Kai: Thanks, Jay.

Cole: Honest, but insulting.

Lloyd: We don't even have a rope!

Okino: You can buy some from Shifty.

Lloyd: From who?

Okino points to a salesman right under the cliffs, as a spotlight illuminates his small shop. Shifty waves to get their attention.

Shifty: Greetings, travelers! Welcome to Shifty's Tables! Step right up and take a look, this is the finest merchandise in all of Terra Karana! There's green leather armor there, and those arrows are genuine poison tipped, and oh, who might you be?

Shifty walks over to Nya, taking her hand.

Nya: Um, Nya.

Shifty: Nya! Oh, sounds like a flower. How may I help you, Flower Nya?

Nya: Just Nya is fine.

Jay walks over and lifts Shifty's hand off of Nya's hand.

Jay: Actually , we are looking for a grappling hook and rope.

Shifty: Aha! Climbing the Cliffs, eh? Well, it's a good thing you came to Shifty. I've got the best rope in town! Let's step over to the rope department.

Cole: How much for the grappling hooks?

Shifty: Twenty credits each. Normally. But for a friend of Flower Nya's, fifteen.

Lloyd: We'll take six.

The Ninja open their menu's and pay the fifteen credits. Grappling hooks for each of them immediately appear in front of them.

Shifty: A wise choice! Now for the rope. We have two kinds. Rope of Supreme Durability, and Rope of Questionable Integrity.

Kai: Uh, that's what you call a no-brainer. We'll take the Rope of Supreme Durability.

Shifty: Another wise choice! Well, that'll be six-hundred credits, please.

Kai: What!? Six-hundred?

Cole:That's more than the grappling hook!

Shifty: Quality rope isn't cheap my friend.

Jay: Woah, woah, woah, woah, what about the friends of Flower Nya discount?

Shifty:I'll throw in a free arrow.

Kai: We don't have that much.

Cole: So what do we do?

Kai and Cole look back at the Rope of Questionable Integrity, thinking of buying it instead.

Jay: No! I refuse! I am not buying Rope of Questionable Integrity from some guy named Shifty!

Nya: What choice do we have?

Jay: Well, lots of choices, um, we, we could turn around and go back, do some grinding, earn some more credits. Or, we could all tackle him at once-

Lloyd: We can't do that, and we don't have time to go back! We'll take the Rope of Questionable Integrity.

Jay: No, no, no, we won't!

Nya: Jay, will you relax?

Overhead, one of Unagami's drones can be seen hovering overhead.

Shifty: Huh, well that's strange. Those don't usually turn up unless there's Energy Cubes to collect.

Nya: Energy cubes?

Shifty: When someone gets cubed, the drones take them away.

Jay: Where?

Shifty: To Unagami.

Lloyd: What for?

Shifty: Yeah, I was curious about that myself. As luck would have it, I have friends in high places, I sold the Mad Sushi Chef his knives.

Nya :Who?

Shifty: Oh, you haven't met him yet, well, he's a great bloat. Anyway, he told me "Unagami's building something, something big. A machine."

Lloyd: What kind of machine?

Shifty: Yeah, he didn't tell me that part.

The drone hovers over the Ninja, recognizing them and observing them for a second

Shifty: Huh, never seen one do that before.

Jay: Um, maybe we should get going.

Lloyd: Yeah, good idea.

The Ninja open their menu's to purchase the Rope of Questionable Integrity. The drone spawns a group of Red Visors near the Ninja, which start running in their direction.

Nya: Lloyd!

Lloyd: Run! Grab the rope!

The Ninja take the rope in front of them and run to the Cliff.

Shifty: Wait! You forgot your complimentary arrows!

The Red Visors pass Shifty, running after the Ninja. Lloyd puts the rope in the grappling hook and shoots for the edge of the Cliff. The rest of the Ninja and Okino follow, hooking their grappling hooks to the edge of the Cliff. They start climbing up the Cliff.

Kai: Hah! Their too late! See ya, fellas!

The Red Visors start flying up towards them using boosters on their feet.

Kai: What? I didn't know they could do that!

Lloyd: Faster!

The Red Visors start shooting at the Ninja. Multiple shots narrowly miss Cole.

Cole: We're sitting ducks up here!

The Red Visors catch up to Cole and aim their guns straight at him. The Ninja and Okino pull out their weapons to fight the Red Visors. Nya and Lloyd swing on their ropes to reach and hit the Red Visors. Jay follows their lead, doing the same. Lloyd hits one of the Red Visors, knocking his helmet off. Shifty is looking at the credits he just earned, putting them into his account. The helmet falls onto his menu, making it disappear. Shifty picks up the helmet.

Shifty: Hey! Oh, hello! We'll just put you right over here.

While fighting the Red Visors, Cole falls off his rope.

Nya: Cole!

Cole: Not again!

Cole grabs the rope again and slows himself down to keep from falling.

Cole: I'm okay!

The drone shoots Cole's rope, almost breaking it.

Nya: Cole, your rope is breaking!

Cole climbs up the rope.

Nya: Cole! Hurry!

Cole: I am hurrying!

Nya: Hurry faster!

A drone spots Okinoand starts shooting at him. Okino deflects the shots with his sword, not even looking at the drone. One of the shots ricochets, hitting the drone. Another drone spots Cole climbing his rope and starts shooting at him.

Nya: Watch it, your rope is going to break!

Kai spots the drone and flips off his rope onto it to stop it from hitting Cole.

Lloyd: Kai!

Kai: Ha! Gotcha!

Kai stabs his sword into the drone, making it go crazy. The drone continues shooting around the Ninja, but never hits anything.

Jay: Yeah, nice!

Cole's rope breaks at the last second, but Cole jumps to reach it. He continues to climb with the rest of the Ninja while the Red Visors continue shooting at them. Kai controls the drone and makes it shoot the Red Visors, killing them.

Kai: Ha ha, yeah! How do you like that, huh? Not so fun, is it? Come on, just a little to the left!

Kai shoots a Red Visor near Lloyd. Lloyd catches it before it falls.

Lloyd: Oh no you don't! You don't get away that easy!

Jay: What are you doing?

Lloyd: I have an idea!

With the Red Visors gone, the Ninja climb to the top of the Cliff. Lloyd throws the Red Visor onto the edge of the Cliff before helping Cole up. Kai is able to take is sword out of the drone, killing it. He lands safely on the cliff with the rest of the Ninja.

Kai: Whoa. What do we have here?

Okino: A Red Visor.

Nya: Looks like it's a robot.

Lloyd: Maybe we could learn something from it.

Jay: Uh, I don't know, it looks pretty banged up.

Lloyd: Nya, can you take a look? See if you can do something?

Nya nods and opens up the Red Visor's menu.

Nya: It's a computer code. Let's see. Oh, oops, didn't want that. Hang on. Here we go. Rebooting communications.

Red Visor: Unit RV12 da-da-dash 99 communication o-o-online.

Nya: Go ahead. Ask him whatever you want.

Lloyd: Tell us about the energy cubes. What is Unagami doing with them?

Red Visor: Energy cubes are used to construct co-o-onstruct the device.

Lloyd: What device? What does it do?

Red Visor: The device is- to the other o-other-

Jay: The other what?

Nya: Repeat.

Red Visor: The portal p-portal to the other place.

Cole: Other place? What other place?

Jay: To Ninjago! Unagami is building a portal into the real world!

Nya: Is that true? Confirm.

The Red Visor glitches and despawns, leaving only it's helmet in its place.

Kai:Aw, great!

Lloyd: We're not getting anymore out of it.

Okino: My friends, you should go, before more of them come.

Lloyd: Aren't you coming with us?

Okino: It is better if I stay.

Nya: What? Why?

Okino: You told me, Unagami created Prime Empire. I am part of that. Part of the game.

Lloyd: Okino, no. Listen-

Okino: If I was created by Unagami, how can I be trusted? Perhaps I serve him.

Lloyd: You don't serve Unagami. You make your own choices, Okino.

Jay: Yeah! We trust you dude!

Okino: How can you be certain? What if... what if I betray you?

Cole: You saved our lives, Okino. We trust you.

Lloyd: Unagami may have made Prime Empire. Maybe even you. But he can't force you to do anything you don't want to. You have a choice, Okino. You decide what you are, and what you do.

Okino: Then... we will go together.

Lloyd: Together.

Okino unsheathes his sword, bows, and puts it back. The Ninja walk on to the Maze of the Red Dragon.

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